Best Window Visors for Ford F150

Top 10 Best Window Visors for Ford F150 Reviews in 2022

When you are riding in your car or van, there is nothing better than the sweep of fresh air across your face that invigorates your mind and body. The air outside becomes more soothing and comforting right before it is about to rain.

But letting your windows down to enjoy this breeze might drench you with the impending rainwater. So how can you enjoy the wind without getting soaked? To help you with this, we have listed down the 10 best window visors for Ford F150.

These window visors help to deflect the outpouring of rain inside the car and let you enjoy the air without any worries. You can also keep your windows open on a hot summer day without worrying about a sudden storm. So, read ahead to find out our top picks!

Top 10 Best Window Visors for Ford F150 in 2022

You will find the detailed reviews of our top ten picks below along with their pros and cons:

1. Auto Ventshade 94155

Auto Ventshade 94155

If you miss the touch of fresh air across your face and are craving for a long drive with the cold air sweeping your hair, then this window deflector from Auto Ventshade will serve your purpose perfectly. This visor safely keeps the rain out and lets fresh air circulate inside your car freely.

Not only this, but you can also let out stale or smoky air from inside the vehicle while you are on the move without the sun troubling you.

And if you have your car parked in the sun, and it runs the risk of being overheated once you come back after finishing your business, the deflector allows you to crack the windows open without any trouble.

This product is entirely made in the USA and follows a precision-engineered design, which makes it suitable for your Ford F-150. Moreover, installing it is also extremely easy as it comes with a pre-applied 3M automotive-grade adhesive, which gets stuck above and around your windows in no time.

Even when you are washing your car, you won’t have to worry about any water getting inside for these visors. And due to their presence, the mirrors don’t get fogged, and wind noise is minimized. It also eliminates UV rays from entering inside the car chamber.


  • Protected against scratch
  • Allows fresh air to come inside
  • Prevents UV rays to get inside the car
  • Easy installation process
  • Fits with most cars


  • Packaging is not up to the mark
  • Tends to crack if not installed properly


2. Auto Ventshade 94443 Ford F-150 SuperCrew

Auto Ventshade 94443 Ford F-150 SuperCrew

From the same manufacturer again as our first pick comes another “original” design window visor in dark smoke color. This set also includes 4 pieces of deflectors for each of the four windows. Its signature precision-engineered design makes it suitable for a range of cars, including the Ford F-150 and Lincoln Mark LT.

If you feel suffocated, keeping your windows tight shut all the time, and don’t enjoy the air from the air conditioner, then this deflector will be of perfect help to you. Once you have installed it, you can enjoy the air outside without worrying about a sudden outpour of rain.

The window visor also keeps harmful UV rays outside and keeps you protected from intense heat. In addition to this, it helps to prevent heat buildup inside parked vehicles by allowing you to keep the windows cracked open a bit. And the best thing is the deflectors are completely scratch-resistant.

Another problem we face if we keep our car windows shut is their mirrors fogging up. This disrupts the driver’s view of the road. Installing this visor will help to prevent that. On top of this, installing it is also extremely easy as it comes with a 3M automotive-grade adhesive that lets you stick it to the windows without any trouble.


  • Simple installation process
  • Keeps UV rays out
  • Scratch-resistant
  • The precision-engineered design allows it to be fit for several car models
  • Keeps rain out


  • Some front visors might be of lower quality due to inconsistent quality check
  • Packaging needs improvement


3. Auto Ventshade 774011 Ford F-150 SuperCrew

Auto Ventshade 774011 Ford F-150 SuperCrewAuto Ventshade is a renowned name for making high-quality window visors for different cars models. This is another one of their great products which have kept up with their classic standard. If you are someone who does not like the visor sticking out too much, then this set is the one for you.

Available in matte black color, it lets you keep a low profile. Others won’t be able to tell if you have window deflectors installed on your windows until and unless they look closely. Its matte black color also allows it to have a seamless appearance. And to top it off, it can be installed on a variety of vehicles.

The set comes with four deflectors and is best window deflectors for f150 super crew series. It allows you to enjoy the fresh, natural air without having to worry about a sudden shower. Not only this, it ensures proper air circulation and keeps stale and odorous air out.

Sometimes the car gets extremely hot when parked for hours, which can create discomfort for the passengers. This deflector prevents that by letting you keep the windows cracked open while it is parked. And on top of this, installing these visors is quite easy due to their automotive-grade adhesive.


