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Best Steering Wheel Locks in 2022 | Protection Your Car from Theft

Thieves are not only a threat to old model cars they are a threat to your modern car as well. As the car industry and manufacturers are making cars with advanced features and upgrades, thieves are upgrading their ways of stealing cars too.

Don’t freak out; you can still protect your car using a steering wheel lock. When you have such a metal lock, the car will be protected even if the thief has a clone key.

This review guide will cover some of the best steering wheel locks available in the market that can enhance a car's defense.

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Tevlaphee Steering Wheel Lock

EFORCAR 1 PCS Wheel Lock

Winner International Twin Hooks Lock

Yusylvia 1 PCS Universal Car Van Security Wheel Lock

Winner International CL505 Lock

What’s The Benefit Of Using Wheel Lock?

best car steering wheel lock

Someone can say, why use such old-fashioned steering wheel locks when supercars along with SUVs are now being secured by the computerized system? Well, the shocking thing is, thieves now can bypass vehicle computers.

When you have the lock, no thieve can even move your car for an inch even if he has successfully gained access to your car’s computer or the thief has the key. If your car is impossible to turn, all the options a thief will have is flying away with the car.

Not everywhere you park your car is safe. Therefore, having such a lock on the steering wheel will take care of your worries and you will be better focused on your work.
However, considering safety, these locks don’t allow the car to roll even if the car is parked on a hill.

Types Of Steering Wheel Locking Devices

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When you decide to get the best car wheel lock for protect your car from stealing, know that considering the construction and features, there are few types of these locks available on the market.

Traditional Lock

The majority of the car models have this type of lock on the steering wheel. Typically, they are bar-shaped and attached to the wheel with extendable arms of hooks. These locks are slot into the spokes of the wheel and then locked.

This type of lock is less expensive than other ones, but still provides decent protection against theft.

Wheel-Pedal Lock

This one slightly differs from the previous type. Although it’s bar-shaped with hooks that attach to the wheel, another end of this bar is hooked to a pedal; mostly it’s the brake pedal.

A wheel to pedal lock system provides better protection than a traditional one by locking two essential points – the steering wheel and a brake pedal. It doubles the protection. Even if the thief gets inside your car, he will not dare to attempt unlocking such a thing.

Enclosed Lock

Enclosed locks are the best way to protect a car’s steering wheel. It doesn’t only hook the wheel; rather, an enclosed lock entirely encompasses the wheel with its hardened steel shell.

Although it’s the best protection you can get as it’s quite heavy and large in size, this type may not be convincing for some people when it comes to storing it.

Our Top 10 Best Steering Wheel Lock Reviews in 2022

These car steering wheel locks are chosen considering some of the key aspects that are vital to ensure your car’s protection.

1. Disklok Security Device

The first item on the list is for those who want to get the utmost protection for their cars. Learning of 20 years of experience, the manufacturer Disklok made this product while leaving no space for the thieves.

This sturdy lock is made of hardened steel which is way too strong to break by any manual tool. The incredible toughness of this lock will prevent anyone from breaking it unless the thief is using a rocket launcher and only, in that case, you can worry a little.

Unlike most other locks available on the market, this one doesn’t get fixed to the steering. It is designed to spin to some extent so that you don’t accidentally do any harm to the wheel. The lock freely spins around while keeping the wheel immobilized.

Its locking barrel inside the lock is anti-pick and anti-drill with more than 1 million combinations. Even if the thief tries to drill or pick the lock, 10 internal disks will spin and make it impossible to open. As the barrel is flush to the surface when it’s locked, it leaves no access for the thief.

You will get three keys with the product. It’s always advised not to keep the disk lock keys in your car key so that the thief can’t take advantage of it.

The lock easily fits most cars along with SUVs if the wheel size is between 13.7 to 15.3 inches measuring left to right. The weight of this lock varies depending on the size. The smaller one weighs 8.8lbs and the larger one is about 11lbs, which may be a bit heavier compared to other conventional steering wheel locks.


