Best Way to Dry A Car After Washing

Best Way to Dry A Car After Washing: Top 5 Methods Explained

Nowadays people are busy with their daily activities like going to school, college or work etc. To save time, you need vehicles that can get you to your destination in a short amount of time.

Cars are the perfect medium to travel over short distances, and as a result, most people prefer it.
But owning one needs a lot of maintenance too. At this point, you all might just be thinking that how hard it can be. It’s not that simple if you think it through. 

The first thing that comes to your mind is washing your car. Most people don’t give it a second thought that whether or not they should take appropriate steps to dry the car after washing it. 

Drying is as important as washing it. Here i discussed the best way to dry a car after washing. That you should consider when drying your car after washing.

Some Common Car Drying Errors and Results 

Here are some common mistakes people make when drying their cars after washing. As a result, their mistakes make them suffer later on.

Problems With Left Behind Spots

Washing is fun; you just hold the water pipe and spray it on the car. After washing, you just simply wait for the water to dry off.

The reason is, when you are done, the water droplets remain on the car surface containing dirt particles and all.

If the droplets are not dried up then they can leave a spot on the surface it is poured on. As a result, the left behind stain will be clearly visible to the naked eye when the surface is reflecting sunlight.

After putting so much effort, it would be clever to spend a bit more time to dry it off using towels or some other clothing materials. That would surely make your time spend behind it worthwhile.

Error in Inspecting the Spots Left to Clean 

While the car is being washed, you are surely concentrating on the whole car body rather than seeing it as part by part. What it really means is most of us will miss minor spots left to clean and dry.

This is a result of human error or just carelessness. So, just grab a towel and take your time and make sure to check the compact and covered spots that are under or beneath the car surface or near the tires and all.

Best Way to Dry A Car After Washing: Step by Step Guide

Best Way to Dry A Car After Washing: Step by Step Guide

Step 1 

First, spray water on the car surface using a hose or a pipe at the required pressure. Rinse it again to remove any left water particles containing dirt. This will save you time and increase productivity. 

Step 2 

Then leave the car surface for a while to let the water particles evaporate through heat and eventually dry out. Meanwhile, prepare your drying tools needed to start the actual drying process.

Step 3 

Use two steps drying method for the best results such as you need to ensure you have bought a decent microfiber cloth and a squeegee. The first thing to do is to clean the clinical areas like the window surfaces.

Use the squeegee to soak out the water that is left after washing and then use the microfiber towel or cloth to clean up the rest that is left after using the squeegee.

Step 4 

To make your cleaning process efficient, start using the microfiber cloth to go through the top of the car first and then to the bottom areas.

The thing is if you start cleaning from the bottom to the top of the car, the water from the top will start coming to the bottom areas.

You have to clean the bottoms to the point when no water is left on the top surface. So, it’s better to start from the top to prevent loss of your valuable time.

Step 5

Slowly move towards the doors of the car. Open the doors, and you will see the waters dripping down from the top to the bottom.

So, use the same process. Start from the top and work your way down to the bottom. Clean the hard to reach areas of the door sides by squeezing the microfiber cloth.

Step 6

Change the microfiber and go near the tires and wheels. The reason for using another microfiber is because the old one will be covered in grease, dirt, and oil after cleaning the rest of the car.

This is the part where you need to put some extra effort, make the microfiber go around the other side of the rims by rotating continuously.

Step 7 

The last and final step is to clean the inside of the trunk of the car. Again, change the microfiber and work your way through the different compartments besides the engine.

Things to Remember While Drying the Car 

You need to know what your car needs. Here are some few common but easily negligible steps that you need to keep in mind.

Clothing Material 

There are different types of microfibers available in the market. The different parts of the car demand different types and lengths of microfibers.

For regular cleaning, we can use the light duty microfiber cloth. In case of the windows and the doors, we can use the medium-duty microfibers and for the tires and wheels which go through a lot of grease and dirt cleanup, we can use the heavy-duty microfibers.