  • Prevents mirrors from getting fogged
  • Equipped with the adhesive that allows easy installation
  • Allows perfect ventilation of air
  • Creates a low-profile appearance
  • Protects against UV rays


  • In some car models, it does not fit the window curve properly
  • Lacks a rib on the inside of the visor


4. Auto Ventshade 94738 Ford F-150 SuperCab

Auto Ventshade 94738 Ford F-150 SuperCab

Unlike some of the previous picks mentioned on this list, this window visor specifically works for Ford F150 Super Cabs only. Made by the classic window deflector producer Auto Ventshade, this one is the best window visors for ford f150 with great features that make it a product worth buying.

This set contains four pieces of window visors for each of the four windows. These are designed precisely and given a custom mold so that they fit perfectly on the front and back windows. On top of this, it comes in dark smokey color, which meshes well with the windows and does not look out of place.

The visors are highly durable and made of strong and flexible high-grade acrylic material. Therefore, you can use it for years. Moreover, it protects the inside of the car well against sudden showers and allows plenty of air to be circulated. It also drives out stale and odorous air properly and ensures proper ventilation.

To prevent heat from building up inside a parked vehicle, the window deflector allows you to leave the windows cracked open without the fear of dust or rain getting inside. Lastly, like all other AVS products, this one too comes with the 3M automotive-grade adhesive that facilitates easy installation.


  • Durable and strong
  • Prevents heat from getting inside
  • Allows smooth ventilation
  • Comes with automotive-grade adhesive
  • The installation process is straightforward


  • A portion of the sticky tape hangs out of each piece
  • During winter, its plastic portion can be a bit brittle


5. Auto Ventshade 92754 Ford F-150, F-250 Standard Cab

Auto Ventshade 92754 Ford F-150

If any of your current window visors have been damaged and need a quick replacement, then you can go for this set. Instead of containing four pieces in one, this one comes with two pieces and, therefore, can be an easy solution for people who don’t require all four window deflectors.

This set is compatible with a range of cars, including the Ford F-150 and the F-250 standard cab. It features the classic precision design of Auto Ventshade that allows for a perfect fit with the windows. So, if a sudden downpour of rain is preventing you from enjoying the air outside, this deflector can remove all the restrictions.

Other than enjoying the fresh air outside, you will also be able to dispel the odorous air that builds up inside if its windows remain closed for too long. This allows for proper ventilation and prevents suffocation. And if mirror fogging is hampering driving, then this visor will help you get rid of this problem.

It can be quite frustrating when you are done with your work, and after coming back to your car, you notice its seats being heated and uncomfortable to sit on. Installing this set of window deflectors will drive away from this problem as well by letting you keep the windows cracked open a little.


  • Resistant to scratch
  • Prevents UV rays from getting in
  • Comes with automotive adhesive for easy installation
  • Allows smooth ventilation
  • Mirror fogging is reduced


  • Contains a design defect on the tab at the front
  • Inconsistent quality across packages


6. Auto Ventshade 94949 Ford F-150 SuperCrew

Auto Ventshade 94949 Ford F-150 SuperCrew

This is an excellent set of 4-piece window deflectors from Auto Ventshade. It is specifically meant for the cars Ford F-150 Super Crew and the Lincoln Blackwood.

If you love the sweep of fresh air across your hair without having to worry about a sudden downpour while on a long drive, then this visor set will be perfect for you.

Other than preventing rain from getting inside the car, the set can also effectively ensure the proper circulation of air inside the car chamber.

Moreover, it eliminates UV rays from entering the car and thus protects you from it. Apart from this, if the mirror fogging annoys you a lot, this deflector will get rid of this problem for you as well.

Sometimes when the car remains parked out in the sun for too long, the seats become heated and uncomfortable to sit on. This can be prevented by keeping the windows cracked open while the car is parked.

And this set of window visors will let you do that without the threat of thieves sneaking in or sudden rain wetting the inside of the car.

Interior wind noise is another problem that this product helps to resolve. Moreover, it lets out odorous air by allowing you to keep the windows open. And to ensure proper fitting, the visors are precisely engineered and custom molded. They are also resistant to any kind of scratches.


  • Comes with an adhesive that makes the installation easier
  • Precisely engineered and custom molded
  • Helps to keep odorous air out
  • Resistant to scratches
  • Tinted and made with reinforced acrylic


  • The visors for the back windows do not fit the window curvature well
  • Packaging can be improved


7. Auto Ventshade 94975 F-150

Auto Ventshade 94975 F-150

This model of the window visor set from Auto Ventshade is a bit more versatile and can fit a wider variety of car models like the Ford F-150, F-250, Raptor and F-550 Super Duty. Each set contains four pieces of window deflectors for each of the four windows.

