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Best Motorcycle Tires Review with Buying Guide in 2022

Motorcycles are a cheaper option compared to cars. Although a little less safe, motorcycles can be a good investment for people who commute on their own. And the best part about motorcycles is that it doesn’t take up as much space as a car does. Motorcycle tires are easy to change, and even the best motorcycle tires can be available at a fair price.

And with the right tires, you can make sure not to get stranded in the middle of nowhere! But how do you know which motorcycle tire is good? Are they the same as buying a car tire? How much mileage does a motorcycle tire need to be considered good?

There are many things to be considered and many things to know when getting yourself a motorcycle tire. So, let us not waste time and dive right into it. Shall we?

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Dunlop D404 Front Tire

Pirelli Diablo Rosso 2 Rear Motorcycle Tire

Shinko 230 Tour Master Rear Tire

Michelin Commander II Motorcycle Tire

Michelin Pilot Road 4 Touring Radial Tire

When My Tires Need To Be Replaced

best rated motorcycle tire

A tire needs to be replaced under certain conditions. Although some are very regular, some might be special conditions for which you might need the help of a professional.

Here are the reasons you may need to replace your motorcycle tires;

● Has it been 5 years already?

Usually, after every 5 years, your motorcycle tire should be replaced by new ones. If you have any issues before that, of course, you should take your bike to the repair shop. However, even if you see no significant damage, you should still change the tires if they’ve been used for 5 years.

● If The Tread Seems to Have Worn Off

Typically, if the tread seems to be tearing or balding down, it is time to change your tire. You can check tread density using a penny or a tread density indicator.

The tread design might get defected too at times which may cause friction-related issues. So remember to change your tire if anything unusual is going on with the tread.

● Any Abnormal Damage?

This is an unusual condition. Always check your tires for damage. The damages might be minor or major, but if it is something you are not sure of, it is better to take your bike to the shop. Look for bulges or any small bubbles in the sidewalls. This might indicate a change.

● If There Are Dry Rot And Other Dirt In The Tire

Usually, dry rot indicates a possibility of the tire coming to the point that it might break down. So you need to immediately change the tire. Otherwise, dirt that cannot be removed is bad too as it disrupts the friction power.

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Tire Reviews in 2022

The best tires are not the ones that have the mileage or handling, but the one that is perfect for you. Today we have reviewed the tires that we thought were the best. And although it may seem like a lot of options, the decision is yours to make.

1. Dunlop D404 for Front Tire

The Dunlop D404 is a front tired from the brand Dunlop tires. It is not only a good brand but also a famous one. The good thing about the Dunlop D404 is that it is exclusively for front tires.

So even though Dunlop makes expensive tires, it is a good choice to get the D404 as your front tires since the front ones need to be better than the two.

These tires are the best all-weather motorcycle tires in the market. But what does a Dunlop tire have to offer? Well, for starters it has many sizes that can fit any old or new motorcycle. Not only that, most of the Dunlop tires have really good grip features.

Apart from old bikes, they settle well in any new bike that may have unique features. In simpler words, it can fit into any type or size of a bike and still work up to its full potential.

Now let us get into more specific details. The D404 has a treating compound that makes it exceptionally easy to stay balanced. It also keeps a good grip as a front tire. Basically, the front tires need more gripping strength which the D404 offers. This tire can also fit into an electric glide and is tubeless.

It is possible to use a tube if you want. Tires usually have a requirement to be lightweight. Well, with the D404 you get this feature! The tires weigh only 13 pounds which keeps them on the end of a more lightweight type of tire spectrum. Overall, D404 is very impressive.


  • Has many sizes to fit all types of motorbikes
  • Very light when it comes to weight
  • Has good grip
  • Tubeless


  • There are cupping issues
  • Mileage is not too great

2. Pirelli Diablo Rosso 2 Rear Tire

The Pirelli Diablo is a rear tire that is made especially for sports. As a rear tire, the Rosso 2 is nothing exceptional. But it is W-rated. The main attraction for this tire is that it can tailor according to your needs. Like a tire that is around 13 pounds, the Rosso 2 can perform very well in adverse situations.

