Best Short Antenna for F150

Top 10 Best Short Antenna for F150 Reviews in 2022

The Ford F150 is one of the most famous and highest-selling cars. It is very popular because of how well it performs on the off-road and normal concrete pavement. Most features of this car are great, but there is one issue.

Its antenna is rather very large, and you have probably noticed how painful it is to fit it in the garage. However, don’t worry. There is plenty of 3rd party option available.

So, we have created an in-depth review of the best short antenna for f150. These antennas are the best ones available in the market, and you will not regret getting one of them.

You can finally say goodbye to the big antenna that dangles around annoyingly too much.

Top 10 Best Short Antenna for F150 Reviews in 2022

Out of hundreds of products, we have gathered the best ones available. These antennas top the market because of their build-quality, signal reception, and overall quality.

1. Trunknets Inc 6.5″ Antenna

Trunknets Inc 6.5″ AntennaAn antenna can be useful and all, but one more concern is left for the average user. The fact that if it will be compatible with your car. You may worry about this when you have an older model of the car.

It is a problem for many antennas because they are perfect for the latest models but do not support the older ones. However, it would be much more comfortable with the Trunknets Inc Antenna.

This antenna is famous for its compatibility. If you have a model even from 2009, you don’t have to worry anymore. This antenna can easily connect and work perfectly with every model from 2009 to 2020. Pretty convenient, right?

Another fantastic thing about this car antenna is that it has a pretty good reception. The original antenna of the car also had a very good reception of FM/AM radio signals. Thankfully, this one works the same way as well.

The signal strength is good, but it can struggle a lot in the countryside. So, as long as you drive in or near a town/city, you will be fine. The fear is completely reasonable, but don’t worry because this antenna will be good enough for any casual rider.

It has a good enough build quality, but taking it to an automatic car wash might be problematic. However, it is durable enough for any storm or rough rides. This antenna is perfect for people who want great compatibility and good radio signals.


  • It is compatible with various models
  • You get a good reception
  • The build quality is great
  • It is very durable
  • The size is 6.5″


  • Taking it in an automatic car wash is risky
  • It doesn’t perform well outside a city

2. Rydonair Antenna

Rydonair AntennaDurability is not a joke when it comes to taking your car out in the rough terrains. If you drive a lot on off-road tracks with your Ford F150, you realize its important to be durable. Your car can get easily damaged if its components are no sturdy enough.

This factor goes for your car’s antenna too. Having a large antenna dangling around and breaking off is not suitable for off-road travels. Now, it would be best if you get something very sturdy and strong. You might want to check out the Rydonair Antenna for that.

Do you know that carbon fiber is very lightweight and one of the toughest materials out there? Manufacturers mainly use it for high-end cars and products. Well, this antenna has a carbon fiber base. You can guess how durable it is.

Taking it out in the wild will not be a problem. It’s replacing your existing 31-inch antenna with a 7-inch one but giving you a better quality. The price is low, and it creates good value. Also, you get a fantastic reception with this antenna.

You can get good AM/FM signals in rural areas too. There is another amazing thing about this product that it is compatible with Bluetooth. Taking your car out in the wild makes it dirty very quickly, so you have to wash it now and then. It can be a drag.

Automatic car washes are a blessing because you don’t have to worry about breaking with this antenna. It’s durable enough to handle anything you throw at it. So, if you are looking for great durability, then this antenna will be perfect for you.


  • The durability is outstanding
  • You get a great reception
  • The design choice is good
  • It is very easy to install
  • You can connect it to Bluetooth


  • It’s not very lightweight
  • There aren’t any color options

3. AntennaMastsRus

AntennaMastsRusGetting a good quality antenna is very important. Still, if it only comes in black, then it can be a bit disappointing. You may want something that will go with the color of your car and compliment it. Not everyone wants something low-key like the color black.

Sadly, most manufacturers don’t get that. You can only see suitable quality antennas in one color. However, that is not the case with the AntennaMastsRus. This antenna is perfect if you want a little bit more color in your life. You get a lot of color options.

The paint’s quality is also very good. So, now you don’t have to worry about it chipping off anytime soon. The design choice is very cool, as well. Not only are there a lot of colors to choose from but also a beautiful looking antenna.

