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Best Motorcycle Oils For 2022 – Top 7 Picks

A well-performing engine matters a lot because over time the life expectancy of an engine decreases. Due wear and tear caused to the engine's interiors can even lead to increased fuel consumption, in turn making maintenance of the vehicle more expensive for you.

The best motorcycle oil needs to have thermal properties so that it can keep your motorcycle engine cool. Moreover, catch any contamination running around in the car engine.

To keep your engines safe and running you should not compromise even the slightest in case of buying your motor oil.

For an economic man, having an absolute necessity, so that you get the top-notch performance and power out of your motorcycle.

Advantages Of Replacing The Old Oil

As the oil ages, it becomes less effective. It starts to heat the engine, collects dirt and grime, loses its lubrication, and soon starts to damage the engine it was meant to protect and drive.

• Functionality

Engine oils are meant to keep the engine running smoothly, but after using the same oil to travel around half the country, the quality of the oil degrades. This is caused by all the dirt, broken bits, and pieces of the gears that get collected in the oil which decreases your bike’s performance.

The oil is also supposed to keep your engine cool and lubricated, but over time impurities cause the oil to lose its lubrication and increases friction between the movable parts in the engine, which in turn causes your bike to heat up.

• Protection

Over time this collected debris in your oil causes secondary damage and might even lead to engine failure. A rough start of your bike can be due to the gears not being lubricated enough and in turn causing damage to the entire vehicle.

These can lead to a sputtering acceleration and plug fuel lines. It might end up causing more damage to the bike engine by using the same old oil, instead of a change in the motor engine oil and eventually start to destroy your ride.

• Performance

Damage to your engine is not the only major issue. Old oil performs horribly even in a brand new engine. It'll take you longer to get good acceleration. Moreover, where there is a performance drop, there is also an increase in expense, the less efficient the engine, the more consumption of fuel.

You buy your vehicle so that you can get the best out of it, but like everything else, these things need proper care. Without proper care, it won’t work at its peak and will degrade as time goes on.

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Full Synthetic Oil by Polaris

Honda Pro GN4 Motor Oil

Royal Purple Motorcycles Oil

Castrol 06112 Oil

Motocycle Motor Oil by Mobil 1

Features To Consider Before Buying Motorcycle Engine Oil

Motorcycle Engine Oil

To start, there are no certain criteria that are suitable for every vehicle in general. It's not a one size fits, something that most riders tend to think.

Every motorcycle has its specifications and so its own special needs. So check the user manual. It has some important details.

Even your motor oil has labels provided for you so that you can judge which one is the best engine oil for bike.

• Viscosity Grading And Temperature

Although one general feature can be commented upon and that is the viscosity of your oil. Viscosity is the density of the oil. Why is it a factor that needs to be considered you ask? Viscosity changes depending on the temperature.

In hotter temperatures, motor oil thins out, whereas in cooler conditions it thickens inside the engine. So a motorcycle oil can be rated twice, one viscosity for hot, and one for cold.

The more heat resistant the oil is, the higher the viscosity rating for the cold, such as 10W30 versus 10W40, and that’s good.

Now you may be asking what these numbers mean, the viscosity is rated in zero Fahrenheit, at 212 Celsius. The number before the W (for winter) is your viscosity in cooler temperatures, and the number that comes after is for hotter conditions.

Thicker oil helps seal gaps and maintains a better layer of lubrication between the engine components.

But at lower temperatures, your oil needs to be viscous so that it flows easily and doesn’t clog up your engine. Too thick, and things can get hard for your engine, and it may have a rough start, which does reduce your fuel economy.

But the oil heats up when your engine’s running for quite a while. The “40” in the viscosity ratings above, is to indicates that this oil stays thicker at high temperatures than the one with the “30”. Due to these different ratings, it’s essential that you buy the viscosity your car manual recommends.

• Oil Additives

For motorcycle oil to go on sale, they have to meet certain guidelines and standards. So what are these standards? Let’s find out.


First up, is the SAE international which is the Society of Automotive Engineers which is a global association of engineers and technical experts in the field of mobility engineering and this body has been setting global classification of viscosity grades in engine oil.