It is very versatile and has great mileage. The performance of the tire is enhanced by its ability to adapt to bad weather conditions. It does not have any feature that makes it exclusively good for sports like racing, but it does have a nice grip and drifting potential.

Overall, this is perfect for people who are beginners at such a sport as well as people who have been doing this for decades. The tread design of this tire is also very unique, and it also performs well in uneven roads. It also makes sure that the tires can handle hard brakes.

Because most sports tires don't have this feature, you should consider this when buying the Rossi 2. The brand Pirelli ensures excellent performance and claims to be the most reliable brand in the market.

Although this specific model is on the more expensive side, the performance is pretty good, and that is what matters. Now, think about it. Would you buy yourself a bad tire? No. But would you buy yourself a multifunctional sort of expensive tire as long as it ensures to be great when performing?

Well, your answer should be yes!

Overall the price does make some people flinch, but it most certainly serves its purpose and is a fairly decent option as a rear tire.


  • Good for any sports bike
  • Capable of handling hard brakes
  • Only 13 pounds
  • The rim is 17 inches
  • W rated
  • Amazing customer service


  • The tires are a little narrow
  • Some users complained about outdated tires
  • The size may not be accurate

3. Shinko 230 Series Tour Master Rear Motorcycle Tire

Shinko is a pretty familiar brand for most people who had owned a motorcycle for a long time. As a rear tire, the 230 series tires are amazing! It is exclusively made for touring, but it works reasonably well for sports purposes as well. The Shinko 230 tires can carry a high load.

This is a feature most do not think they need. As a result, some do not consider this and think it is something they don't require in a tire. But in reality, this is something you should be looking for no matter what purpose you use the motorcycle for.

The 230 also can perform very well in bad weather conditions. Be it dry or wet, it can keep its grip strength at its usual range and move through long distances almost effortlessly. The tread design is also very well made. The patterns ensure it to be durable and long-lasting and in turn, saving you a lot of money.

The price of the 239 may not seem low to you if you compare it to other cheap tires. But as a tire with an Aramid carcass and weather adaption, you will get it at a very low price.

This sweet tire is also V-rated. And despite being the type that is great for carrying high loads, it is only 15 pounds! Yes, you might be thinking why we are saying it like that is a good thing.

Well, considering that regular tires weigh as much as this and this tire is made exclusively to carry high loads, it is very lightweight.

The 230 overall gives you the impression of being mediocre from the outside. But in reality, it is a pretty good option if you are looking to buy a cheap tire made with innovative features.


  • Very lightweight considering it can handle high loads
  • The thread design is outstanding
  • Has a 4 ply Aramid Carcass
  • V rated
  • Good for any weather


  • Promises good mileage but does not perform accordingly
  • Does not have good wear

4. Michelin Commander II Reinforced Motorcycle Tire Cruiser Front Tire

The Michelin bike tires are usually considered by most for its unique looks and designs. Commander II is no different in this case. The main attraction for this bike tire is something that most of us forget to consider when buying a tire: comfort.

Yes, the site has great mileage, it has good traction, it is versatile. But are you comfortable using it? If your answer is no to any tire you pick, then you really should not be buying it. There are countless options out there that will have numerous "unique" features.

But the Commander II is an option that will ensure your comfort first. It can be easily steered, and it does not slip when you hard brake. When in busy streets, most tires have a tendency not to be able to stop during a hard break. Well, the Commander guarantees this will not be an issue.

Even if it is, this tire ensures secure and comfortable steering. These two features themselves make it 100 times better than the other options in the market! The weight of the tire is about 15 pounds.

Although it is a little more than the average weight, the tires work completely fine, and the pressure does not have a major effect on it!

This bad boy also has amazing mileage. There is not any specific amount given, but most users have praised the mileage of this tire. The tire is also made of the Rayon Carcass ply, which is pretty good and is better than the ply material most tires use.

It also has an Aramid belt in the rear commander which is not something you find in every tire. Although the price is a little high for this tire, it is great as a front tire and does not have bad handling either. It also has excellent traction and assures that it can fit into old bikes as well.