Also, the size of the antenna is very small. Coming at only 4-inches, it is very convenient in out in the wild. Moving around too much and also getting stuck with something will not be an issue. The durability is extreme again.

So, any rough usage will not be an issue for this antenna as it is very affordable, which is perfect if you are on a tight budget. You are getting a great reception too.

If you are looking for a good-looking antenna with a lot of color options, then you might want to check this one out. You are also getting a lot of useful features other than colors here. So, the value is excellent.


  • It comes in 8 different colors
  • You get a sturdy build quality
  • The reception is good
  • It has a petite size
  • The price is affordable


  • It is not suitable for car washes
  • The longevity is questionable

4. Votex Rubber Antenna

Votex Rubber AntennaTo be the best short radio antenna for F150, it must have fantastic flexibility and reception. Otherwise, you won’t be getting a get good signal reception. Are you tired of your car losing a radio signal outside of a city? Well, you are not the only one.

It cannot be enjoyable to sit in silence on your whole ride. Your car needs to have a good antenna for satellite and GPS too. These are very crucial. So, for the best signal reception, you should check the Votec Rubber Antenna out.

This antenna is highly popular because of its signal reception. It does not lose it even if you go far away. The strong reception helps a lot with accurate GPS tracking, which is vital if you use the map for your directions.

Now, you will get accurate location tracking. The antenna is also very flexible. It is mainly because of the rubber build quality. That’s why even if it gets hit with something, it will not break easily. So, you can rest easy because of its outstanding durability.

Sadly, there are no color options, so you have to stick around with the black one. However, it looks good enough. The design choice of the antenna is very stylish, yet simple. Another great thing about buying this product is that you get fantastic customer service.

If you come up with any issues, you can always get it fixed in no time or get beneficial tips. For beginners, this is perfect. It won’t be easy for the best signal reception to get an antenna better than this one. So, for traveling, this will be the perfect companion for your car.


  • It has the best signal reception
  • You get good flexibility
  • It is very durable
  • The antenna looks good
  • You get good customer service


  • The antenna is a bit heavy
  • It is a bit tricky to install

5. AntennaX 50 Cal Black Bullet Ammo Antenna

AntennaX 50 Cal Black Bullet Ammo AntennaA car is not only something we use to get to one place from another, but it’s also a statement. Your Ford F150 has one of the classiest looks in the market for the job it usually does. There are reasons you would want your car to look robust and cool.

Most antennas available in the market are very typical looking. They don’t look cool enough for people checking it twice. So, if you want to get all the attention, we have the perfect product for you. The AntennaX 50 Cal Black Bullet Ammo Antenna is one of the best short antenna for f150.

Its shape is like a bullet. How many times have you went out in the streets and saw a car antenna that looks like a bullet? None, most probably. Well, now, you have one. The size of it is also very convenient. It is 5.5-inches.

So, it will not be annoying to look. If you are concerned about durability, then don’t worry too much. We know that a bullet is very durable. Well, so is this one. It does not have a build quality of a bullet, but for an antenna, it is surprisingly sturdy.

The users of this antenna do not have any complaints about the connectivity. That is because the signal strength is pretty great. It can reach radio signals from far away without any hassle or drops. You will get crystal clear listening sessions.

So, if you are in the market for something stylish and has a durable build quality, this one will be great for you. It also has an easy installation process. You can gift this to your relatives who were in the defense force.


  • It looks cool
  • The build is sturdy
  • You get good signal reception
  • It has great compatibility
  • You can install it easily


  • It’s a bit pricey
  • Some people might find it tacky

6. Maxracing Short Aluminum Antenna

Maxracing Short Aluminum AntennaThe antenna Ford F150 comes with is very long and can bump into everything. It is a hassle for garages and car washes. So, it would be best if you had something strong and small in size.

You can find many antennas like that, but most of them have one problem in common. It is that they are challenging to install. Sometimes you may not have a proper fit, and you get subpar results. You might want to check out the Maxracing Short Antenna for that.