Just like the other sets mentioned on this list, this one also maintains the standard set by AVS. It does not let any rainwater come inside the car’s chamber and lets you enjoy a breath of fresh air on long drives. In addition to this, it also helps you to drive out stale air outside by keeping the windows cracked open.

As we all know, UV rays are extremely harmful to human beings. This set of window visors is made of tinted and reinforced acrylic that prevents any UV rays from getting inside. Moreover, the durable construction of the visors keeps them safe from all kinds of scratches.

Installing this window deflector requires no special skills or hardware. It comes with a 3M automotive-grade adhesive that sticks by itself around and over the windows. Therefore, you can easily put them in place. On top of this, they are engineered precisely to fit the windows well.


  • No additional hardware is required for installation
  • Allows the circulation of fresh air
  • Keeps UV rays out
  • Prevents mirror fogging
  • Scratch-resistant


  • The visors cause a mismatch in the passenger side and driver side view of the side mirrors
  • If not installed properly, the windows will not close appropriately


8. Auto Ventshade 94808 F-250 with SuperCab

Auto Ventshade 94808 F-250 with SuperCab

As you have noticed, all the products on this list are from Auto Ventshade that are meant for different cars models. The set too is no exception to this. Since AVS is a trustworthy and reliable name that makes great window visor and their products can be deemed as the best in the market.

This set of window visors also does not disappoint and keeps up with the company’s standard. It fits perfectly with the 1997-2003 models of Ford F-150 and F-250. Each of the four pieces is dark smoke in color and blends in well with the windows without creating an odd appearance.

A parked car becomes a heated box when the sun shines on it for too long. You can prevent this by using this window visor that will allow you to keep the windows cracked open even when your vehicle is parked. Not only this, it helps to keep out rainwater and protects the passengers from getting wet while enjoying the fresh air.

If someone has smoked inside the car or a stench is spreading due to food has gone stale, you can easily let the bad air go out by keeping the windows open without worrying about an intense hit of UV rays or a shower of rain. In addition, fitting these visors on the windows is an extremely easy task.


  • Prevents mirror fogging
  • Reduces interior noise caused by wind
  • Allows proper circulation of air
  • Keeps UV rays out
  • Resistant to scratches


  • Packaging is poor
  • The adhesive’s quality is not good


9. Auto Ventshade 894011 Ford F-150 SuperCrew

Auto Ventshade 894011 Ford F-150 SuperCrew

If you have a 2014 Ford F-150 car model or the Raptor Super Crew car, then this window visor set will be perfect for you. And if you don’t want visors that stick out too much or look out of place, then this set will fulfill all your expectations. It has a low-profile appearance with a dark smoke color that blends in perfectly with the windows.

Besides having a subtle appearance, it serves the purpose of deflecting rainwater from falling into the car pretty well. With this window deflector installed, you can enjoy the sweep of fresh air while driving around. A sudden shower of rain won’t drench you unexpectedly.

Furthermore, you can even keep the windows cracked open when it is raining and enjoy the cool breeze that flows during a shower. The window visors will also protect you from the intense heat of the sun by keeping UV rays out. It will prevent your car from heating up when it has been parked out for too long.

In addition to doing a great job at its task, the window visors can also be installed very quickly without any additional hardware. All you have to do is stick each visor meant for each of the windows along the window curvature. The deflectors contain a 3M automotive adhesive that makes the installation process smooth and easy.


  • Has a low profile appearance
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Durable and made of high-grade acrylic material
  • Prevents UV rays
  • Allows proper ventilation of air


  • Provided quantity of adhesive is not satisfactory
  • A tiny gap remains on the front window


10. Auto Ventshade 684738 Ford F-150 SuperCab

Although the rest of the picks mentioned on this list were all made of acrylic material, this one is an exception. It is constructed with chrome, which gives it a shiny and differentiating appearance. This comes in a set of four pieces, each of these is meant for the four windows of the Ford F-150 2004-2014 model.

Except for the difference in construction, the rest of this window visor set’s features are quite similar to other products from Auto Ventshade. It works great to deflect rainwater from entering the car chamber. Besides, it lets in the cool and fresh air from outside.

At times, it might be raining outside, but the car chamber might be filled with a strange odor that is making you feel suffocated. Opening up the window in such a situation runs the risk of you or the other passengers getting drenched fully.