  • Very comfortable
  • Has great traction
  • Steering very very easy
  • Uses rare material in the making
  • Has Aramid belts


  • Slippery in wet temperature
  • Pretty expensive
  • Too wide as a front tire
  • Seems to dry-rot very quickly

5. Michelin Pilot Road 4 Touring Radial Tire

Michelin Road 4 is a radial tire that is perfect for touring. Although the price is high, this tire is considered to be one of the best motorcycle tires for mileage. When it comes to radical tires, the one perk you get is that it will have the kind of style where the piles are made to be perpendicular.

This is a really rare feature. Radical construction also plays a major role in fuel consumption. Although Road 4 has been claimed to be great for touring, it is also pretty good as a sports bike. So, if you're the kind that goes on road trips a lot and also loves to races, this is the perfect bike tire for you!

For instance, it has the 2 compound technology that people usually go crazy over. Not only that, but the Riad 4 also has a much longer tread life. Although it varies a little based on usage? You can use it for 20% longer than the time a regular motorbike tire would have.

The overall performance of the tire is also good. For example, it has a high-level grip strength that makes it perfect for the type of bikers that love sports and tours. It is also reasonably lightweight. At around 14 pounds, it may be at the higher end of the spectrum, but it is still low enough to be considered a lightweight option.

Honestly speaking, a high number of features has its toll on a tire. And usually, that leads to greater weight. So if we compare features and weight, then the Michelin Road 4 has done a pretty good job.

Although it is good for road trips and sports, Road 4 does just as great of a job when it comes to slow movement and traffic.


  • Optimum level grip strength
  • A rear tire with a 20% longer tread life
  • Best for tours or any sports-related to bikes
  • Has a 2 compound technology
  • Is tubeless


  • Reduces Mileage
  • Not soft enough as a touring tire
  • Very expensive

6. Michelin Pilot Power 2CT Motorcycle Tire Hp/Track Rear

The 2CT has a 2 compound technology. It also has the MOTOR GO-derived rubber mix which gives the rubber a unique feature. It is an amazing option for bikers that bike for sport. Most racers want to get themselves a bike and tires that they do not have to change frequently.

This is another tire from Michelin which provides an amazing tread design. This specific model has been made as rear tires and does the job pretty well. As a new motorbike user, this is an option you should consider.

The 2CT tire is pretty expensive compared to the others on our list. But considering the brand and how well it serves its customers, this is an investment that would be great for anyone.

Well, with the Michelin 2CT rear tires, that is one less thing they need to worry about. These tires are amazing when it comes to their lean angle. It is very durable and will not have any major issues other than of course wearing out after a reasonable amount of time.

The 2CT also features a tread surface that has been divided into three areas. This is something you do not get in most of the tires with unique tread patterns. It also has an interesting feature when it comes to its grip. The grip strength of the motorbike is exclusively designed to work well in dry areas.

So if this is something that you have been looking for in your tire, the 2CT might just be the one for you! Overall, there are interesting features and new technology that makes the Michelin 2CT seem out of the box and highly innovative.


  • Has a 2 compound technology not found in most tires
  • Does not need frequent changing
  • Exclusively suitable for areas that need a bike with dry grip strength
  • 20% softer than other tires
  • Has good handling- the tread surface has 3 areas


  • Some users find the tires to be too soft
  • A little expensive compared to other tires for sports bikes

7. Michelin Pilot Power Motorcycle Tire Hp/Track Front

This is another tire from Michelin that gives you a high-level tread pattern. It also has countless exciting features. The brand itself provides some out-of-the-box, innovative technology that will blow your mind.

So if you are wondering why this brand took up 4 of the slots of today's list, you have the answer. The Pilot power tire might make you think it is somehow magical.

Well if you did think so, then you are right. The pilot tire not only has a good tread pattern but much more. It is said to have the tread pattern covering less than 12% of tire's surfaces. It is also an incredible option for bikers who race or drive at high speed.

With a great lean angle, no one can stop you on those curved roads! The reason for having a great lean angle is because it is mainly considered to be a sports bike. But even if you want it for regular use, it will perform without any trouble. It has a good quality rubber that can operate at any temperature.

The rubber tries to adapt to any temperature no matter how intense. As it is a MotoGP-derived rubber, you can be assured that it will give you great overall performance. In general, the pilot is great if you need good mileage, a lean angle, and a good investment.