Then you have the JASO, which is the Japanese Automotive Standards Organization, which is the only organization in the world that sets performance standards for 2 wheeler engine oils. Now the JASO MA specifically deals with four-stroke motorcycles, whereas the JASO MB is for scooters.


Lastly, you have the API which is the American Petroleum Institute which is one of the first institutes in the world that start analyzing the performance of engine oil, and just like JASO, it is also into industry specification.

If you ever want to make any oil recommendation, there are two main parameters that you need to keep in mind. One is industry specification, and the other is viscosity grading.

• Price

Whatever you do, don’t get yourself the cheapest motorcycle oil available in the market. You might end up making a lot of immediate savings, but all of that savings will go to vain as you won’t only lose brand value, you’ll also have to make a hell of a lot of expenses in repairing your engines.

So, in the long run, the cheap oil you buy now to save money will end up costing you a lot more.

Types Of Motorcycle Oil

Types Of Motorcycle Oil

Below are the undisputed types of oil available for motorcycles;

• Mineral Oil

Mineral oil is nothing but basic natural oils which retain all its base properties with very little chemical treatment which is also why they are inexpensive to make, inexpensive to buy, and also the reason for their widespread use for small capacity motorcycles.

The better option on a budget is also a suitable choice for older engines because it provides better cooling and greater safety against erosion. Mineral oils have one issue though, it tends to break down more readily and needs an oil change more often than synthetic oils.

• Semi-Synthetic Oil

Semi-synthetic oils are also known as blends because they are a mixture of about 10% to 30% synthetic oil and the rest is mineral oil.

The idea is, you get the protection offered by the mineral oil, but also the performance of synthetic oil which brings about a very good balance between the two.

Even semi-synthetic oils are very widely used for small-capacity motorcycles.

• Full Synthetic Oil

Fully synthetic oils are nothing but pure polymer-based oils which are specifically developed in the labs. These are very expensive to make and offer the highest level of performance.

They are the primary choice for motorcyclists because of their performance and also they have a much larger shelf life and compared to mineral oils, they don’t degrade as quickly.

Also, because they give out a lot less gunk that leads to much cleaner lubrication inside the engine to ensure that it stays smooth and refined.

There are also a lot of myths surrounding the use of fully synthetic oils on a new motorcycle that you have just purchased. Honestly, there are no such restrictions because fully synthetic oils are expensive.

As they also offer really good protection, they last that much longer so if you don't mind spending that little bit more for higher quality oil, there is absolutely no reason why you should not use a fully synthetic oil right from the get-go.

Motorcycle oil Brand on The Market

Motorcycle oil Brand

Let’s have a detailed look at some of the best oil for motorcycles in the market:

● Honda

Being a market leader for motorcycle oil since its inception in the '70s, Honda has made quite a good name for bike enthusiasts out there.

GN4, the company's brainchild from its continuous research and development process is designed for modern engines, all the while ensuring that it burns clean and is suitable for use all year round.

● Castrol

The stickiness of this oil protects against wear and tear of the engine parts up to 70% more than those of other oils, alongside preventing the buildup of oil and grease.

With the usage of this oil, the engine can easily run at hot temperatures without any damage made to it. Castrol Motor Oil is perfect for old-fashioned engines or the ones with a carburetor.

● Lucas

This oil has been explicitly intended for use in the racing sector, so it manages to surpass expectations. The container is available in a handy one-quart size which makes it suitable to be carried on the go.

Perhaps the most striking feature of this product is its durability, with its capacity to run by as much as four times than those of other oils. Additionally, Lucas oil raises mileage.

● Shell Rotella

If you are looking for more extended durability of your bike's engine, this product is just the one for you. This oil delivers superior protection and performance for your vehicle.

The enhanced deposit control helps to fight the build-up of dirt and grime. This product is environment-friendly, provides a constant shield against heat, and gives great fuel economy.

Top 7 Best Motorcycle Oil Review in 2022

Motor oil is the core part of your motorcycle. You cannot run a motorcycle without oil which is why getting yourself the ideal motorcycle oil is very crucial.

