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7 Best Motorcycle Rain Gear Reviews and Buying Guide in 2022

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, there are chances you could get caught in the rain, and as you know, riding wet and soaked isn't any fun at all.

It is not just uncomfortable, but also dangerous for you. This is because exposing your body to the chills of the rainfall for a stretch of time has a risk of making you catch a cold.

In addition to that, riding in wet clothes is quite irking and will not only increase your risk of getting sick but will also lessen the safety of your ride as it impedes your ability to handle and maneuver your motorcycle properly.

Here in this article, we will discuss the best motorcycle rain gear models in the market right now.

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FROGG TOGGS Men's Waterproof Breathable rain jacket

Joe Rocket mens motorcycle rain gear

Milwaukee Leather Rain Suit with Hi Vis Reflective Tape

Nelson-Rigg Rain Coat

Viking Cycle Reflective Waterproof Gear

Why You Should Have This

Here are the two major reasons why every biker should have rain gear.

• To Boost Your Confidence

Whether the forecast says it would rain on a day you are planning an expedition with your motorcycle, or the rain just shows up unexpectedly, getting a high-quality motorcycle rain gear is important to ensure your comfort and rest of mind.

Wearing the best rain suit for motorcycle or sun helps to boost your confidence when riding in the rain and also ensures you have a hitch-free ride, even under the heaviest downpour.

• To Protect Yourself

Some riders have made sensational memories from riding in the rain, of course with their rain gears on. Conversely, some have had awful experiences from riding in the rain without wearing rain gear.

These ordeals span from loss of good handling of the motorcycle to actually falling on the tarmac and also, falling sick due to exposure to the harsh weather, amongst many other dreadful issues.

Others have also elected to leave their priced motorcycles parked in the garage during the rainy seasons, for fear of getting caught in the wind and rain. The good news is that the motorcycle rain gear can protect you against these elements.

With this material on, you are ready to face the wind and rain on your ride without a single worry. There is however a sea of rain gears you can pick from, depending on your likes and dislikes.

Nonetheless, you require rain gear that offers you maximum security and resistance to the wind and rain, while keeping you visible to other drivers in the foggiest atmosphere.

Top 7 Best Motorcycle Rain Gear Reviews in 2022

We have taken ample time to research adequately and prepare this exhaustive guide that helps you make the all-important choice of which motorcycle rain gear fits your style.

Therefore, you really don't need to rack your brain, just take a look at our purchasing guide below, and you are sure to add a good set of motorcycle rain gear to your gear bag.

1. Frogg Toggs Rain Gear for Motorcycle Riders

If you are a stylish person who desires comfort, then this rain gear might just be what you need.

It is constructed from a hundred percent propylene. Also, it is not weaved, and so, is totally water-resistant. This ensures you don't get soaked no matter how hard it rains outside.

The Frogg toggs are holistically dedicated to your comfort and convenience. The fabric is not woven like many suits in its category. This makes it more breathable. Also, this feature also enables you to wear the gear without wetting the inner parts with your sweats.

More so, this motorcycle gear is very light and has classic 50 non-woven jackets and classic 30 non-woven pants. The pants also feature a straight-leg design, providing great versatility while it keeps you looking really good and stylish.

It has a full-length zipper and water storm flap knitted to its jacket, also, a guttered cover, and they ultimately work to give you maximum protection in the biggest rain storm.

More so, the jacket has a removable hood that can be adjusted. The pants are also designed in the same way with leg openings that can be adjusted. The waistbands are elastic and have an adjustable cord too.

If you are wearing the Frogg toggs, you do not have to worry about the wind as the jacket is windproof. So there is absolutely no chance that the cold will penetrate your skin and force you out of the road before you are done.

All these amazing features make the Frogg toggs one of the best rated motorcycle rain gear at the moment. This gear is not just stereotyped for motorcycle riding, as the CAMO option is a great feature for hunting.