This tire is also pretty cheap and will not cost you too much even as a set. So you are getting good-quality tires at a pretty low price! If I were you, I would not miss this opportunity.


  • Good tread pattern
  • Great for sports biking
  • Cheap option with good features
  • Has an interesting rubber type
  • Can adapt to any kind of weather
  • Has a good lean angle for curved roads
  • Not slippery on wet roads


  • Tread pattern covers less than 12% of the surface
  • Does not have a good grip
  • Tires seem bald to some users
  • The tread appears to be backward
  • Unstable for uneven roads

8. Continental Motion Tire Set 120/70zr17 Front & 180/55zr17 Rear 180 55 17 120 70 17 2 Tire Set

Continental Motion tire set gives you a pretty sweet deal on any tire you buy making it very appealing to most buyers. If you are someone who knows for sure that they'll be using a bike for a long time and also need to find ways to cut back on your costs, this bike tire is the perfect one for you.

The tire is expensive compared to the rest of its contenders. But in my opinion, it is a pretty sweet deal! Would you want to spend your money on a bad tire or invest in the good one? In no way will any of you answer yes to the first. So in case, you do want to spend in a good tire, why not this one?

This tire set is very long-lasting which will help save your money by a lot as buying new tires often will cost you thousands. It has new polymer material that makes it very good for grips in general. But even when it comes to the days when the weather is not too great, the grip stays!

Overall, the tires you use need a good grip and sustainability, which are offered in this tire. While there are good things about this tire, there are some things you need to look out for. But that still depends on what your needs are and what you should prioritize.

For example? You may want to buy cheap but medium-level tires. But to some, investing inexpensive yet durable ones seems like the better option.


  • Has good tread pattern that is force oriented
  • Very good for touring
  • Has good stability and grip strength
  • There are no flat spots
  • Very long-lasting


  • Expensive compared to most motor tires
  • Not too good for old bikes
  • Seems unstable in cold & wet weather

9. Shinko 712 Front Motorcycle Tires - 100/90H

This one is a front motorcycle tire. Out of the countless models Shinko has made, the 722 is one of the best motorcycle tires for the money. As a brand, Shinko has been around for a long time, and so they demand to be the best when it comes to making motorcycle tires. But are they?

The 722 has a lot of exciting features that attract the attention of many buyers. First of all, it is only 11 pounds. Now, you may be wondering if this is a good weight or not. Actually, it is a pretty fair weight, and it will not be a problem for your motorcycle.

It also comes at a reasonable price. The tires are the perfect type for any sort of weather. In fact, to some people, it is the best all-weather motorcycle tires.

The Shinko 722 also is a firm tire with a good level of stability. It even does not wear off that easily. If we talk about overall performance, then it is doing reasonably well.

It also provides you with good mileage. If we think about it, the 722 gives you many features that other front motorcycle tires do not. And also, you can get them at a good price. So if you are wondering whether you should be buying this tire or not, don't be!

The Shinko 722 is impressive and uniquely manufactured. Not only that but the brand is also known to have good customer service. The rim and size of the tire are also perfect for most types of bikes.


  • Price is low compared to other brands
  • Has a good traction level
  • Tires are very firm and soft
  • Has a medium weight


  • Weak inner wall
  • The tire feels a little wobbly at a high speed
  • The rubber seems too soft to some users

10. Bridgestone M22 Motocross Rear Tire

Bridgestone M22 is said to be the best for what is called a "Blue Groove" hard terrain. As a rear tire, the Bridgestone is not too bad. And even when it comes to the expense, it is in a good range. The brand is also pretty good and one that has been serving customers for quite a long time.

The Bridgestone M22 is a little different from the other rear tires from this brand. If you have used more tires from Bridgestone, you know that most of them are said to be not-so-cheap. Some even say they are not worth the price. But that is not the case for the M22.

This tire is also pretty reasonable considering all the tires currently available in the market. At only 6 pounds, this tire is really, really lightweight. It has a highly innovative tread design.

Not only that, this bad boy can give you the most cornering grip. The M22 also has a bias-ply construction which is considered really great in today's market. But what makes this tire worth buying is the price and how surprisingly cheap it is considering the features it provides.