  • Made of sturdy material
  • Comes with 3 keys
  • Disklok spins while immobilizing the wheel
  • Anti-drill and anti-pick design spins on attacks
  • The barrel stays flush to the surface


  • Metal gets too hot to touch under direct sunlight
  • Takes time to unlock

2. HAODELE Steering Wheel Lock

If the thief knows about this steering wheel lock, he would rather try stealing some other car than the one which is locked by the HAODELE rotary lock. It’s made of sturdy steel and aluminum alloy with inorganic teeth as a lock beam.

The manufacturer made this one with a good-looking and strong metal texture while ensuring high-grade workmanship. Its solid handlebar got a foam covering so that you don’t scratch the wheel by any chance.

Even if a thief attempts to break the lock using a drill machine or any destructive tools, it will rotate according to the drill pin. Its heavy-duty lock system along with its robust physical and apparent deterrent will protect the car from thieves. Such a level of security makes it almost impossible to remove the lock without having the key.

You can use the lock as a hammer as well. This safety hammer allows you to break the window in case of an emergency for a safe escape. But be sure to use the cap to prevent accidents and remove the cap when you need to use it as a hammer.

As it’s also a hammer, you can use it if (god forbids) you have to encounter any threat. Don’t make violence, rather use it to prevent any occurrence of violence from happening.

Universal fit ensures the lock can be used in most vehicles. It easily fits the steering wheels having an inner diameter of in between 7 to 12 inches. To fix the lock even firmly on the wheel, it offers an adjustable telescopic lock fork. You will get 3 keys with the lock. Be sure to lube the keys a bit for better unlocking.

The installation process is very easy. You can easily lock it with a single pull. If you don’t want it to rest on the airbag, you can install it to the back of the wheel as well.


  • Made of high-quality material
  • Works as a safety hammer
  • Hyperbolic lock cylinder
  • Adjustable lock fork
  • Easy to install


  • The foam covering on the handle may tear under heavy usage

3. EFOCAR 1 PCS Universal Anti-Theft Car Auto Security

If you are looking for a compact and lightweight wheel lock, take a look at what EFOCAR has to offer for you. The lock is constructed with durable aluminum alloy, steel along with plastic. Lightweight aluminum and plastic is the reason why it only weighs 800g.

The manufacturer used a heavy-duty locking mechanism to ensure your car is well protected even if the thief tries his best to steal it. The vinyl coat keeps the steering wheel harmless from the lock.

Key plays an important role as it’s used for unlocking the wheel. So, if the key design is complicated, it will reduce the chance of duplicating it. Thanks to EFOCAR’s unique cross-key design which is not like the key you find with conventional locks. Its unique and complicated design makes it impossible to duplicate.

When a thief fails to try with other keys, he will go for picking the lock. To tackle such a situation, the manufacturer made a lock tumbler of this lock virtually pickproof. So, even if you park the car in an insecure parking area, you no longer need to worry about it when you have such protection installed on the steering wheel.

Best steering wheel locks come in a universal size that fits nearly every car. This wasn’t an exception with this one. The lock fits pretty well to most cars. Even if the steering wheel has an airbag, still it will fit perfectly.

The locking magic takes only a few seconds to happen. It doesn’t require you to spend extra time to install and uninstall from the wheel. The lock feels very lightweight to carry and convenient to store inside the car.


  • Durable material with a vinyl coating
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Unique key design
  • 2 keys included with the package
  • Heavy-duty locking mechanism prevents picking


  • Doesn’t fit properly to heavy vehicles
  • Durability isn’t up to the mark

4. Winner International the Club 3000 Twin

So far, I have reviewed the best car club lock that mostly had a single hook to lock the steering wheel. Single hook locks stand quite well when it comes to defeating the thieves.

Now, what about a lock with a dual hook? This one from Winner International has a twin hook that provides a more secure lock for the wheel and pedal brake and makes it impossible to steal the car. This one is for those who are looking for a cheap steering wheel lock while not compromising with security.

When it comes to installing the lock, this one is quite straightforward like the other locks on the list. It has a keyless ratcheting mechanism, so you can lock it simply by one pull without using the key. Both the hooks are covered in a rubberized coating to protect the steering wheel from getting scratches.

Once you lock it, the thief cannot drive the car. Due to the Cro-moly steel construction, it can resist the attacks of manual tools such as sawing, hammering, prying, and freon.