  • Highly versatile
  • Can be used for other outdoor activities aside from motorcycling
  • Stylish and probably the best raincoat


  • They are very durable

2. Joe Rocket Rs-2 Motorcycle Rain Suit

Are you in need of reliable rain gear that keeps you protected and dry on a rainy day? If yes, then this PVC-tailored motorcycle rain gear manufactured by Joe rocket is surely fit to fill in the gap.

The outer shell is designed with a soft polyester having a PVC backing and so is capable of providing a hundred percent waterproof performance in the wettest situations.

Aside from having two big outer pockets that you can use to hold your items, this rain gear comes with a full-length zipper, Velcro storm flap, and collar to prevent rain from entering.

The jacket is laced fully with a nylon comfort liner while the inner collar is laced with a soft corduroy. This makes the gear very comfortable to wear as well as breathable.

The pants have leg zipper gussets that make your boots enter the pants very well. The Waist is elastic and possesses a boot stirrup and cuffs that both works to keep water from penetrating.

There is also a variable flow of ventilation at the back that prevents you from feeling too hot while riding. More so, this gear comes with reflective stripes that make it easy to see the person wearing it at night.

Its liner is also removable, so you can detach it if you feel too hot. At the lower leg, there is also a melt resistance material that does not allow it to soak. It is also affordable and comes in different forms.


  • Has a High performance
  • Good for competitive motorcycle racing
  • Affordable


  • The waistband makes it snug in the middle

3. Milwaukee Motorcycle Clothing

If you’re looking for a reliable motorcycle suit to protect you from the heaviest rain, then you cannot go wrong with the Milwaukee Motorcycle Rain Gear.

This amazing rain gear is constructed with nylon that ensures perfect water-resistant. For because this outerwear can separate combination, you can wear them together or separately.

It also is lined fully well to give you great comfort while providing a lot of ventilation. The jacket comes with a banded Velcro collar that seals you completely and prevents the cold from getting in.

An adjustable zipper is used to seal the suit at the front, while an elastic band is also provided to shield you from the rain and wind. Mobility is made a whole lot easier, thanks to its Velcro-over fly feature and overall design.

In addition, the branded collar fits securely under your helmet, providing a tight seal so that cold cannot penetrate anywhere.

Elastic cuffs are also provided with the pants, and this is tightened with a zip. With the zip, you will find it a whole lot easier to get the pants out with very little effort. In addition, an elastic band is provided at the waist to make it fit more comfortably and secure.

It will also interest you to know that the gear is available in different sizes, ranging from small to extra-large, thus, there is no worry of not finding your fit.

If you want reliable rain gear, look no further from this material. With Milwaukee motorcycle gear, your protection from the elements is non-negotiable.


  • Durable
  • Reliable waterproof gear
  • Offers maximum protection


  • Relatively heavy and bulky

4. Nelson- Rigg As-300 Storm Rider

Do you want a complete shield while you ride in a raging storm? If yes, the Nelson-Rigg storm rider is your sure bet.

This heavy-duty motorcycle Rain gear comes with a pair of pants and a jacket made of soft polyester with a PVC coating. This makes it very comfortable to wear and also affords 100 percent waterproof performance in the wettest condition. Its jacket features a hood that bears a soft corduroy inner collar.

More so, this rain gear comes with an elastic waist full front zipper, Velcro storm flaps, and cooling vents that remove the hot air and improves your comfort while reducing humidity.

The pants boast an elastic waist and boot stirrups that prevent the legs from retracting. Also, there are 17-inch zip gussets that are spacious enough to allow for easy entry of your boot.

Another good feature is the two large outer pockets and the reflecting stripping which enables you to carry your items with ease and makes you more visible at night respectively.

This rain gear comes with a 2-year warranty and is available in various sizes ranging from small to extra-large. Thus, your best fit cannot be missing.

With this rain gear in your gear bag, you can now kiss goodbye to getting drenched in the rain. This 4.0 pounds weighted gear will keep you 100% dry and warm when you cruise in the rain. It is 100 waterproof, therefore your protection is a settled fact.