This antenna is one of the most accessible installing antennas in the market. All it needs is you to screw it in the existing socket and voila. Another problem a lot of people face with antennas is a bad build. They easily chip off and break.

You don’t want your new antenna to do that.  This antenna offers what you desire. It has a powerful aluminum build, which offers great longevity.

Other than that, this antenna looks very good too. The compatibility is also not going to be an issue. If you have a Ford F150 that dates back to 1997, you can use this antenna with no problems. It is suitable for a lot of customers.

This antenna is perfect for people that want something straightforward to install and compact. It will not chip or break off easily, and you can use it for a long time. So, why wait anymore? You are getting a perfect antenna for the price.


  • It is very easy to install
  • You get great compatibility
  • The antenna has an aluminum build
  • It will not chip or break easily
  • The price is pretty low


  • It has issues with signal reception
  • You won’t get enhanced GPS

7. CravenSpeed Bullet Style Stubby Antenna

CravenSpeed Bullet Style Stubby AntennaIf you are new to buying parts for your car, you may be very concerned about everything. Like if the products are right or not and if it is a waste of money or not. Your worries are completely justified. It happens to everyone, so don’t worry much.

Just think how great it would be if you got something from a reliable manufacturer! This way, you don’t have to worry too much about it. For the best reliability, we highly suggest you the CravenSpeed Bullet Style Stubby Antenna.

These guys have been making antennas for a long time, and they are very good at their job. There are thousands of happy and loyal customers. The quality of their products is impressive, and you get a good support center too.

To be a famous brand, you have to offer people what they need and be very good at it. You can not slack off with your product and consistently pump out good quality. This way, this company became very popular.

When it comes to sheer consistency and quality, it is tough to beat them. The bullet shape design is very cool, and it has a sturdy build quality. You get a perfect reception too. So, you will get a good connection anywhere you go.

Suppose you are looking for a safe option, which will not get you into any problematic situations in the future. So, it would be best if you consider getting this product as it fits the bill perfectly, and its quality is incredible. You will not waste money or regret buying it.


  • It has a durable build quality
  • The overall quality is good
  • You get good signal reception
  • The design choice is cool
  • It has a compact build


  • The price can be a bit much
  • Long-term usage may fade the color

8. VOFONO 7 inch Spiral Antenna

VOFONO 7 inch Spiral AntennaIt is never wrong to desire the best of the best product when it comes to your car. Your car is exceptional, and that is very normal. However, it is not easy to get the best quality when there are thousands of the same products.

Sadly, getting a top-tier premium quality product is more challenging than you think. So, to save you the trouble, we did all of the research ourselves and found out the best one for you. The VOFONO 7- inch Spiral Antenna is what you want.

It has a premium and sturdy metallic build to it. A rubber spiral on it makes the product look very premium and enhances the durability. It is highly capable of resisting wear and tears over prolonged usage. There are reasons why the antenna is longer than other ones.

You can put this in your car and take it to automatic car washes. It is strong enough to withstand it. You don’t have any good reason to be worried about it damaging the overall longevity. Well, that is one load off of your chest.

The reception quality is top-notch too. You are getting great FM and AM radio signals and enhanced GPS and other satellite connections. Taking your car to the unknown has become much easier now. You will get a very precise and accurate connection.

If you are searching in the most premium quality antenna market, this one will be the best choice for you. The quality and durability are unlike other products, and you are getting a lot of features for your money. So, it’s a great value.


  • It has a premium build quality
  • You get amazing FM/AM connections
  • It is car wash safe
  • The installation is easy
  • It has good longevity


  • The size is a bit long
  • You have to pay a premium

9. RONIN FACTORY – Chevy Silverado & GMC Sierra Denali Short Antenna

RONIN FACTORY - Chevy Silverado & GMC Sierra Denali Short AntennaNot every area in the world is safe. Some places have tons of small criminals. They can easily steal away things inside your car if you park it. You can never be too safe from anything. So, what do you do about the extra protection?

Well, finding an antenna with an anti-theft design is not very easy. It is concerning because an antenna is essential when it comes to getting GPS signals. So, for the ultimate protection, we suggest you the Ronin Factory – Chevy Silverado & GMC Sierra Denali Short Antenna.

