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Best Motorcycle Riding Boots in 2022- Top 7 Picks

I know you are not afraid of breaking bones. But for the love of riding, use a boot that will keep you more on the bike and less in a wheelchair. So, ditch the thought of going out in your sneakers and get the best motorcycle riding boots.

But you don’t have to look far. We have here the top seven boots currently ruling the market. You can choose from the list, but if you don’t find your match there, you can also follow our buying guide to get the best result in your hunt.

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Tour Master Solution WP Air Road

Cortech Men's Standard- Riding Shoe

Joe Rocket Atomic Men's Motorcycle Riding Boot

Adventure Boot by Sidi 

Why You Should Use Motorcycle Riding Boots

I know this segment of the article might seem a little unnecessary for some regular bikers out there but believe me guys, some first-time riders still doubt the need for a suitable biking boot.

So, experienced riders can skip this part.

• Protection

The primary job of a boot is to prevent you from getting stuck in a wheelchair for three or more months. Especially if you are going for adventure riding or racing, you must have a pair of these padded shields. In accidents, the most vulnerable part of your body is the toe, malleolus, and shin bone.

These are all well-protected by a boot. Regular sneakers might give you comfort and style, but they will not protect you from a road accident. They are meant for open fields, not for speeding roads.

• Comfort and Breathability

For longer distances, you need shoes that are highly breathable and comfortable. Boots these days generally contain a layer of breathable membrane that lets fresh air in and pumps warm air and sweat out.

Things mentioned above are just the reasons for needing a riding boot. But when we talk about high-quality boots, hundreds of criteria come into our mind that is sometimes hard to comprehend.

But you don’t need to worry about that because this article will answer all of your quests and show the best motorcycle boots in the market.

• Boots for Daily Commuting

Other than big road rush riding boots, you might also need city boots for daily commuting on your bike. For daily commuting, you can use regular sneakers or heavy shoes, but there will always be a difference in biking boots and others.

• Durability

Your boot needs to be durable, especially its outsole. Because the boot will be scratched on the road again and again. If the outsole is not strong enough, it will not be able to stand against the burden of the rough streets. But it will also need to be flexible at the same time. Otherwise riding in it will be very uncomfortable.

• Fitting

Another big issue with boots is fitting. Boots that are not up to the mark will not fit you well. So, you need to buy from the brands that have a name for fitting. Some brands have mastered the American cut where others just can’t hit the bull’s eye.

Quality brands will also give you a quality fitting system that will include high-quality zippers, buckles, or laces. These will provide you with a fit that will make you feel at one with the boot and your ride. 

You will also find it very easy to get your feet in and out of well-designed boots whereas other boots struggle to accomplish this task.

• Versatility

High-quality boots will serve you all year round. You will be able to drag those boots on rain, snow, dirt, swaps, and all kinds of other surfaces. And manufacturers of these boots deliver all of their virtue with great style.

You might feel high-quality boots are a little pricy. But I tell you in the true American fashion if you want something done right, you have to pay for it.

Best Motorcycle Riding Boots Reviews for 2022

Now, there are a lot of boots out there with great features. But here are the top seven among them with the smallest of details.

1. Harley-Davidson Men's Abercorn Motorcycle 7-Inch Boot

One has to admire every product that Harley Davidson brings out. The Abercorn is no different. It is everything you want in your boot.

You will have a lot of beef in this footwear. This adds to the style as well as security. It is entirely black which keeps it in line with the motor persona. The steel detail makes it even more appealing to the tough guys out there looking for a tough makeover.

It has an exposed lace system. The whole upper is made of leather. The outsole is made of hard rubber. It is also very thick. You will have a lot of heel protection here. We can assume that you are not looking for shin protection as it is a short shoe. Other than that you can count on Abercorn to lower your insurance backup.

You will find the inside as soft as the outside is hard. There is a soft mesh lining in the interior. The insole is soft enough to absorb all of the shocks. You will also find the interior heavily padded.

It also features a YKK locking zipper design. The zipper will help you get this boot easily on and off. Unlike most other boots this zipper will not be the thing to die out in the boot.

The wide footer will also find it very comfortable as it has an expandable front and the sole is very flexible. Consumers have given a thumbs up on the fitting as they will fit 90% of the buyer on the first attempt. So, no worries about buying it online.


  • Sufficient heel protection
  • Soft mesh lining
  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • Fantastic outsole design


  • The glue job should have been better
  • Low-quality stitches


This is our first MX boot on the list. The original Fox Comp 5 was released in 2013, and from then there has been a couple of modifications. So, let’s see what’s new in the updates first.