  • Offers hundred percent protection from the rain
  • Keeps you dry and comfortable in the rain
  • Very durable


  • Not the most stylish rain gear

5. Vyking Cycle Motorcycle Rain Gear

This rain gear looks decent and yet gives you maximum protection in the rain. The Viking cycle motorcycle rain gear is made from pure waterproof materials, and this makes it able to shut out the rain completely.

In addition, the jacket comes with two deep pockets that enable you to secure your items while moving from place to place. It also keeps optimally dry and secure in the strongest rain.

It is described as a no-nonsense rain suit cut out only for the focused riders. This powerful rain gear also offers you freedom of movement and great comfort.

More so, it comes with a heat shield on the calf that improves your comfort greatly and gives you an excellent ride. It also has an elastic hem, sleeve cuffs, and waistband that all work to enable nice fitting and comfort.

The pants have a removable stirrup that ensures the legs are tightly fitted to your boots. It is also imbued with a reflective stripping that enhances visibility at night.

In your desire to ply the road without any interruption by the rain, this amazing rain gear is up and ready and ready to serve you and bring your craving to firm actualization.


  • Its full proof in the wettest weather
  • Offers great comfort while keeping you dry
  • Lightweight
  • Comes in diverse colors and you can make your best pick


  • The wind penetrates it

6. Coleman Pvc Rain Gear

This is another best motorcycle rain jacket that keeps you warm and dry in the highest rainstorm. Coleman PVC rain gear features high-performance gear that keeps you very dry and protected from the elements.

Its sleek nature also gives you a smooth and clean ride without any hassles in the biggest rainstorm. It is constructed with a durable waterproof PVC that is lined inside with nylon.

The nylon lining makes it very palatable to the body when you wear it. The jacket has an adjustable hood and cuffs and a drawcord at the waist. This ultimately gives it the excellent property of keeping the slightest moisture out.

It has vents on the front and back that allow air to get in, keeping you comfortable. It also comes with two deep pockets that can store your belongings conveniently.

The pants have an elastic waist that gives you a good fit. Also, it has leg openings, a zipper for closure, and a snap adjustment. The reflective strips give you extra safety in the dark while the carry bag makes storage and transport a whole lot easier.


  • Comes with a storage bag
  • The vents keep you well ventilated
  • Very durable and offers maximum protection against the rain


  • A little heavy and less breathable

7. SCOYCO RCO1 Motorcycle Rain Coat

SCOYCO is a very popular brand and has provided top-quality professional equipment for over 15 years. This par excellent company has not ceased to live up to the confidence reposed in it by the customers. This is another best motorcycle rain gear that demonstrates the high class this company has.

The SCOYCO RCO1 rain gear features a long-lasting polyester construction that is not just waterproof but also breathable keeping you dry and warm in the rain.

The jacket of this motorcycle rain gear has an adjustable and removable hood, a full front zipper, two large pockets at the front of the jacket to allow you to keep and carry your belonging while cruising in the rain.

It also has an adjustable waist belt that helps to give you good fitting. More so, it is equipped with a reflective material constructed on the outer shell to enhance visibility.

The size of the pants can be adjusted at the hem and back in order to achieve a snug fit. There is also an adjustable Velcro fastener at the bottom of the pants to keep water out. This rain gear is stylish and very affordable too.


  • Affordable
  • Very stylish
  • Offers hundred percent protection against the rain
  • Lightweight


  • Thin padding can make the wind get in

Thinks to Know Before Buying Best Rain Gear for Motorcycle Riding

best rain gear for motorcycle

Your needs inspire decisions. Therefore choosing a rain suit will involve some personal elements in terms of your preference and style. However, there are certain factors you need to keep in mind if you want to get the best motorcycle rain suits that will do a good job in shielding you from the rain.

So, let’s dig into these factors.

Visibility of the Suit

Riding under the rain can be difficult, if not impossible without a good rain suit. The mist, fogs, and water that other tires generate also cause a lot of obstruction.

This is why most motorcycle rain gears are made with retro-reflective stripes or fluorescent colors. It is therefore all-important to choose rain gear that is very visible even in the heaviest rain.

