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Best Mustang Car Cover Reviews in 2022 | Top 10 Picks

Your prized Mustang car deserves the best protection. Any form of damage on your sweet ride can hurt you more than the automobile itself! The often-overlooked car cover can be the first line of defense in keeping your beauty protected.

When you park your Mustang, it remains exposed to many harmful elements. You are probably thinking about dust and water, but they aren’t the only things to worry about. We’re talking about UV rays, polluted air, snow, and even bird poop! A top-grade car cover can keep it safeguarded from all sorts of elements with ease!

We’ve rounded up several high-quality products to help you find the best mustang car cover!

Things to Consider Before Buying Mustang Car Cover

The quality and the type of car cover that you get will determine how well your Mustang is protected. So, you should be extra cautious in deciding on a product. Considering a couple of things before buying will allow you to single out the most fitting one for your automobile.

  • Size

This should be a no-brainer. Your car cover has to be big enough to wrap up the whole vehicle. If it’s too small, it won’t protect the whole car, and if it’s too big, the cover will flail in the wind, allowing water and specks of dust to enter. So, make sure to get the correct sized product.

  • Indoor or Outdoor

You can’t count on a car cover that was designed for indoor use to provide protection when it’s parked outside because the outdoor environment is much harsher. For outdoor protection, you’ll have to get a stronger cover.

If you find this to be an inconvenience, some first-rate car covers can be used for both environments! So, you won’t have to get two different covers. They’re usually slightly pricier. Consider where you’ll be parking your vehicle most of the time before choosing.

  • Level of Protection

Another great thing to consider is the level of protection that the car cover offers. Make sure that it can at least withstand all sorts of damaging elements. The quality of fabric can greatly affect the quality of protection. So, find out how good the cover is at protecting your Mustang before buying it!

  • Portability

Some covers can be pretty heavy, so they are hard to carry around. This can prove to be a problem if you travel around a lot. So, you better look for the lightweight ones that are easy to move around.

  • Budget

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy a decent car cover for your Mustang. Most of them are quite cheap. A good quality cover that offers incredible protection can be bought with any budget if you know what to look for. Just make sure it can keep all those damaging elements away!

  • Durability

Having to buy a new cover frequently can be a nuisance. That’s something you’d have to endure if you don’t get a durable product. So, you should make sure to purchase one that’s made with high-quality materials.

It should be good enough to resist wear and remain in good condition even after constant exposure to dust, debris, UV rays, and other elements.

Top 10 Best Mustang Car Cover Reviews in 2022

We’ve gone through all the boring process of researching and testing to bring you a list of the finest car covers for Mustang so that you don’t have to!

1. OxGord Custom Fit Car Cover

This car cover offers fantastic protection for indoor storing! Coming at an affordable price, this item will efficiently keep your Mustang neat and clean so that it always stays beautiful.

The cover comes with drawstrings that can be adjusted, which will allow you to pull strings to your preference to give it a tight-fitting. Add the front and rear elastic hems, and you get yourself a perfect fit!

Besides, the tie-down security grommets help the wrapper to attach securely onto the vehicle so that high winds can’t blow the protector away.

Storing indoors isn’t enough to protect your vehicle from those small airborne threats that can be devastatingly harmful. However, wrapping it up with this product will effectively repel them all away.

Also, this thing’s created with a double layer of high-quality spunbond woven polypropylene taffeta fabric, which is excellent at handling all sorts of harmful elements. Besides, the material is more breathable and durable than others, so it will prevent the growth of molds as well.

You’ll get to use this cover for years without any issues! The model is super easy to put over the vehicle or take it off whenever you need to. And the protective unit comes with a storage bag that offers convenience in storing this object when it’s not in use.

All the dirt and dust will be trapped on the cover, so when this item becomes too dirty, you can simply rinse it off with water to wash off the unwanted stuff. This one’s perfect for anyone who’s looking for amazing indoor protection without spending too much money!

