Best Tires for F150

Best Tires for F150 In 2022- Top 10 Selling & Popular Models

The F150 is one tough military-grade pickup truck. You can imagine how much heavy load this big guy can carry. But without an equally tough tire, things can get rough quite easily.

Only the best tires for f150 trucks can match it's performance. After all, who enjoys a flat tire every now and then? Well, it is especially a no when it comes to a pickup truck, that’s for sure. But the market for tires isn’t that small.

In fact, there are billions of dollars worth of tires sold every year, and it can be hard to tell the best from the worst. And so we have done our part and reviewed the bests along with everything else you need to know for your convenience.

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Hankook Dynapro AT2 RF11 Tire

Mickey Thompson Deegan 38 Radial Tire

Westlake SL369 Radial Tire

Goodyear Wrangler SR-A All Terrain Radial Tire

Our Top 10 Best Tires for F150 Reviews in 2022

Our saturated list covers both the current hottest and overall best ones you can find on the market. They are promising and won’t surely disappoint.

1. HANKOOK Dynapro AT2 (RF11)

Pick-ups trucks are quite versatile. Their build is to handle the harshest weather and conditions, and for that, you need equally versatile tires to go with it.

This wheel covering is the successor to this South Korean brand’s best-selling Dynapro AT-M with improved features that make it perfect for all-terrain. It has a load capacity of 2756 pounds or 1250 kg, so it is great for these heavy-duty vehicles.

Besides, the tires' tread patterns and sipes have an arrangement that provides better traction on any roads. Thus it gives you a more secure and comfortable experience while driving.

However, truck tires are notorious for creating a lot of noise, and it is mainly due to the treads. And so with their Step Block Edge Technology, it creates a barrier and blocks noise while driving.

But that is not all! They went a step further to reduce road noises with their Aero Shoulder Technology. So you can drive peacefully and only focus on driving down the road without any annoying road noises.

Moreover, it has tread wear or maximum mileage of 60,000 miles. With its all-terrain build, you can ride under snowy, stormy weather and rocky, hilly areas with no trouble.


  • Tread and sipe designed for noise reduction
  • Has a maximum mileage of 60,000 miles
  • Good for all terrains
  • Has a load capacity of 2756 pounds
  • Aero Shoulder Technology for maximum road noise reduction


  • Not great on wet roads

 2. Mickey Thompson Deegan 38 All-Terrain

In the world of off-roading, the name Brian Deegan is something everyone into it has heard of. And this tire, excellent for modern pickup trucks and SUVs, is a collaborative creation between him and the brand!

This all-terrain tire has a silica-reinforced tread compound, making it durable and unaffected under any weather conditions, including rain and snow. Whether you are on or off-roads, it won’t get worn out easily.

Besides, it also helps to resist chips and cuts from sharp rocks and stones, etc. The silica-compound also gives an excellent grip on slippery and or wetlands, thus providing more security.

Along with that, its 2-ply high-tensile core body makes them more lightweight than you can imagine while providing more protection. This contributes to a further smooth and comfortable ride. It also comes with a treadwear mileage of 60,000 miles on SUV sizes and 55,000 miles on light trucks.

Moreover, the tread design and their signature two-pitch SideBiter improves tread wear life. It also protects the sidewalls from damaging, which makes them long-lasting. You also won't need to clean it that often, thanks to its large Outer Voids that prevent mud from getting stuck.

Additionally, the sipes help further improve traction on wet roads by sucking up the water and squeezing it out from the tread. It adds to its durability as well.


  • Durable and lightweight
  • Two-pitch SideBiter protects sidewalls from damage
  • Tread design and sipes improve wet traction
  • Excellent on all terrains
  • Outer Void prevents mud from getting stuck


  • Might create loud road noises

3. Falken Wildpeak AT3W

Engineered for adventure, this is one of the best highway tires for f150. With its all-terrain build and aggressive off-road ability, it is great if you spend a lot of time driving on the highways while also want good all-weather traction.

The rugged and rigid tread block patterns provide stability and better grip both on and off-road. It also blocks rocks and stones from getting trapped in the grooves along with them chipping away the rubber.

Moreover, the offset shoulder blocks prevent sharp rocks from cutting and chipping the tires. It thus makes it more reliable on tough off-roads.

Along with that, you are getting additional stability and protection from high torque damage thanks to their 3D Canyon sipe technology. It intertwines with the shoulder lugs and resists wear from all those twists and turns off-road.