Seat Mobility

Riding in the rain with a slippery seat is hazardous. Therefore, your rain gear has to make you stable on the seat. This is why most motorcycle rain gears have a coating made of fabric panels to prevent the rider from slipping from the bike seat.

And because you do not want to slip, no matter the speed you run, you need to examine your options very carefully and make your best pick.


Does price really count? Yes, it does count! You don’t want to spend a fortune to get quality motorcycle rain gear. Even though, they say the best comes at a price.

Notwithstanding, some cheap motorcycle rain gears can actually offer you all the protection you need in the rain. Whether you are going for a cheap or expensive one, make sure to get top-quality motorcycle rain gear that meets your needs.

Gear Size

When choosing rain gear, size is a very important factor you want to consider or else you may end up with a suit that is too large or tight for you. Choosing the right size will ensure you get a suit that fits properly. It will also make it easy to wear and remove.

In fact, the size of your rain determines your overall comfort and experience. Without getting size right, every other thing is inconsequential. So make sure you only put out your money for a suit you are sure will fit your body shape.

Water Resistance

Since you are purchasing rain gear, it is extremely important for the suit to offer maximum protection from the rain. As such you want to go for a gear that is completely waterproof, or you risk getting soaked in the rain and exposing yourself to cold.

The waterproofing and durability of rain gear are dependent upon the materials they are manufactured from. Mostly, motorcycle rain gears are fabricated with waterproof materials.

However, some of the materials possess stronger abilities than others, remaining dry even in the wettest situations.

Therefore you really should look beyond the gears with water-resistant properties and seek out those with more excellent waterproofing qualities. Look out for the ones with special coatings that are totally impermeable.


Motorcycle rain gears that are entirely made of PVC can pose great discomfort when worn for extended periods. Although they render excellent waterproof performance, they cause great discomfort because their ventilation or breathability is very poor.

So, because you don't want something that will bring you great discomfort, think about going for the ones that are made that limits heat and moisture without a loss of the waterproof properties.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I really need to wear motorcycle rain gear, what happens when it rains?

Yes, you need to wear it. The rain gear is a key factor in determining your safety while you ride in the rain. Staying warm and dry when it rains helps to improve your alertness because while it rains the chances that an accident might happen are raised.

Though, it might not be you who causes the accident. However, you need to keep warm and dry while being visible in the rain. Mores o, there is no gainsaying you don't want to catch yourself a nasty cold. Therefore, the rain gear becomes so inevitable.

2. What is the difference between rain gear and waterproof riding gear?

You can easily differentiate between them using their texture. The rain gear feels thicker, sturdier, and more complicated to wear and remove. While the waterproof riding gear is light and foldable. It is also very easy to wear and put off and packed out too.

3. How do I measure a motorcycle jacket and pants?

Don't measure before putting on your normal riding clothes, do so after you have worn your normal clothes. Stand in normally and measure with a measuring tape as you would normal clothing.

Measure the largest part of your chest and take the reading. Also, measure your waist in the same way. While keeping in mind that the seats of most motorcycles are high, take measurements from the top of your hips, also don't forget to take these measurements over your normal clothes.

4. Are my rain suits constructed to go over my normal clothing?

Yes, most rain gears are constructed to go over your normal clothes. And not just your regular clothes, consider also your standard motorcycle gears while determining the size and fit of your rain gear.

This is because the motorcycle gears protect you in case of accidents. Also, they shield the fragile points of your body when you ride while the rain gear shields you from the rain. Keeping you dry and warm in the rain.

5. How do I take care of my rain gear?

Wash with hands as opposed to a washing machine, this is to protect the integrity of the waterproof material of the rain gear. Washing machines can make the dryers puncture, compromising the integrity of your rain gear.

Also, make sure to dry properly after washing and after you get out of the rain.

Final Words

There are myriads of motorcycle rain gears you can find out there. However, the ones reviewed above are the ones we find more reliable, affordable, and durable. So if you’re looking for the best motorcycle rain gear out there, then you have to start here.

It is high time you stopped the rain from ruining your day and hampering your movements, get good motorcycle rain gear today, and don’t let the rain disrupt your plans.

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