Highlighted Features

  • Fits perfect thanks to the elastic hems and drawstrings
  • Windproof and theft-proof aided by the tie-down security grommets
  • Made with incredibly durable and breathable high-quality materials
  • Offers impressive protection from air particles
  • Comes with a convenient storage bag

2. Xtrashield Custom Fit 2015-2019 Ford Mustang Car Cover

Xtrashield Custom Fit 2015-2019 Ford Mustang Car Cover Black Covers

The next product on our list is a wonderfully designed and stylish car cover that can be the perfect solution for sheltering your ponies from all sorts of damaging materials. Whether you want to park indoors or outdoors, this cover will do the job perfectly! It’s been considered to be the best mustang car cover by countless users.

This one will fit like a glove thanks to the elastic hems and the little pockets for side mirrors. No matter how hard the wind blows, this cover will attach firmly onto the car aided by the buckles and straps. So, you won’t have to worry about the protector flying off to another dimension!

The model’s built with 2 layers of strong materials that were designed to resist high temperatures and UV rays. Cover your sweet ride with this thing, and those detrimental ultraviolet rays won’t even be able to touch the body! Additionally, it provides maximum protection against dust and other airborne particles.

Although the fabric is not completely waterproof, it can repel water to a considerable degree. Besides, the material’s extremely breathable, so water doesn’t get stuck and boil under the shimmering sun. Instead, all the moistures get evaporated pretty quickly.

Moreover, the fabric is pretty soft, so it won’t cause any scratches but thick enough to prevent them! You’ll get a free, durable storage bag for the convenience of storing.

Also, the item is highly recommended for anyone who owns a 2015 to 2019 Mustang model. Once you cover your vehicle up with this wrapper, you can rest easy knowing that it’s well-protected no matter where you’ve parked it!

Highlighted Features

  • Provides excellent protection from dust, bird drops, and UV rays
  • Created with strong yet soft and breathable materials
  • Capable of resisting water
  • Fits easily and snugly so hard winds cannot blow it away
  • Durable enough to last for years

3. Custom Fit Car Cover for Select Ford Mustang


Custom Fit Car Cover for Select Ford Mustang

Toughness is the name of the game of this amazing car cover. It will act as the perfect shield that traps and repels anything that can damage your precious Mustang. Covering your vehicle with this one is almost like leaving it inside a small garage because that’s how competent the item is!

This thing adds four layers of thick protection to your ride. As a result, all those tiny dust particles, pollutants, bird droppings won’t even be able to touch the Mustang. It works best against UV rays. So, even during high temperatures, the UV rays will be blocked and repelled away!

Resisting water is another strong forte of this product. This model’s capable of holding its own against rain and snowfall. The material’s quite breathable so, water won’t stay trapped inside.

Even though it has a thick outer layer, the inside is pretty soft to make sure your car doesn’t get damaged by the wrapper itself. When covered, your vehicle would be shielded from scratches as well. If you make a habit of using this one, your car will remain in pristine condition for years!

Also, this model will fit your car almost perfectly. At your disposal, you’ll have front and rear hems and grommets to securely attach it onto your vehicle. So, this one won’t flap or fly away during windy situations. With the cover comes a decent storage pouch, so you’ll have it easy to store the product anywhere you want.

For an affordable price, you’ll be offered wonderful protection. It’s fitted with everything you look for in a car cover!

Highlighted Features

  • Four layers make it tough enough to resist all the harmful stuff
  • Fabricated with durable materials which are also water-resistant
  • Designed to fit right with the elastic hems and straps
  • Holds up well under high temperatures

4. Tuxcover Custom Fit 2015-2019 Ford Mustang Car Cover


Tuxcover Custom Fit 2015-2019 Ford Mustang Car Cover

Give your cherished ride the right kind of protection that it deserves with this awesome car cover! The item’s equipped with all the necessary features to keep your Mustang safe from all the threatening elements!

This one is the perfect choice for protecting your vehicle in all seasons and weather. The item boasts a top-grade DuPont Tyvek construction, which is created with high-density polyethylene fibers. As a result, this protective item is extremely efficient in warding off the dirt, grimes, tiny dust particles, etc.

Additionally, this one provides exceptional protection against the sun and its dangerous UV rays. Your car would be untouchable by all those harmful substances! Besides, the material’s water-resistant so you won’t have to worry about water finding its way into the car and damage the body from within.