The original boot had a leather toe box, but now it has an extended shifter reinforcement which adds more protection and feels to your boot. It also increases the lifespan of your boot. Most of the other updates are on the style. You can have this boot in two colors for women. Those are aggressive black and girly pink.

The back of this boot has a lot of style changes. On the top part, you will see the text logo where it had the face of a fox. The heel area is also redesigned to have more protection with a Fox Comp logo.

The inside of the boot is well-padded, but the top of the boot has received some major padding updates. They are easy to clean, and they also attract less dirt and soil. They also skipped Velcro which is a big leap in the right direction. No one is using those these days, and it also cuts down one step to take it on and off.

It is a non-bootie design. So you can easily slip your feet in and out. The heavy padding inside will make your journey a lot more comfortable than other boots. The rigid protection, especially in the frontal area, keeps you safe in the event of an accident.

You will have a four-buckle design. The buckles are made of aluminum. They are also comfortable and take less pressure to take on and off. These buckle systems are adjustable and replaceable.

The outsole is very nice and pronounced. These are very long-lasting and think. It gives you a lot of traction.


  • Well-padded
  • No Velcro
  • Bootie design
  • Very stylish
  • High-quality buckles


  • Gives you less feel of the bike
  • Less protective than other boots

3. Tour Master Solution WP Air Road Leather Street Motorcycle Boots

Looking for the best motorcycle shoes? This is what you need to dominate the road.

The all-weather WP air gives you the best experience year-round. This is completely waterproof. But the waterproof material doesn’t make this boot unwearable in the summer. Spring, fall, summer, or winter, this boot will serve whenever you ask for it.

Although being a full leather motorcycle boots, it has an abrasion-resistant mesh lining on the sides that allows the sweat and heat inside the boot to evaporate. You will find heavy-duty materials on the side, but there is a textile membrane on the top of the boot. This guarantees waterproof breathability which is a total deal maker.

Unlike the previous version of this boot, the Tour Master has given it reflective piping. The curve of the instep is also very comfortable. This part also allows some elasticity to help you be more comfortable.

Another big thing about this boot is the size. It has an extensive size range. You will have sizes up to 15. It features a big shift control panel area which also helps the wide footers.

There is a lot of reinforcement on the shin panel. This is an important part if you are buying it for racing or touring. Places near the shin area are protected with hard leather.

You will have a zipper inside that reveal the gusset. There is a Hipora membrane inside. There is a soft and comfortable air mesh style barrier inside that will suck the sweat from your legs and keep your ride smooth.

The aggressively styled sole is actually quite flexible. You will also find thermal plastic designs on the boot. And you can enjoy all of these features at a very low price.


  • Waterproof breathability
  • Evaporative cooling effect
  • Great price
  • Wide size range
  • Absorbs shocks better


  • The outsole should have been harder
  • The designs don’t adhere to the foot for long

4. Cortech Vice WP Men's Riding On-Road Motorcycle Shoes

Experienced people with biking shoes will know that feeling when they suddenly get into a crowd, and everyone starts to look at them because of their beefy boots. If you are not a fan of that attention, you need to own a Cortec Vice. This gives you all the benefits of biking boots with the style of a casual sneaker.

Cortech is generally known for its high-quality racing boots, but this technical riding boot has taken over the market. It is a unique mixture of leather and canvas. These materials make it completely waterproof as well as giving it a classy look. If you like an American cut no-frill boot, this is your choice.

You will also find a lot of reinforcement from the shoe. They have covered all the accident-prone areas like the toe box, malleolus, and heel section. Though it is derived from some European designs, you can call it an all-American shoe that will look nice under your jeans.

It also features an exposed lace system. You are trading a little bit of style for functionality here. The eyelets are anti-rest enhancing the life of the boot. Other than the rubber and canvas you will also see a rubberized toe section that adds a little bit of rigid flexibility.

The feature that makes it a sneaker-style boot the most is the sole. It is very flexible and has a thick wrapping around it. You will have a reinforced shank to have extra support. This boot guards you against Mother Nature very well with the porous membrane.


  • All-American shoe
  • Longevity
  • Heavy protection
  • Casual look
  • Poro membrane


  • Doesn’t have a motorbike feel
  • Less breathable

5. Joe Rocket Atomic Men's Motorcycle Riding Boots/Shoes

If you want your boots to be bold and aggressive, you will love this technical riding sneaker from Joe Rocket. It is the best motorcycle boots that give you the best experience on the road with superior protection.

With all its features this shoe didn’t feel short on the style part. You will have a mashup of heavy colors like black and orange or white. It is an American cut boot. So when buying it, follow the American size list. This shoe goes up to 13 sizes which will satisfy a lot of bikers out there.