Besides, it has a heat diffuser technology. Tire components on the inside get worn down with heat caused by friction from driving. So it helps protect those critical areas by keeping it cool while also ensuring stability when carrying heavy loads or towing.

Even more, with the aggressive upper sidewall, it is perfectly secure and stable off-road at low tire pressure tractions. Thus it makes them more durable than ever.


  • Comes with heat diffuser technology
  • Prevents high torque wears and chipping
  • Secure and stable on all terrains
  • Prevents sharp rocks from cutting or chipping
  • Stable performance while towing or carrying heavy loads


  • Not great on slopes

4. HANKOOK Dynapro AT-M (RF10)


Yes, the predecessor we mentioned previously is on our list as well. This sturdy and durable tire is almost equally impressive as its successor. And depending on your needs, this could even be for you!

This on and off-road tire is for aggressive all-terrain driving. With its premium build and structure, it is perfect for all weather.

The tread patterns' rugged look acts as a strong guard against cuts and wears downs due to sudden brakes. It also provides excellent traction under any condition, especially snowy and muddy roads.

Besides, it prevents internal damage caused by going off-roads with its under-treaded reinforced gauge. Alongside this, its thick rubber sidewall makes it more durable and further reduces damage on off-roads.

Snowy winter roads aren't a problem either! It has featured 3D-kerfs, which help to provide excellent grip and wet traction. On the other hand, the tread compound reduces rolling resistance, giving you a smoother ride while saving fuel.

Moreover, the tread comes with zigzag grooves that help to slush water from the tread contact area. It makes it safe and secure on wet roads. Furthermore, the tire has a belt structure, which makes it sturdy and also reduces heat generation.


  • Rugged tread patterns guard against cuts and wear downs
  • Prevent internal damage and heat generation
  • Excellent wet traction and grip
  • Thick sidewalls make them more durable
  • Provides excellent traction on snowy and muddy roads


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty trucks

5. Goodyear Wrangler Radial

Goodyear Wrangler Radial

From a brand loved and trusted by many, these highway all-season tires are for both off-roaders and drivers who want all-around traction. Its versatility and ergonomic design definitely earned a spot on our list.

The optimized and specially designed tread gives traction in different weathers and conditions. It is especially great in wet, dry, and icy conditions.

Besides, it sheds sucked up water from the tread area because of its innovative anti-hydroplane technology. This further helps to give great traction and secure grip in wet and or snowy conditions.

Alongside this, it has large tread blocks that help provide better control and handling on and off roads in most conditions. It also delivers an even and stable tire print, which means an even distribution of pressure.

Moreover, its reinforced rubber compounds are durable and sturdy. It resists cuts and chips from rocks and other familiar sources for little wear down even with extensive use.

Even with 65,000 miles, these tires will have tread life left. This common, reliable brand didn't let down on this one either; it is definitely one of the best tires for F150 trucks out there.


  • Provides great traction in all seasons
  • Versatile and ergonomic design
  • Great traction on snowy and wet conditions
  • Has a durable reinforced rubber compound
  • Large tread blocks give better control on and off-road


  • Creates road noises

6. Westlake SL369 A/T

If you are looking for a cheaper deal on light terrain tires, then this is it! With the right balance between on and off-road tires, these will provide excellent performance for any light trucks.

Its multi-stepped grooves and wide tread adds to the surface area. And that means a more stable and smooth ride. It also helps to provide smoother turns and brakes while enhancing traction.

Along with that, the switchback tread blocks give you excellent traction you require off-road, especially in inclement weather or condition. So you can rely on these on your off-road journeys with confidence.

Moreover, the zigzag tread patterns create an effective way to drain out water from them, resulting in better wet-traction. These treads further make sure it makes as little noise as possible when against the roads.

The tread’s siping also adds to their firm grip and traction. Also, the aggressive sidewall protectors make sure no damage is caused to the sidewalls, thus adding to their long-lasting quality.

Besides, it comes with an M+S symbol, which certifies that they went through a mud and snow tire test and passed. It thus ensures its great performance under rain, snow, mud, or other inclement weathers.


  • Great for on and off-road light trucks
  • Zigzag tread patterns work as an effective water drainage system
  • Stable ride and smooth turns and brakes
  • Passed mud and snow test
  • Has aggressive sidewall protectors


  • Ply not mentioned

7. Federal Couragia M/T

Federal Couragia M-T

With great off-road traction and deep-biting tread blocks, this one is great for the off-roaders out there. Not only that, it is an excellent long-lasting choice for your daily driver as well.