In fact, the fabric will keep your vehicle dry even during rainstorms! This tough and durable cover is also surprisingly breathable. Therefore, this product allows moisture to escape easily so that they can’t aid in the growth of molds.

You’ll be able to tweak it to make this unit fit tightly onto your vehicle by using the drawstring, tie-down straps, and buckles. The product’s capable of completely covering your entire car! Even when the wind blows the hardest, the cover will hold onto the vehicle firmly.

Although the fabric’s pretty tough, it’s also extremely lightweight. With the free-storage pouch, you’ll find convenience in storing and carrying it around! The inside is soft enough to prevent scrapes and scuffs.

Highlighted Features

  • Designed to fit any 2015-2019 models
  • Boasts protection from all types of weathers
  • Made with top-grade DuPont Tyvek materials
  • Extremely tough and durable so it will last for a long time
  • Soft and breathable material
  • Comes in a pouch for easy storing

5. BDK Quad-Layer Heavy Duty Waterproof Car Cover for Ford Mustang

BDK Quad-Layer Heavy Duty Waterproof Car Cover for Ford Mustang

If you’re looking for a protective cover that can get you through all seasons, this can be the ideal choice for you. This one will formidably fight off all the dangerous elements and keep your prized vehicle looking shiny and new!

This item is designed to stand out against the harshest weather conditions. Whether there’s a rain or snowfall, your vehicle will remain unaffected and undamaged if you cover it up with this amazing cover. The four layers provide four times stronger protection!

Also, the component is 100% waterproof, so even the tiniest bit of water will be trapped out and won’t be able to breach into the cover. But don’t worry as the fabric’s quite breathable as well so that water and moisture can be evaporated easily.

Additionally, this cover excels at keeping the sun’s hazardous UV rays at bay. Your vehicle will remain cool even under blisteringly hot weather! It performs equally during freezing cold temperatures or unbearably hot summer days!

The secure cables and straps can be used to make the component tightly attached to your vehicle, leaving no spaces for dust, dirt, and other pollutants. Rest easy as the item is also windproof, so it doesn’t wave uncontrollably when the wind blows fast. Rather, this cover will hold onto the car rigorously.

Lastly, the interior of the item has a scratch-proof lining, and it’s soft to the touch, so this material protects the paint job from grazes. Being a high-quality product, you’ll enjoy its protection for a long time!

Highlighted Features

  • Amazingly fits Ford Mustang vehicles without issues
  • Four layers of incredible protection against all weathers
  • Prevents even the tiniest bit of water from breaching into the cover
  • Made from tough and durable materials with soft lining to prevent abrasion
  • The fabric’s pretty breathable as well to prevent molds and spores

6. Titan Lightweight Car Cover for Ford Mustang

Titan Lightweight Car Cover

We’ve got another best mustang car cover to give your car ultimate protection. With this piece, you can leave your ride outside for as long as you want, knowing that nothing can touch the body to cause damages. This unit is capable of resisting all types of weather.

The PU coating allows it to resist water with superior efficiency. So, rainstorms or snowfall can’t place any adverse effect on your vehicle. You can feel free to leave your car out in the open anytime as long as the body is completely covered.

And the reflective sunscreen material used in the fabric makes it highly competent in giving protection against the most threatening UV rays that penetrate the atmosphere. Besides, this thing’s capable of completely blocking everything from dirt to bird droppings.

This unit boasts an innovative design that you cannot find in others. The first thing that will catch your eye is how stylish this object looks. Of course, it’s far more than just a good-looking material. For convenience, this one features a unique zipper system that allows access to the interior without taking the whole cover off.

Moreover, this cover can prevent theft with unmatched expertise thanks to the seven-foot loop-end cable and lock system. Besides, this innovative system makes sure that the item stays put during windy situations, eliminating the chance of it flying away!

Furthermore, the best thing about this unit is that it strikes the perfect balance between toughness and lightweight. You’ll enjoy carrying the protector around with ease. The fabric is quite soft as well and rests lightly, so it won’t scratch at your paint job!