This antenna has an anti-theft design, making it very difficult for a thief to come and steal it. It is a great feature for someone who has to work or travel at night. You never know what you might come around. Losing your antenna can be very problematic.

It’s best to keep an eye on it, but that is not possible all the time. So, it is always wise to be safe than sorry. Other than the safety feature, this antenna also has an uncompromising build quality.

This feature is helpful for the ones who drive off-road a lot. It is not a decorative piece, and you get useful features out of this antenna. The price is, however, a bit more than other antennas. Though, the anti-theft design and durability make up for it.

So, if you have to drive through or park in shady places, this antenna would be the best option. This way, you can prevent anything terrible or inconvenient incidents easily.


  • It has an anti-theft design
  • The build quality is adamant
  • You get good connectivity
  • The antenna looks very neat
  • It is entirely carwash safe


  • It is on the expensive side
  • The customer service could be better


RONIN FACTORY AntennaIf you are only beginning, you might still not know what products to get for your car. It can create a lot of confusion. That is completely normal for anyone. Everyone we know goes through that at some point in their lives.

You have to choose from hundreds of products in the market. Well, thankfully, in the end, all you need is a product that is overall good for everything. This reason is why we suggest you get the Ronin Factory Antenna for your Ford F150.

It is very good for almost every user, as it is very versatile. You can use the same antenna on your Ford F250, F350, Raptor, and Dodge Ram truck. Now, you can use it on any of those cars.

This antenna has all of the features that other high-end antennas offer. So, you are getting a small size too. It is very compact, but the signal reception of it is impressive. You are also getting an anti-theft design. So, if you want something safe, this is it.

The product is perfect for long rides in the countryside. Its signal reception is good enough that you can get radio signals from far away. After getting your car all dirty, you can even go to an automatic carwash and get it all cleaned.

This antenna is durable enough for a carwash. You are getting all of the great features of a top-notch antenna, and this product can perform all of it good enough. It is perfect for your casual user. If you are one of them, the deal is excellent.


  • The overall quality is outstanding
  • You get an anti-theft build
  • It is very versatile
  • You get terrific radio reception
  • It is suitable for rough usage


  • The price is more than other options
  • It could have a better installation guide

What to Look Before Buying The Best Short Antenna for F150?

There are many things to consider when you plan on buying the best antenna available for the Ford F150. If you can follow our guide, you can easily save a few bucks and prevent purchasing the wrong product. There will be no waste of money.

The Length

There are primarily two types of antennas available for you to buy. One is a long antenna, and the other one is a short or a stubby antenna. Many misconceptions are going around with these two.

A lot of people think that short antennas are not good enough. Also, if the antenna is longer, then the signal strength or overall quality is better. Well, that is not the case. By now, you know how capable short antennas are.

Short antennas range from 3-inches to 8-inches. The size is very compact. Even then, their signal strength is no joke. They have a very durable build quality and can get you radio signals from far away.

Another great feature of short antennas is that they cause you much less hassle than long antennas.

Short Antenna for F150For long antennas, their size is usually more than 30-inches. That is very big, and it can cause many inconveniences when storing your vehicle in the garage.

Plus, many people have to tie the antenna across the other side of the car to stop it from dangling around. You have to sacrifice the beauty of your car that way.

So, there is no good reason to get a long antenna when you can get the same useful features in a short one.


The design of your antenna is essential too. Not only is it important for the overall beauty of your car but also the durability. You can find two types of designs for short antennas these days.

One is the mast design, and the other one is the bullet design. Masts are more casual-looking antennas. These were the first short antennas. The overall quality of it is incredible, and the durability is good enough.

You get great reception too. Masts are taller than bullet antennas, and they cost less, however. The easy way to identify a mast antenna is by looking at the tip. These antennas have a round head.

On the other hand, we have a bullet design. These antennas are new to the market. They have much better durability, and they look much cooler. A lot of people prefer this design over masts.

However, both of these designs’ reception quality is the same and does not bring any change. So, it is up to you which design you want to buy.


The material is one of the most critical features of an antenna. If you want to know about the sheer durability of a product, it would be best to know its material. There are mainly three materials manufacturers use to create antennas.