But with this deflector installed, you won’t have to worry about keeping your windows cracked open.

It also prevents the car chamber from becoming a heated box by allowing air inside while it is parked. On top of this, installing the visors is an easy task. You won’t need a mechanic or sophisticated hardware to carry out this job. The set comes with adhesive mounting tape that allows for easy installation.


  • Comes with adhesive tapes
  • Prevents heat buildup inside car
  • Maintains proper circulation of air
  • Made with chrome
  • Durable


  • Interferes with the safety open of the windows
  • Fits the extended cab better than the Crew Cab


Thinks to Conceder Before Buying The Best Window Visors for Ford F150

All the picks that we have listed in this article are perfect for Ford F150s. Despite this, you might have some questions regarding what factors to look for while buying your vehicle’s window visors. To guide you through this process, we have listed down some features that you can look for while making your choice:

  • Compatibility with Your Car

Even when you are purchasing window deflectors for the same model of your car, its specifications can differ based on the year it was manufactured on. There might be changes in its window curvature or other features.

Due to this, you must check whether the visor you are going for fits your vehicle’s particular model or not to ensure the best fit.

  • Method of Installation

There exists a range of window visors in the market that follows different installation processes. Some have a complex method that requires a technician. On the other hand, others follow an easy procedure and can be done by yourself.

All the picks that we have mentioned on this list have a DIY installation process. You won’t require any drill to fit these into place. In fact, they come with adhesive tapes that can help to fit the deflectors to the windows in an instant.

Therefore, it is best to go for window visors that have a DIY installation process. This saves both your time and money.

  • Additional Features

Besides fulfilling the basic function of deflecting rainwater, window visors can have some additional features. Some of these features include protection from UV rays, resistance to scratch, and durable design.

It is best to go for window visors that contain such additional features to ensure the best value for your money.

In-Channel vs. Tape-On Vent Visors: Which One to Select?

There are two easy ways in which you can fit the window visor into your car. One is called the in-channel method, and the other one is referred to as the Tape-On vent method. Each has its own sets of pros and cons. To resolve your dilemma about which one to select, we have listed both of their pros and cons below:

  • Tape on Vent Visors

All the picks that we have mentioned on this list belong to this category. This type of visor comes with a pre-applied 3M automotive adhesive tape that allows for easy installation. All you need to do is fix the tape appropriately along the window curvature.

They have custom molding that makes them fit well with the windows without any drilling or complex mechanism. Moreover, as the deflectors lie outside the window, they provide superior protection from water compared to the in-channel deflector.

And since they lie outside the window, there is no risk of scratches on it from the glass window. However, removing this type of visors is more difficult than the in-channel ones. And if some of the adhesives remain on the windows after removal, gunk or stain can get stuck on them.

  • In-Channel Vent Visors

These visors do not contain any sort of adhesive. Rather they are installed by mounting the visor up and into the window’s channels.

The visors usually provide a more low-profile look to your vehicle in comparison to the taped ones. And it is easier to remove it due to the non-involvement of tapes.

However, sometimes fitting it into the window channel can be difficult, and pushing too much can even cause it to break. In addition, the visors might get scratches from the window glass due to its close contact with the window.

Between these two types, you can select either one based on your preference. But we suggest picking the in-tape one since they are more suitable for the Ford F-150 model.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are window visors worth it?

Yes, they definitely are. They protect your car from rain sprays and intense heating and ensure maximum passenger comfort level.

2. How do you install f150 visors?

Depending on whether the visor is the adhesive type or in-channel one, the installation process will differ. If it comes with adhesive tapes, you need to stick the tape along with window curvature. For an in-channel one, simply fit the visors along and into the window channel.

3. Do window visors reduce wind noise?

Although window deflectors cannot completely eliminate wind noise, they can reduce it to a great extent.

4. Do 3M stickers leave marks?

Although these stickers won’t leave any physical marks on your window, some of their residues can remain stuck on it and create a stain. But you can easily remove that stain with petroleum jelly and soap.

5. How do I remove the 3M adhesive residue?

Firstly, you will have to scrape off the residue with a spoon. Then you can apply petroleum jelly to remove the stubborn parts that are still stuck. Lastly, you can rinse it all off with a mixture of hot water and dish soap.

Final Words

In conclusion, it can be said that picking window visors for Ford F-150 can be tricky if you are not well-versed in its specifications. But with our list of the 10 best window visors for Ford F150, you can easily make your pick without having any trouble.

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