Now, this is a short shoe and a pretty padded one. You must remember that short boots will not give you shin protection. And this particular boot also falls short of giving you enough malleolus guard. So, you are scarifying some protection for the style.

The body is made of 95% leather and 5% synthetic material. Among the synthetics, you will find TPU protection, TPR protection, and carbon fiber styling. This sneaker features a dual seated TPU toe slider which is also replaceable. There is also a shift panel that goes all the inside from the top of the toe box.

You will also have good-quality dual stitching. It features instep support with an arched buckle. These are easy to adjust though they create a little bit of extra weight on the boot. Buckle systems are better than laces as the latter can get into your way of controls. It also has an extra strap on the top to tighten it up.

These shoes have a little pulling loop on the back. There are reflective materials attracted to the end of the shoe. The sole is flexible, and the outsole is made of rubber giving it good traction on the road.


  • Buckle system
  • Heavily padded
  • Great look
  • Comfortable


  • Bit bulky
  • Less safety

6. Sidi Adventure 2 ADV Motorcycle Touring Boots 50

The Sidi adventure is among the best casual motorcycle boots you will ever find in the history of biking boots. Its predecessor, the adventure was a legend, and adventure 2 has been introduced in the market with even better features. It will give you true ADV experience.

This boot will work with you from day one. You can go on-road and off-road with it. It hits the highest degree of all-weather usability. The high-quality materials make it completely waterproof.

You will notice that the Gore-Tex liner on the previous shoe was 11 inches high. But the new one gives you 14 inches of coverage, the longest one in the market. It provides total shin protection with comfortable riding on wet or snowy surfaces.

Sidi this time made the best use of materials. Much of the TPU has been removed from this version. You will also get a better tactile response. The manufacturers included breakpoints that make the boot very flexible. You will find this outsole to be pretty comfortable and bendy.

American markets love this boot. Follow the size chart, and you will have the best fit. Here, you will also find removable arch supports. Again, you will have waterproof breathability with the full inside Gore-Tex and microfiber toe box. It will keep the sweat out but don’t let Mother Nature in.

The boot features cam lock buckles. This is the best self-cleaning and self-aligning buckle in the market. The cosmetic changes and the plastic overlays create the CE-rated reinforced boot with a dual-hinged ankle. It has a composite midsole and a high grip outsole. You will feel a lot comfortable walking in it.


  • Better connection with your bike
  • Best use of material
  • All weather motorcycle boots
  • Best flexibility
  • Full Gore-Tex lining


  • Hard to get in and out of the boot

7. TCX 7137G Airtech Evo GTX Men's Street Motorcycle Boots

There is a lot in the name. The Airtech Evo means that it is an evolution of its predecessor Airtech. You will find it to be a versatile shoe being able to use it as a sports shoe, riding shoe, and daily commuting footwear. And the GTX means it has the gold standard from the breathability standpoint.

Again, it is a waterproof breathable boot having a full Gore-Tex lining that will be by your side your entire life. Unlike other boots of the TCX line, it focuses a lot on comfort and versatility.

You will find a Cordura mesh complementing the lining. It will allow a sweaty foot to breathe out a lot comfortably. Unlike other TCX boots, it doesn’t have a total leather upper that allows your foot to perspire.

The manufacturers finally got rid of the synthetic leather and added an abrasion-resistant microfiber that looks far better. The toe box here has a low profile. You will also see more TPR on the sides. But our favorite upgrade was the new beefy ankle cockpit. So you will have extra protection from this boot.

You will also see a lot of TPR and TPU on the backside that makes it more resistant to damage. The back also features elasticated bellows for comfortable movement.

For fitting follow the American size chart. It fits 95% of the time. The upper section is so flexible that it will not be a problem with even overly wide footers. The arch support in this boot is low profile to medium. It gives you great touring protection with excellent shock absorption.


  • Great protection
  • Better materials
  • Great shock absorption
  • Good fitting
  • Versatile
  • Great protection


  • It might seem a little pricy

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Boots for Riding Motorcycles

best motorcycle riding boots men's

Biking boots will seem very intricate to understand. But there are only a few factors that need to be kept in check. Here is a list of those factors.

Boot Category

First, you have to choose the type of boot you wanna buy. There are mainly five types of shoes that you will find in the market. They are;

• Touring Boots

It is designed for multiple-season use. They are comfortable and give excellent protection. These boots are made for longer distances. Touring boots also have an amount of racing DNA. But this multipurpose boot will be a little bit expensive.

• Adventure Motorcycle Boots

These boots are a mix between touring boots and MX boot or off-road boots. Here, you will see the best use of materials and technology. But these boots will not give you the best comfort off the bike.