Although there is something else, you should consider. As a front tire, the M22 has exciting things to offer. But as a rear tire, there may be a few things that you will not get from this one. However, it gives a good performance overall, and that counts for a lot.


  • Maximum grip for any corners
  • Bias construction
  • Professional casing
  • Very lightweight


  • Not tubeless
  • Some complaints about the rubber being cheap

What To Consider When Buying Motorcycle Tires

best all-weather motorcycle tire

If you are reading this article, you are either a professional biker or someone who simply uses it for commuting. Whatever it is, buying tires and changing them is something you definitely will be worrying about no matter what bike you own.

Although there may be certain things you might want or not want, there are certain things that you absolutely need when it comes to picking a motorcycle for yourself.

But how do you know what to look for? In case you are a new motorcycle owner, we are here to help. But as a new owner, you also need to do prior research. Research is key to knowing what is out there.

By knowing, means you should know what you should be looking for in tires and what actually makes one a good tire. Overall, we have made a list of six things you most certainly should consider when buying a motorcycle tire.

They are listed below:

  1. Softness 
  2. Tread design 
  3. Mileage 
  4. Type 
  5. Size and 
  6. Price.

These are not in any specific order, but as a whole, these are some things you should definitely check before you make your buy!

Now let us get into how and why you should consider these criteria for buying a motorcycle tire.

1. Softness

Softness might make or break a tire. Based on how much softness you are comfortable with, pick a tire. Although a soft or hard tire may not have a major influence on the bike itself, it does influence comfort. Usually, hard tires are stronger, but they might be a little uncomfortable to use.

On the contrary, some people want harder tires rather than softer ones. So it depends on what reason you will be using the bike. A soft tire might also create more balance. Not only that, it is pretty good for uneven roads as it ensures the comfort of the passenger.

When it comes to softness, it can give you a lot of perks that only the tire can give you. So make yourself aware of what you want and do not want!

2. Tread Design

Tread designs can make the tire not preferable for a lot of people. Sometimes, the tread is designed in a way that makes it durable and gives the motorbike some stability. Other times it is not the same case. For some people, the tread pattern might just be for the style.

Some designs are made specifically to look good on a specific type of bike. But if you are looking to buy a tire for useful purposes, then the looks of the design should not be on your mind.

Some tread patterns look odd, but usually, those are the ones that have been exclusively designed and have unique features. So it is important to look more into what effect the tread design has rather than what the design looks like.

3. Mileage

If you are someone who is considering tours or cruises, you need to find a tire that has good mileage. Although mileage is something we all want, it is not something we all necessarily need. There may be other features that might seem more to someone who does nothing but travel inside their city.

So in that case, mileage should not be something that you need to consider. However, this varies. Your work may be at the edge of the town, or you might be someone who needs to travel to a lot of places within a small radius.

In that case, mileage is a thing you should keep in mind. In short, you need to know what you need out of every criterion.

4. Type

The type is dependent on what sort of traveling you will be doing. There are a few types of motorcycle tires. There are cruisers, dual, streets, tours, and sports. Usually, the cruiser type of tires are a little sturdy, but the good thing is that they are the most durable.

Tour tires are a lot like cruisers as they are pretty much the same things. However, the dual tires are a little different. They are not confined to terrain and are good for off-road types of travel.

So overall, the things you should consider are the type of traveling you will do and if you want something exclusive.

5. Size

There are many types of size considerations you need to take into account. For starters, there is the rim size. Other than that, the weight and the total proportions of the tires is something you will need to know.

This is not only because the size matters, but also because it needs to match with your motorcycle. The size of the tire can be big or small, narrow or wide. For some people, the bike tire being narrow is an issue. But for others, the wide ones are not a great choice.

So it is really up to you to know what type of tire you need. You should take into account the rim diameter as well as the length, width, and height of the tire you buy.

6. Price

Price is a crucial issue when it comes to buying yourself a tire. There are many types of expenses you will see when it comes to tires. But it is important you remember to stick to your budget.

You might want to get more expensive ones, but do not let the salesman trick you into wasting money on a tire that has nothing special.

More importantly, do not buy an expensive tire, the features of which you will get at a lower price. The only reason you should buy a fairly expensive tire is when it has unique features and will be a good investment.