Highlighted Features

  • Besides Mustangs, it fits most of the mid-size sedans
  • Capable of resisting all types of weathers
  • Incredibly lightweight yet extremely tough
  • Protects against UV rays and airborne particles
  • An innovative loop system prevents theft and keeps it secured

7. KAKIT Ford Mustang Car Cover for 2015-2019

KAKIT 6 Layers Ford Mustang Cover for 2015-2020

This remarkable protective unit can provide outstanding protection and keep your treasure protected from all the detrimental stuff in the environment. This thing acts as the perfect barrier that blocks out everything that can harm your vehicle!

Thanks to the three layers of high-quality nonwoven fabric that features double-stitched seams, this unit provides the right kind of protection in all seasons. You’d no longer have to fear rain or snowfall as it will prevent water droplets from finding its way into the car’s surface.

During snowfalls, enjoy the convenience of not having to painstakingly sweep the snow every morning as just pulling the cover will get you rid of it all! The material is adequately breathable, so any moisture will be vaporized long before they can produce molds.

Also, the tough and durable fabric is also capable of providing superior protection against the dangerous UV rays. Besides, this item is proficient in trapping out the tiniest particles of dirt, dust, and other pollutants. Additionally, the soft cotton lining makes it incapable of scratching at your car’s paint, no matter how hard you pull!

You won’t have to worry even the slightest about the wind causing the product to fly away. The material’s designed to be windproof. All you have to do is set it up correctly using the wind gust strap and the buckle, and you’re all set!

The company offers long warranties with each product, which just tells how confident they are about its quality performance. This cover will protect your precious Mustang for a long time!

Highlighted Features

  • Offers 3-layered protection
  • Installation takes no longer than three minutes
  • Comes with a windproof ribbon, storage pouch and an antenna patch
  • Keeps the paint job protected through the soft cotton lining
  • Provides outstanding protection through the high-quality nonwoven fabric

8. SR1 Performance Ultraguard Plus Car Cover

2015-2019 Mustang Ultraguard Plus Car Cover

The Ultraguard cover is ideal for both indoor and outdoor protection. The item’s equipped with multiple features that turn it into a competent defense system against any harmful elements that your vehicle is exposed to.

In fact, the product can be a great weapon to fight against anything that’s trying to deteriorate your automobile’s condition!

This product is created with 300 Denier polyester material, which is by itself, surprisingly competent in repelling harmful elements like bird droppings, dust, dirt, and other contaminants. Its performance level is further enhanced by the water-resistant coating that prevents water from breaching in.

However, the object offers breathability, so the fabric won’t lock any moisture inside to prevent the mold from growing. The item won’t tear or rip easily and likely to have a long lifespan.

Moreover, this component does a brilliant job of safeguarding your car from the sun’s UV rays. If you manage to cover the body completely, it will stay out of the reach of the sunlight. So, the car’s paintwork will never fade or crack!

Furthermore, the inner layer of the fabric is made with soft cotton to prevent scratches. Even the most delicate paint finishes will remain unaffected!

And this model comes with a durable storage bag that keeps the cover protected when it’s not in use and allows you to easily store or transport it. If this one gets too dirty, you can rely on washing machines to wash as this thing’s machine washable. But don’t wash the item too often!

Also, the material greatly fits most of the Mustang models, but make sure to check the product before buying.

Highlighted Features

  • Great for indoor and outdoor use
  • 300 Denier polyester material excels at reflecting sunlight
  • The water-resistant coating makes it able to repel water as well
  • Durable construction makes it long-lasting
  • Soft cotton inner layer protects the paint job

9. CoverMaster Gold Shield Car Cover for Ford Mustang

CoverMaster Gold Shield Car Cover for Ford Mustang

If you want your car to resist the extremities of severe weather, you should go for this one. No matter how many dangerous elements are thrown at your vehicle, this premium item will deflect them all away! With 5 layers of fabric, you’re offered almost unmatched protection from this incredible product.

The three outer layers are made of Polypropylene PLUS material, which makes it waterproof. They will impressively prevent the smallest drop of water from entering the interior.

After the three waterproof layers, you’ll find the layer of Micro-Porous film, which allows the fabric to be breathable. As a result, it’s capable of resisting rust and the formation of molds. The layer that touches the car is made of super-soft cotton fleece that ensures the finishes and the paint is protected from scratch.