Its aggressive tread block and shoulder lugs give you the perfect traction and grip on your ride outside. The reinforced compound further adds to the traction and protects them from impact breaks off-road.

Moreover, its two or 3-ply sidewalls provide exceptional durability and strength, exactly what you need when driving through rocky roads or paths. It also protects it from chips, cuts, and abrasions, thus adding more life to these best looking tires for ford F150.

Additionally, with an optimized tread design, it helps to increase traction and control off-roads. Thus it reassures you a secure grip on most risky weather and conditions while going on an adventure.

Besides, the incremental block edge design prevents sands, mud, gravels from getting trapped between the tread blocks. This self-cleaning design assures further protection and durability while you don’t have to clean them that often.

Furthermore, while aggressive off-road tires are quite notorious for their road noises, this is surprisingly very quiet. You can easily use these as your daily driver on paved roads and not worry about any loud noises.


  • Exceptionally durable and sturdy
  • 2/3 ply sidewall protects from cuts, chips, and abrasions
  • Incremental tread block design gives them a self-cleaning ability
  • Perfectly reliable for off-road adventures
  • Quiet on roads


  • Might be hard to balance

8. Goodyear Wrangler SR-A

The second from this popular brand, this one is especially for highway driving but with a great tread life and wet-dry traction to last for a long time. And if that sounds like music to your ears, then keep reading.

With wide grooves along the circumference, it helps to keep water out of the tires. Thus it gives it a slip-resistant, strong grip and traction in rain and similar incremental weathers.

Besides, their signature TredLock microgrooves or sipes add more wet traction by providing biting edges to the treads. It adds a firmer grip and traction on dry and other conditions as well.

Its zigzag microgrooves help to provide excellent traction in all seasons. Snow, rain, or ice—you can drive safely with enough traction for a smooth and balanced ride.

Moreover, it has a tread life of 50,000 miles. But it can even last up to 65,000 miles or more with a surprisingly nice condition. Its tough, sturdy build also helps in its long tread life.

Additionally, the tires are pretty lightweight so that you can carry spares easily without much load. Also, the sidewalls are smooth and easy to clean.


  • Great wet and dry traction
  • Long tread life
  • Lightweight and easy to clean
  • Has good biting edge to the treads
  • Provides a smooth and balanced ride


  • Might show cuts and chips going off-roads
  • On the noisier side

What to Look Before Buying a Tires for Ford F150?

There are certain things you need to keep and mind and look out for before deciding on one. In other words, the following will help you decide if you are unsure.

Getting the Fitting Size

The first and most crucial step is to find the right size tire that fits your vehicle wheels. You can find the dimensions and overall size of it written on the tire.

Check the original tires you got with the vehicle. The size is usually either lifted lettering of the numbers or in white lettering on the sidewall.

In the case of lifted trucks, it is wiser to go with a size that is an inch or two larger for a better fit. If you are unsure of the length in any way, it is safe to just measure it by hand before or for confirmation.

However, if you do end up getting one that doesn’t fit the wheels, you can use wheel spacers. You need to place them between the wheel and the hub. This will ensure the tire is secure in place and that it doesn’t rub against any parts of the vehicle that might damage it.

On-road or Off-road?

Depending on where you will often be driving could affect the lifespan of your tires. So you should choose wisely. Among all the tires, the most recommended are highway tires.

Whether you drive on or off-road, highway ones are versatile enough for both. They are excellent for F150 on light terrains while providing comfort and a quiet ride as well.

Another great one is touring tires. They are equally versatile as highway tires and are great for both on and off-road. These two are probably the best types for your ford F150 pickups.

Moreover, some of the best ones among them have a treadwear life of around 70,000 to 80,000 miles! They will easily last you a couple of years. Besides, they are quite cheap compared to other types in the market.

However, if you are going to drive off-road often, highway tires are more suitable for the situation. Their unique design is perfect for pickup trucks like the F150 that can tow and carry heavy loads.

Types of The Best Tires for F150

Types of Tires

There are a variety of tires on the market, but when it comes to f150, you mainly need to consider types like all-terrain, all-season, mud-terrain, etc. Depending on your climate and where you drive, this is important.

All Terrain

All-terrains are the most popular when it comes to pickup trucks. They are versatile and can handle most weather and conditions smoothly. However, most of them have an aggressive design, which can cause a lot of road noises.

All Season

Another great and popular one, along with all-terrains, are all-season tires. But you can also consider them as an all-terrain, highway, or even a sports tire as well.