But unless there is something you cannot get at a lower price, it is better to not go out of your budget to buy a tire.

These are some of the things you should consider when buying a tire. Other than this, you should also consider lean ability, construction, versatility, wear, and tear, etc.

Terminologies – Things You Should Know

There are some terms exclusive to motorcycle tires, and you may need to know. A few of them are given below!

1. ADV

ADV means adventure. This term is related to what type of bike rides you will be taking the most. It is also related to what kind of motorcycle you are using as well.

2. Tread

Tread is very important when it comes to tires. Tread is the groove on the tire that gives it the required traction it needs.

3. Bias-ply

Bias-ply is a fabric that covers the tire. Although it is excellent and has an innovative design, it is not too rigid.

4. Radial

Radial is a style of making the tire where the cord piles stay perpendicular. A radial can play a major role in reducing the amount of fuel consumed per year.

5. OEM

This abbreviation means Original Equipment Manufacturer. This is a reference to the original parts that were given with the motorcycle. It is recommended to keep using the same brand and size of tires that originally came with the bike.

Top-Rated Brands You Should Know About

best motorcycle tires for mileage

Along with the countless brands in the market, there are a few brands that stand out. They have been around for some time, and even for the ones that are relatively recent, the quality is fantastic.
So from our end, these are the top brands you should know about. Take a look!

● Shinko

The Shinko tires are fantastic for any type of weather - be it wet or dry. They have good mileage and go a long distance with heavyweights. Although they can lift a lot of loads, they still do not weigh too much. The Shinko tires are mostly V-rated. The brand also makes sure all of its tires are DOT approved.

● Dunlop

Dunlop is also a good brand you can consider if you want to travel in adverse weather. The Dunlop tires do not cost much, but they are of good quality. The price range can vary of course, but it is still within a fair range.

They are famous for having tired of many sizes and being adaptable to any type of motorbike. So it might be useful for old bike owners. The Dunlop tires also feature exceptionally good grip strength.

● Pirelli

Pirelli ensures excellent performance and reliability. They are especially famous for having road-handling grip, but the brand can also feature diversity without changing their style of manufacturing.

The brand is also good with its customer service. And they have been developing their technology for more than two years. So almost everything they do is state-of-the-art. One unique feature of this brand is that it features 3 different clincher models.

● Bridgestone

Bridgestone is also a brand that makes good tires at cheap prices. Although Bridgestone does not have exceptionally great features, their brand stands out precisely because of the rear tires they make.

The quality is great, and they make sure their tires do not dry rot. Apart from this, their tires also have a hard surface.

Bridestones tires are especially good for spots or places with curved roads. With its innovative corner grip ability, it can drive through corners without having to decrease its speed.

● Michelin

Michelin is a really good brand. Although more expensive than most brands, it gives buyers many customized looks that other brands do not. This brand has a good handle, good grip, good tread design, and it has good mileage. If you are worried about the price, know that the Michelin tires are worth every penny.

Although most hesitate to buy their tires because of the price, do not be fooled by it. They make amazing products that make the expense seem like a great investment.

These brands made our list mainly because they always bring something new to the table. They have been serving customers for a long time, and even though some may be more recent than others, they still make sure to keep their customers happy!

So if you are wondering which brand to trust, you should choose from one of these!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you install the tires?

You can take your tire to your local shop to install it. Most companies do not provide free installation for motorcycle tires.

2. Do local shops not install tires that are not from their shop?

Yes. Some local shops do not mount tires that are not from their shop, but it won't be too hard to find one that does.

3. Do both the tires need to be from the same brand?

It is not a necessity, but it is preferable to keep the tires the same for one motorcycle.

4. What is the price to install tires?

Installing tires can cost around 10 dollars each year.

5. Are soft tires good or bad?

It depends on what you use your motorcycle for along with comfort.

Final Words

Motorcycle tires can make or break your bike. So it is essential you pick the best motorcycle tires for your bike. But before that, you need to know which ones are good along with what downsides they may have.

We hope we helped you with knowing more about motorcycle tire maintenance and what brands to trust. Now, it is your turn to go out there and buy the right one for you. Good luck!

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