This one has a universal size that fits almost every vehicle including cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks. It offers a minimum locking length of 8 inches, and a maximum locking length of about 14 inches. The entire length of this lock is about 21 inches which makes it visible from outside telling the thief don’t even come closer.

The large grip handle makes it easier to carry and helps a lot while unlocking. You will get 2 keys with the lock. When it’s not in use, you can simply store it underneath your seat and pick it up when you are about to park the vehicle next time.


  • Twin hook design for more protection
  • Improved lock housing
  • Universal fit
  • A keyless ratcheting locking system
  • Resists attacks of manual tools


  • The hooks fit loosely to some steering wheels
  • Comes with only two keys

5. Blueshyhall Gray Auto Car Anti-Theft Security

Some people with supercars don’t prefer installing a steering wheel lock, because it ruins the inner looks of the car. To those, Blueshyhall has a stylish lock to offer. The handles are made of high-quality PU leather and the lock is made of steel that looks absolutely stunning with the car interior.

Due to the sponge glue on both the handles, your steering wheel will not get scratched. Its 360 degrees rotating shackle and durable high-grade steel make the lock physically robust to prevent the thief from driving away from the car. Also, the lock creates a great visual deterrent to thieves while approaching the vehicle.

You can lock the steering wheel from any direction you want with this convenient lock. Its three-direction locking design allows you to lock the wheel from both the right and left sides and also from the airbag direction.

Installing this one is quite simple. All you need to do is open the lock with the key and put it on the steering wheel and then rotate its shackle to tighten the wheel. The first time, if the lock doesn’t fit firmly to the steering wheel, you can do the necessary adjustments using an Allen key, and it will not require any adjustment further.

The lock is suitable for most of the steering wheels. Due to the compact design, it’s very convenient to store anywhere you want.

Comparing to other conventional steering wheel locks, it’s a bit costly. But if you consider the premium materials that are used in the lock, it will be a wise investment without ruining the appearance of the car.


  • Premium PU leather and steel construction
  • Compact design
  • Fits almost every steering wheel
  • Three-direction locking design
  • An anti-wear cushion on the handles


  • A locking mechanism is weak
  • Not durable

6. RoterSee Universal Double Protection High-Security

This one is a wheel-pedal type lock that locks both the steering wheel as well as the brake. If you want to double the protection, this is what you need to go for. The lock is made of high-quality stainless steel which feels pretty sturdy.

To make the locking more secure, Naikeke used a pure copper cylinder as its locking tool. You will have to use a crescent key provided by the manufacturer to lock and unlock it. The combination of copper cylinder lock and crescent key will buy some tough time from the thief and stand undefeated against all the manual attempts.

It looks like a large rod from the outside. So, the lock will get the attention of the thief in the first place and he will not attempt to break the window or unlock the door.

You can lock both the steering wheel and brake within a minute. To do that, you need to unlock the cylinder first using the crescent key. Then hook it to the brake or throttle by pulling out the third section. On the other end, but the hook to the steering wheel. Now, remove the key and make sure both the end is well tightened.

As both the end are locked up, it would be impossible for the thief to steal the car even if he replaces the steering wheel.

The length of lock-in between the steering wheel and brake is a maximum of 34 inches and a minimum of 13.8 which makes it easily fit most cars. It’s very convenient to carry as it weighs only 4lb. You can keep it underneath the seat when not in use.


  • Locks both the steering wheel and brake
  • Durable material
  • Copper cylinder lock
  • 3 crescent keys
  • Universal fit


  • It has the risk of pinching the hand if not careful

7. Yusylvia 1 PCS Universal Anti-Theft

One of the most advantages of compact steering wheel locks is, they fit easily to most steering wheels including wheels with airbags. It’s not an exception to this creation of the brand Yusylvia as well. The universal size fits every car really well. Even if the wheel has an airbag, you will not have to struggle while installing it.

The lock is constructed of tough and durable steel. Material such as steel tends to damage the texture of the steering wheel. Yusylvia doesn’t want to help you regarding one matter while making another one. So, they coated the steel with vinyl to make sure the steering along with the dashboard is well protected from damage.

Even if you install a steering wheel lock for the car, you don’t want the thief to come even close to your vehicle. This lock serves this purpose smartly. The yellow handle of the lock can easily be seen from the outside and works as a great deterrent.