Now there are numerous brands, products, and motorcycle oil reviews you'll have to go through. You might just end up wondering yourself to death researching. Instead, we've made it easy for you as we have brought it down to the Top 7.

So, what are you waiting for?

1. Polaris 287783

When it comes to an extremely cold environment, this motor oil would be the product of your choice. As it has been designed to assist your engine in giving the jump start necessary in freezing conditions. You can say it is a pretty ‘'cool'' selection (pun intended).

It provides complete engine protection. Your engine will remain healthy, fully optimized, and inevitably secure so that you can swiftly take out your motorcycle to go anywhere you want. Do remember to wear your helmet though because safety first!

One of the major things that worries a person about their motorcycle is corrosion and rust. It’s something that occurs over time and slowly damages the engine.

However, this product is built to eliminate that problem. Hence, using this oil will keep your engine protected from being infected with rust or corrosion. So, even if you take your bike in terrible conditions, the engine will remain protected.

Now, protecting your engine is one thing; having it last for years to come is another. You need to take good care of it as you would if the engine was a living being.

But to do so, you need to feed it with the good oil. This product is formulated with a complete synthetic base which will reduce the engine wear, giving it a smoother and longer lifetime.

A bonus factor of this oil is that it goes with variable exhaust systems and two-cycle engines, ensuring the ability to adapt to any kind of situation and giving that extra boost of power.


  • Provides optimal engine protection
  • Inhibits to the formation of rust and corrosion
  • Great selection for cold weather conditions
  • Compatible with two-cycle motors and exhaust systems
  • Synthetic oil for longer engine life


  • Price is a little expensive
  • Oil appearance may vary in packaging

2. HONDA 08C35-A141L01

If you are a light user of your Honda motor, then this oil will go perfectly with your requirements.

There is no point in talking about the brand value as Honda goes decades back in providing high-quality oil for your designated motorcycle.

Firstly, this product would be the one for your budget as it is highly affordable along with its brand value and supreme quality. What more could you possibly ask for? This product contains authenticity and is specifically designed for motorcycles.

Next comes the smoothness this oil provides. You’ll realize the difference after you’ve switched from synthetic oil to mineral oil. Your ride will sound a lot quieter and ensure a smooth texture for your motor engine.

Then your bike gets the shear resistance from the oil that makes sure you go through your journeys comfortably and firmly. Because there will always be that tension running through in every rides whether you are in control or not. Luckily this product solves the issue.

Proper maintenance of tidiness and ensuring that it is stabilized in viscosity, is another feature added to the list of attributes of this oil. You can see that the product is largely focused on solving greater problems that occur in our day-to-day lives.

In addition to solving problems, the oil also protects your engine from getting affected by erosion so that your engine lasts for a longer period and doesn't wear off.


  • Cleaner burns ensured
  • Provides much cleaner emissions
  • Smoother performance
  • Designed for the new era engines
  • Very affordable


  • It doesn't go well with high-performance engines
  • Isn’t compatible with rough usage
  • Chances of oil leakage in packaging

3. Rotella T6 Synthetic Diesel Motor Oil

If you are looking to race and make heavy-duty usage, then this is the best motorcycle oil in the market. This one packs a great punch for high-performance engines.

It features a triple protection formula which makes it stand out from the rest synthetic oils out there in the market. This feature acts as a barrier for harmful contaminants such as dirt, acids, or rust from damaging your engines.

This trifecta of a feature doesn't only provide superior protection. It also provides the ability to adapt to riding in any given conditions and ensuring great shear stability.

One of the major problems in motorcycle engines is that the sulfur emissions it expels cause harmful effects on the environment. For a normal human being, it can lead up to causing severe sicknesses such as cardiovascular diseases, breathing problems, etc.

Hence, to answer that problem the formula applied in this oil is completely eco-friendly. So, when you are riding your motorcycle the efficiency level will be at its peak, and you won't be causing any damage to yourself internally, nor you will cause harm to the environment.

You’ll have to read about this a little more exclusively because another major feature comes along with it which is called the low ash technology. This feature provides a consistent response to any given driving conditions and adapts to it. So, you’ll be able to ride even in the most extreme conditions properly.