They primarily use rubber, aluminum, and plastic. Aluminum is the most durable one in the bunch, and it can easily withstand any harsh weather. Also, you can take your car in automatic carwashes with this antenna. Aluminum feels very premium too.

Short Antenna for F150However, they cost more than rubber and plastic ones. Also, when talking about rubber and plastic, these two materials are competent too. They are also powerful and durable.

These materials are not as strong as aluminum, but they can handle rough weather conditions with no issue. Also, one great thing about rubber is that it can be very flexible.

So, if you accidentally hit it with something, it will not break off easily. Well, of course, the overall build quality depends on the product manufacturer. If they can do a good job, you will get the right quality product.

Signal Reception

What is the crucial thing about an antenna? Well, for starters, it is signal receptions. Other features can come later, but it is useless if an antenna does not have a good signal reception.

Signal reception is very important for your driving. Not only do you get a connection for your radio but also GPS and Satellite. So, you can navigate yourself. Roads become much safer when you have GPS with you.

A good antenna must have decent signal reception. So, if you take your car out in the wild, your antenna can still hold a good connection for your radio. Also, guide you through the wild with a map.


The installation process might not seem like much. Still, for the best short radio antenna for F150, the antenna needs an easy installation process.

First impressions matter a lot. It can be costly and quite a hassle to bring a professional to fix it for you. So, for your convenience, you can get an antenna that has an easy installation process.

If anything happens to the antenna, you can easily take it out and put it back in. Also, check if the antenna has an anti-theft design. That way, no thief can easily take it out.

Advantages of Using Short Antenna on Ford F150

There are countless of advantages you can notice when you use a short antenna on your Ford F150. As you know, the car has a built-in long antenna. It is about 31-inches, which can cause a lot of inconveniences.

Firstly, let’s talk about length. A long antenna has all of the features a short antenna these days has to offer. However, there are a lot of problems you face when you use a long antenna.

It can dangle around too much. If the ride is bumpy, then you can notice the antenna going crazy. This problem is more noticeable in your Ford F150 because it can do off-road too.

Having a long antenna is also a big problem for people with small garages. It will stick to the roof, and taking your car in and out can damage it. Besides, it will always bump into the ceiling every time you try to enter somewhere small.

Moreover, long antennas don’t look that good, especially when you have to tie it to a side of your car. All of the features you get in a long antenna can find it in a short or stubby antenna. So, there is no reason for dealing with these inconveniences.

This way, short antennas are very advantageous.

Tips to Setup Short Antenna on Your F150 Truck

Getting afraid of changing something built-in your car is never less scary. What if you ruin or break something? This fear is understandable, and you don’t have to worry too much about antennas.

The process of getting an antenna and putting it on your Ford F150 is straightforward, and we will guide you through it.

You need to check first if the antenna is compatible with our car model. There are plenty of antennas that support ancient Ford F150 models as well.

When you get the antenna, the first thing you need to do is take the existing antenna out. It would be connected to some wires. Firstly, identify where the wires are. Then you can slowly start taking them off.

After you do that, unscrew the antenna. Congratulations! Because you are halfway there. Now take the new antenna out.

Place it in the holder of the previous antenna and screw it in. Connect the wires too like before. And now you have a new antenna.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are short antennas waterproof?

Different manufacturers make different products. However, most of the antennas available in the market are waterproof. So, rain or a storm will not be an issue.

What material do they use for the most durable antennas?

Manufacturers primarily use aluminum to make their antennas more sturdy. Aluminum is the most durable material for an antenna.

Do antennas only work for radio signals?

No, antennas can also help you with satellite signals and Bluetooth.

Is a large antenna better?

Even though it looks like large antennas are more powerful, short antennas can offer the same features and capabilities.

How do I take my antenna out?

All you need is a plier, and you can easily unscrew the existing antenna. A few twists and it will come loose.

Final Words

There are countless antennas available in the market. However, suppose you want the best experience possible. In that case, you should consider following our guide and get the best short antenna for F150. These antennas are of the highest quality, and you can be sure to get a long-term reliable result.

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