All these layers make it tough enough to drive back those tiny assailants like dirt, grime, and other filths. Strong UV rays won’t even be able to reach the body to cause damages.

However, being able to give protection against weather extremities is this thing’s strongest forte. Rest assured as rain, snow, wind, and even hails won’t be able to dent your vehicle if you leave it completely enclosed!

Also, the product comes with a free lock and cable to make it fit tightly and securely. You’d also get a free storage bag. You’re bound to be impressed by the level of protection you get from this product.

Highlighted Features

  • Provides a rugged 5-layered protection
  • Ideal for protecting automobiles against harshest weathers
  • Waterproof and breathable
  • The soft inner layer prevents scratches on the most sensitive finishes
  • Offers free storage pouch, lock, and cable, and an antenna patch

10. CarsCover Custom Fit 1999-2004 Ford Mustang Car Cover

CarsCover Custom Fit 1999-2004 Ford Mustang Car Cover

This impressive car cover will provide quality protection without breaking your bank. It’s capable of withstanding the onslaughts of extreme weather and other elements at any time of the year! Your treasured pony will remain unblemished for years to come if you regularly keep covered with this one.

The 5 layers make the material thick enough to protect your automobile from the worst weather. Feel free to leave it out in the open during rainstorms, snowfalls. The cover will act as an amazing barrier that can even prevent hails from denting the vehicle!

You’ll relish the peace of mind it offers by preventing grime, specks of dust, bird droppings, industrial pollutants, and every other airborne substance from amassing on your car’s body. Waterproofness is another great attribute of this excellent cover, so the item will ensure your vehicle always stays dry.

UV rays can be extremely harmful to your vehicle. They can fade the color and produce cracks. However, if it’s wrapped in this item, even the strongest UV ray won’t be able to touch the body!

Moreover, the material’s breathable enough to allow moisture to be evaporated away quickly. So, molds or spores will never be able to grow on your ride. The durable material boasts soft fleece-lined inside that prevents abrasion no matter how much you cover and uncover the protector.

As this model comes complete with a tie-down buckle and strap, you would find it easy to tightly and securely cover your Mustang. This protector is designed to fit any 1999-2004 Mustang models with ease.

Highlighted Features

  • Five layers of protection allow it to be waterproof and UV-resistant
  • Prevents all kinds of pollutants from reaching the vehicle
  • Made with high-quality and durable fabric material
  • Capable of resisting weather-induced damages

Benefits of Using Cover on Your Mustang Car

Keeping your Mustang covered when it’s parked has plenty of perks. A car cover does a lot more than just keep the paint jobs secured.

  • Your Mustang will remain safe from all those outside elements that can damage your vehicle in the long run
  • Snow, rain or even hail won’t be able to touch your vehicle, so it offers protection from the weather too
  • It’ll keep your Mustang retain its beautiful looks as it will be protected from scratches
  • The best car cover can reduce maintenance and therefore, reduce costs

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding Mustang car covers:

1. Can a car cover scratch my car?

No chance! Most of the good quality car covers sport soft-lining, which makes them incapable of scratching your car.

2. How often should I wash my car cover?

You shouldn’t wash it all that often. Only wash the cover when it looks very dirty. Frequent washing can damage the materials that were used to create the cover. They are all pretty easy to wash, however.

3. Do I need both indoor and outdoor covers?

Not necessarily. Your car cover is designed to handle both environments. However, if you prefer having separate covers, you can get both of them.

4. Are car covers 100% waterproof?

Car covers cannot be 100% waterproof because they have to be breathable. If it’s completely airtight, your Mustang can get rusted or grow molds. However, high-quality ones can keep your vehicles dry even during rainstorms!

5. Can my car cover provide protection from hail?

If your car cover is multi-layered, it will make sure hails can’t put dents on your beloved Mustang. However, most covers aren’t well-equipped to completely safeguard your vehicle from those abnormally big hails.

Final Words

The environment is filled with elements that can destroy any automobile’s finishes and make them look worn-out. With our reviews, you should have a narrowed-down list from which you can easily pick up the best mustang car cover!

With any of these car covers on our list, you can protect your precious Mustang against all the harmful stuff that’s floating in the air. You can’t go wrong with any of them!

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