When the steering wheel is hard to tunefully, you can rest assured that your car will be in the parking area as you left it. The lock immobilizes the steering wheel and makes it impossible to drive the car away.

You will get two keys with the lock which are impossible to duplicate. Just make sure you don’t accidentally leave one of the keys in the car. However, there is no chance that the thief will pick the lock due to the virtually pickproof tumbler.

It takes a few seconds to install and disable the steering. The convenient size makes it a lot easy to store as it doesn’t require too much space like most other locks on the list.


  • Tough steel construction with vinyl coating
  • Key design is impossible to duplicate
  • High visibility due to the yellow color
  • Virtually pickproof lock tumbler
  • Fits most steering even with an airbag


  • Weak hinge

8. NRG Innovations SRK-101MB Matte Black Quick Lock

So far I have reviewed anti-theft locks that immobilize the steering wheel. But what if the thief replaces the steering wheel and drives away with your car? Ever thought that way? Don’t freak out, because there a solution to this problem too.

NRG innovation is the best car steering wheel lock and this on also a well-known brand among racers. Their innovative idea led them to create the next-generation anti-theft quick lock that doesn’t function as conventional steering wheel anti-theft locks.

You need to first install the quick lock to the steering hub. How it works is, it quickly disables the steering hub and doesn’t allow another steering wheel to attach onto the hub. So, if the thief already has an NRG equipped steering wheel, he cannot place it onto your exposed NRG hub.

You no longer need to carry the steering wheel around; rather, consider leaving it inside the car. No matter how hard the thief tries, there will be no luck for him. You can rely on its smooth ball-lock mechanism to take care of your supercar. Two keys are included with the package which is impossible to duplicate.

The NRG quick lock is made of high-grade aluminum while leaving no issue regarding durability. You can use this race-inspired designed quick-lock in both race and street applications as well.

This quick-lock works with the Quick-Release NRG steering wheel. However, the device isn’t compatible with a quick tilt system and thin versions of the quick release.


  • Made of high-grade aluminum steel
  • Prevents replacing the steering wheel
  • Smooth ball-lock mechanism
  • Eliminates the limitation of steering wheel locks


  • Expensive option

9. Powerbuilt 648466 Steering Wheel Lock Plate

By seeing the image, you probably wondering, “how on earth I’m going to lock the steering wheel with such a thing?” This was the same case when I first saw the product. No, you cannot lock the steering wheel with this one. The tool is used for something else which is related to protect your car from thieves as well.

If you have a vehicle that doesn’t run on the road often or an old car that you parked away from your home for weeks, then this is the best steering wheel locks for you. You don’t want to spend much of the money to get a steering wheel lock for such a car. Therefore, removing the locking ring is the safest option for keeping the car in place.

This tool from Powerbuilt is used for compressing the lock plate to remove the locking ring after removing the steering wheel. No one would like to do such tool work every time while parking the car.

Removing only the steering wheel isn’t enough. Because the thief can attach another steering wheel and drive away from the car especially when you give him a window of an entire day. In this case, removing the lock plate is a must to ensure there is no room for the thief to attach another steering wheel.

Note that, the tool only works to depress lock plates on Chrysler and GM vehicles. It allows you to remove the round wire ring that holds the lock plate.


  • Easily removes the lock plate
  • 9/16 inch-18 and M14-1.5 threads for a reversible adapter


  • Doesn’t work with narrow lock plates

10. KEEPING Anti Theft Steering Wheel Lock

Last but not least, this anti-theft security locker can lock the steering wheel and brake pedal or clutch throttle at the same time. When you lock the throttle or brake pedal along with the steering wheel, it doubles the protection for your car.

It is made of well-polished stainless steel material. The hook that locks the steering wheel is made of strong plastic. It doesn’t do any harm to the steering wheel texture no matter how hard you lock it. On the other end, it’s typically a steel hook to lock the brake clutch or throttle.

Thieves these days come with the additional steering wheels so that they can remove the steering hub and replace your wheel with their ones.

But when you lock the brake pedal or throttle as well, the thief feels helpless even if he is able to replace the steering wheel. Dealing with a brake pedal isn’t a joke, because it requires you to open other things which are not possible without getting noticed by other people.