• Racing Boots

Race tracks are the thing in mind when you buy these boots. These boots focus on comfort, protection, and the ability to go 200 miles an hour. But they are not meant for regular use or even longer rides.

• MX or Motocross Boots

This is an armor of top rated motorcycle boots. You can plant these boots on the track. These will protect your feet from any obstacle. This is top in the food chain. But you will find it a little uncomfortable when off the bike, and these will not be waterproof.

Short Boots: These are not actually boots. They are just sneakers with heavy materials. These are easy to move around with, costs less, and comes in a lot of different styles. But you will have less protection and absolutely no shin protection.

Upper Materials

This part includes everything above the sole. For convenience, we can divide the upper area into some parts like the toe box, the vamp area (the part between the toe box and the shaft), the shaft, and the counter.

A boot should be well-protected. The most sensitive regions are the toes, shin, heel, and malleolus. These parts should have enough protection so that they can take the shock from a brutal accident.

Extra protection can be ensured by added reinforcement to those places.

The best materials for the top part of the boot are Leather, Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR), Textile Cotton Edition (TCX), Rubber, etc.

Membranes like mesh lining and Poro membrane create a layer in your boot that pumps out the sweat and allows air in making the boot comfortable for longer rides and daily commuting. This ensures the best breathability though you will find other materials doing a pretty good job.

Materials like Gore-Tex and rubber make your boot waterproof. Boots like these can serve you all year round. You will also find boots claiming to be Gore-Tex that has only a part using the material. Make sure how much the boot is covered in this material to get the best value.

Lacing System

You will find three kinds of lacing systems. They are;

  • Exposed laces
  • Semi-exposed laces
  • Closed laces

Here, the closed laces are the most preferable as they give you the best feel of your bike. You can also go for exposed laces, but they will limit your feeling of the bike a little bit. But you should think twice before going semi-exposed.


The outsole of the boot should be made with materials that give you good traction. Durability is a must for the outsole. Moreover, if you are choosing a racing or adventure boot, the outsole has to have the ability to be planted on any surface while on a running bike.

A boot’s midsole needs to be flexible so that you have more agility with the boot. The footbed needs to be well padded and be able to take the shape of your foot. This will ensure the comfort you need from the best motorcycle riding boots.


This is a big issue for a lot out there. Especially when you are buying it online. But reputed brands have now mastered the art of sitting. In America, you just need to follow the regular size chart, and you should have your match.

But also have a closer look at the zippers, laces, buckles, and the shaft gusset. These will help you ensure the desired fitting you need from your shoe. The materials of the buckle should be high-quality steel, aluminum, or hard plastic. We generally love seeing YKK zippers in boots.

Wide footers need to look for some additional characteristics. You guys need to find a boot that has an expandable toe box and heel area. The boot should be able to expand and match the size of your feet.

Non-bootie designs are another feature that we wanted to highlight. These designs help you to get your feet in quickly and nicely.


Now, if you follow the instructions above you should already have the best contender for your feet. But pure comfort largely depends on your own choice. Even after meeting all the criteria above you might still feel some inconvenience. And if you are using the boot for daily commuting, it could be a big issue.

When you are buying a shoe for commuting or touring you should also care for the fact that how the boot will feel when you are not on the bike. For this reason, you might sacrifice a little protection.

You should also care for the fact that if your surrounding is feeling comfortable with a big boot. That’s why manufactured has open the option for short boots.

Other Details

When all of the above requirements are found you should also look for additional features like reflective plastic, pulling loop, and double stitching. These give your boot extra durability and convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of shoes are best for mountain biking?

A: Your shoes need to have a stiff sole yet flexible for efficient pedaling. It also needs to have good traction. They need to be very durable and able to take a lot of pressure. But the most critical part is protection. It has to be an all-rounder protector of your feet.

Q: What accessories should I buy with my biking boot?

A: You should buy a boot dryer, shoe covers, and toe covers for your boots if you really wanna take the best care of your boots.

Q: How to clean my boots?

A: Your first step is to purchase a boot that is easy to clean. Use a towel or rag to wipe them gently. You may use wet clothes. But make sure to dry the shoes before storage. For stiffer dirt, you may use a brush.

Q: What kind of boots are best for city biking?

A: You may choose short boots with greater style and comfort. But this will reduce your feet' protection.

Q: Which is the best, buckles or laces?

A: Comparatively buckles are better than laces. They are easy to lock and unlock. Make sure the material is of high quality and rust-resistant.

Final Thoughts

I really didn’t think a biker would read this far. But it seems you did. For a passionate biker like you finding the best motorcycle riding boots should not be a big deal.

Now, go back to the review you liked the most and make the purchase.

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