The name is pretty self-explanatory. They are good with all kinds of climates, be it extremely warm or ice-cold, dry or wet, and even light snow. It is all you need for your daily driver year round long.

Season Specific Tire for Specific Use

On the other hand, if you live in a mostly warm climate or vice versa, it is better to get that season-specific tire as it will be the most effective for you. Summer tires are perfect if you live in a tropical climate, but they are almost useless in colder or snowy regions.

Tread Wear Life

Think about how much you will be riding your vehicle with the tires. Most tires come with a treadwear warranty of how many miles it can last.

For more aggressive or highway tires, it can range from 70,000 to 80,000 miles. They are perfect for off-roading and or if you drive every day on light terrains or on-roads.

However, they don’t usually come cheap. Besides, different companies use different methods to test out the tires’ mileage or tread wear life. And these methods might not be applicable in your case or even determine the exact treadwear mileage.

As a result, going in blindly with a high mileage warranty is not a good idea.

Top 5 Ford F150 Tire Brands on The Market

Here are some of the top and most popular brands of F150 tires on the market right now. And yes, we have something to offer from each brand on the list of our best.

1. Goodyear

We have previously mentioned this brand's reputation and popularity. They are one of the most trusted and go-to brands for tires and other equipment for automobiles. And for the F150 as well they offer some of the best ones.


This South Korean brand has slowly earned its way to one of the best selling companies for tires in the market. They are innovative without any compromise to the quality and offer a wide range as well.

3. Federal

Although overall not that popular, this brand, however, offers some of the best tires quality and durability wise. Their Federal Couragia has a big reputation for being one of the best for off-roading on your F150.

4. Mickey Thompson Deegan Series

When an extremely popular off-roader out there collabs with a brand, you know it is not something you can brush off easily. And as you have probably guessed, this series offers some of the best lightweight tires for off-roading ever and for modern trucks as well.

5. Falken

This Japanese company earned massive popularity as it has now become one of the staple brands for tires almost all over the world. They have some of the best highway and light truck tires in the business.

How to Read Tire Labels?

When you upgrade to a newer set of tires, it is essential to understand how to read the sizes or dimensions to get the best fit. An unfit set of tires is just a disaster waiting to happen.

The usual tire sizes you will find for a pickup truck like the F150 is something like 275/65R18.  Here, the first part or 275 represents its section width in millimeters, measured from one sidewall to the other.

You can divide it by 25.4 to get the measurement in inches; in this case, it would be 10.8 inches. Along with that, from the other part, 65 is its aspect ratio. It means it is the ratio of the sidewall’s height to the width.

Finally, the R represents "rim," with the last number being its measurement in inches. So, that would make R18 meaning the rim or the diameter of the wheel is 18 inches.

Tips to Take Care of Your Tire for Longevity

Take Care of Your Tire for Longevity

Taking care of your tires is essential for not only keeping them around longer but also for the improved performance of your vehicle. Below we have listed some of the ways you can take care of your tires.

  • Rotating Them Frequently

Tires on the front get used for turning, so they take the toll more than the one at the back. Since they wear down so quickly, rotating them every once in a while will help increase its tread wear life than without turning.

  • Aligning the Wheels

Over time wheels can move off of alignment, which can lead to excessive and quicker wear down of treads. Roads bumps can be one of the biggest reasons, but just driving through a plain road frequently can cause it too. So make sure to check them with a mechanic once a year.

  • Checking Air Pressure

It is crucial to make sure your tires have the perfect amount of PSI required. Every vehicle has a specific PSI based on its certain factors, and overinflating them higher than the said PSI will increase the chances of a flat and wear the treads down faster.

Frequently Asked Questions About F150 Tires

1. What is the average price of an f150 tire?

It is usually from $100 to $150.

2. What sizes fit on an f150 truck?

For stock rims, a 32 x 12 inches one can probably fit, whereas, for a lifted truck, you can go bigger than that.

3. Is using a leveling kit bad?

Generally, no, you use a leveling kit to reduce the load on the front suspension and brake. And other than adding a bit of stress to other parts of the trucks sometimes, it reduces the weight while cornering without causing any major issue.

4. Do you need to balance your tires often?

Yes, balancing both at least once a year is essential. It helps to provide a smoother ride and also reduces tire vibrations.

5. How long do f150 stock tires last?

They last for about seven years, whether you use them or not.

Final Words

Tires are the base of the vehicle. If the base isn't strong enough, then the quality or price of the truck means nothing. And from our list, you can find the best tires for F150, which will provide you the best riding experience ever.

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