The lock has three adjustable locking section that fits most cars. It has a compact length of 33 cm when not in use. If you pull out the hook that locks the steering wheel, the length increases to 58 cm. And when you further adjust the steering hook, it gets to 85 cm.

You can also use the lock as a self-defense tool as well. With the lock, you will get 2 unique cross keys.


  • Three-way protection
  • Adjustable locking range with three sections
  • Universal fit
  • A unique cross key mechanism
  • Stainless steel construction


  • The metal used in keys is weak

Before Buying The Best Steering Lock – What To Look For

best car club lock

No matter what type of lock you choose for your car’s steering wheel, be sure to check these key factors before buying.

Anti-Picking and Anti-Drilling

You cannot 100% confirm that the thief will not attempt stealing your car. If a thief gets inside the vehicle seeing a lock on the steering wheel, that means he has the tools to pick the lock.

There is no assurance that your lock will survive every attack, but a good quality lock will give the thief some serious hard time and make him frustrated and run away. However, if he is determined to pick or break the lock, a tough lock will force him to make noise and hopefully, he will be noticed by someone.

On the list, Disklok and HAODELE steering wheel locks smartly handle picking and drilling with their advanced anti-theft locking mechanism.


The toughness of locks depends on the material that the locks are made of. Material such as aluminum alloy provides great protection against theft. Even if the thief is equipped with braking tools, a well-constructed lock will be very hard to break. He will always be in a hurry and it will make him lose his nerve.

Also, a well-built steering wheel lock will be more durable. You don’t want to spend on a lock after every 3 months, so make sure the one you are going to get, is a sturdy one.

Visual Deterrent

No car owner would like to face a car thief in the first place no matter how tough the steering wheel lock is installed inside the car. Therefore, the lock you choose should warn the thief when he gets closer to the door.

If the lock has great visibility, it will easily grab the attention of anyone near the window. Locks with bright yellow and red color deterrent thieves quite well. Also, there are some steering wheel locks with unique construction design that work as an effective deterrent too.

When your car has such a thing attached to the steering wheel, you are telling, “don’t mess with this car, leave and get some coffee.”

Universal Fit

It makes a lot of hassle when you order something on Amazon and when you get the package, you find that the size doesn’t meet your requirement. To avoid such hassle, be sure to choose a lock for the steering wheel that has a universal size. Read through the review section and see if it fits the vehicles of most of the reviewers.


Even if the one you choose has a sturdy build with an anti-picking and drilling feature, thieves can easily drive away from the car if the key is easy to duplicate. Therefore, go with the lock that has a key that is impossible to duplicate.

You should have at least two keys to unlock the wheel. Some products on the list include 3 keys. Never leave any of the keys inside the car cabin.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if I lose all the keys of my steering wheel lock?

A. If you lose all the keys, without a doubt, you will be in trouble. Keys that are impossible to duplicate can only be re-supplied by the manufacturer. In such a case, you will need to ask the manufacturer to send you additional keys.

And if you lose the keys while locking the steering wheel, the instant thing to do would be to ask a professional to pick the lock. If that is not possible, then you will need to remove the lock plate of the steering hub and attach another steering wheel.

2. Are the steering wheel locks impossible to break?

A. No, they are not. Not a single manufacturer can claim their lock is impossible to break or pick. But the thing is, a good quality lock will make things worse for the thief if he tries to pick it. It actually reduces the chance of stealing cars.

In most cases, he may give up trying if the protection is very tough to break. If he attempts to break by hook and cook, he has to make some serious mess with the lock which may lead to someone getting noticed or you may catch him if the lock takes too long to break.

3. Does it add more protection if the brake pad is locked with the steering wheel?

A. It actually doubles the protection if you lock both the steering wheel along with the brake pedal or throttle. Even if the thief manages to replace the steering, he will not be able to deal with the brake pedal without getting noticed by people near him.

4. Can the steering wheel locks be picked by manual hand-powered tools?

A. Chances are very low that a thief can pick or break a well-constructed lock with manual tools.

Final Words

The stats of stealing cars every day are very alarming. However, you can reduce the risk of your car being stolen if you have good quality and advanced locks for the steering wheel.

If you get one from the best steering wheel locks that I have reviewed in the article, that will surely make the thieves sweat and force them not to do any mess with your car.

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