Don’t go around using ordinary clothes like old utilized towels and shirts because they contain polyester which can scratch the car surface and rip the paint layers off if sufficient contact force is used.

Spraying Wax 

After washing your car and drying it off, using wax containing sprays will help to make your car shine bright and make it seem brand new and well taken care of. This is only for the exterior parts of the car.

The Time Period of Cleaning the Car 

We suggest that you clean your car thrice or twice a month. Excess cleaning can cost your time, effort and money as well behind microfibers and waxes. Excess washing means excess drying as well, so it’s your call!

Alternatives for Drying the Car After Washing 

In this section, you will come to know about a different method and its benefit while he deals with his car. Generally, this is a dry wash method which could benefit you to some extent.

What Does Dry Washing Actually Mean? 

Suppose you have a very little amount of time in your hands and you need to get the car ready quickly. What you can do is use a dry washing method which is basically washing your car without water.


You don’t need to use water. It can save time as well as save your bucks. It is also considered to be eco-friendly.

Who doesn’t love an eco-friendly person! And at times when you are running late for work and your car is filled with dirt, using dry car wash solutions can make your vehicle clean instantly.

Drying and Cleaning the Interiors of a Car 

While you hesitate cleaning and drying the outer body of your car, you also need to keep in mind that your car’s interior parts requires the same care too.

A neat and clean interior appears good to anyone sitting in the car. But be careful when using water. Don’t use too much on the seat and on covers because drying them off could be a really difficult task afterward.

Also, remember not to let the water get near the electrical components and those areas, it can damage and can also cause a shock. Don’t let it get under the carpets as it absorbs the water very quickly.

Usage of Vacuum Cleaner Inside the Car 

Microfibers can’t help you clean each and every corner like under the carpets and near the dashboards. First of all, remove the carpets and start using the vacuum cleaner at the required pressure.

Then slowly work your way through the fabric mats with correct attachment of the cleaner. Try to cover the whole area by using the cleaner around the pedals and the corners of it.

If you accidentally left your car window open during rain, the interior car seats can get soaked with a lot of water making it impossible to drive around while sitting on them.

Here Are Some Easy Steps To Get Rid Of The Unwanted Water

  1. Take a towel and press it against the surface of the seat cushions. This will help to soak most of the water.
  2. Next, take a vacuum cleaner and press the end of the cleaner tip towards the seat fabric. The vacuum cleaner will absorb the rest of the water particles left on the seat cover.
  3. Then leave it to let the remaining water evaporate from the seat covers. If you are in a hurry to use the seats instantly, you can use a hair dryer to blow hot air and make the water particles evaporate quicker.

Advantages of Drying the Car’s Interior 

Keeping your car wet after washing it won’t benefit you if you fail to dry it in a good manner. So, here are some benefits of drying your car after washing it.

Health issues 

If the interior isn’t dried and kept like that for a while, the water absorbed by the fabric under the carpets, seat cover and other parts will start to diffuse an unpleasant smell which may cause annoyance and smelling irritation to the passengers.

If the seat covers and other parts are made of leather, then you are in a much bigger trouble. Leather surfaces will start to decompose slowly when soaked with water, and they have a characteristic razor-sharp smell which can easily make you want to get out of the car.

This may take away your attention from the roadways to finding out from where the bad smell is coming from and eventually will to an accident.

Financial Loss Without Any Reason

Not only this, but not using any drying techniques can also damage the fabricated parts and soon you will need to replace those components at a high cost!

Final Thoughts 

So, unless you are a millionaire who is ruling the state and can afford a new car at any given time, make sure to spend a bit of time after the tips provided to ensure is car survives for a longer period.
It doesn’t take much time if you think it through.

A little amount of effort towards drying a car can prove to be priceless. Not only will you stay satisfied with your work and the time spent with your car, but the people around you will highly appreciate your discipline. So, I hope our discussion is the best way to dry a car after washing it would be helpful for you.

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