To top it all off, the oil won't break off in the heat. This is due to receiving continuous protection from heat as it comes along with the SAE 5Q-40 oil. All of these features combined probably make this oil the best motorcycle engine oil of your choice.


  • Counteracts harmful contaminants
  • Emission friendly
  • Heat resistant
  • Suitable for extreme temperatures
  • Reduces the friction noise from a forged piston


  • Packaging often contains leakage
  • Only suitable for diesel engines

4. Royal Purple 06315-6PK Max-Cycle

Here’s one product for you that will meet all the API Viscosity specifications. Not just that, to cause no transmission tripping in motorcycles with wet sump it is completely JASO MA2 certified.

When it comes to drizzly areas, people normally slow down their speed to ride safely as it is how it should be. But this product is developed in highly advanced technology which will let you run your bike at your usual speed in wet conditions.

Even if you are a racing fanatic and you’re keen on riding in the most extreme environment, this motorcycle oil is an ideal choice for your ride. As the oil is fortified with shear stability, it will ensure a great performance.

Motorcyclists who use catalytic converters to reduce all the toxic waste and pollutants may find some benefits in using this oil as the product contains less zinc than the other products in the market.

The oil is particularly formulated in high-quality elements to ensure the fact that the equipment is lubricated efficiently. This helps to protect your engine from rust and corrosion which ensures an extended life for your dearest vehicle.

Over time this oil creates a smoother engine. Hence, this lubricant enables it to run more leniently and efficiently. It also lets your engine gain that extra horsepower, which you can consider as an added benefit.

Overall this is a product which is high in price but provides superior performance. Even if you are using an old and weak motor once you start applying this oil, you'll surely see the major differences full of positives.


  • This oil increases gas mileage
  • Keeps the engine cool
  • Ideal for bikers who tend to race often
  • Minimal slipping during transmission


  • Prices are set at a higher range

5. Castrol 06112 POWER

06112 POWER by Castrol is the best engine oil for 4 stroke motorcycle. This one is for the people who enjoy the thrill of the ride as it is designed to meet all the requirements for your engine to run precisely and generate a lot of power. It is completely synthetic and premium quality oil.

Despite providing a lot of amazing features and possessing a massive brand value, this motorcycle oil comes along at a very economical price. Hence, you are getting high value at a relatively low cost.

The ultimate selling factor is the Titanium FST; it is a premium oil additive used by Castrol which ensures an extended period of having to go without services. This brand is exceptional in this regard. You'll easily be able to notice the gains in performance, power, and fuel.

It goes through numerous testing stages to bring out superiority in acceleration at just a flick of the throttle. After all, the testing is done, and it's ultimately proven to be swift in the flow, it finally gets packaged by the makers.

Minimal frictions in the internal system of the engine are also caused by this motorcycle oil. Due to the additives going by flow, it reaches out to every point of the machine giving you all the benefits that you need. So, there will be fewer bumps from now on during your rides.

Any average synthetic oil gets changed after approximately 7,000 to 10,000 miles. This is not the case with this oil; what this product brings out on the table is much longer later in intervals which is over 15,000 miles.

Along with astonishing longevity, this brand offers two different variants in the market and they are 20W50 and 10W40.


  • Improved fuel economy
  • Exceptional fluid brought to you by Titanium FST
  • Longer usage of oil
  • Amazing wet clutches


  • The oil can be regarded as being too fluidic

6. Mobil 1 96936 Synthetic Motorcycle Motor Oil

What makes this product one of the best synthetic motorcycle oil out there in the market. An exceptional quality motor oil that is sure to provide the required necessities and satisfy your engine.
It is fully recommended for 4-stroke engines whether off the road or on the road, the discipline is maintained securely.

If you are one of those riders who enjoy riding for long hours, it's going to be one difficult job for you to get a better motorcycle oil than this one. The synthetic oil base technology used in this product keeps your engine cool for a long period. No more stressing out your engines.

Moreover, this oil comes with optimized durability even in the highest of temperatures. Maintaining exceptional tidiness in the engines. Hence, for the long term, this will be keeping your engines running for a very long period.

Enriched lubrication is applied in this oil to provide optimum horsepower. You will get that extra speed you need right from the get-go. This leads to protection at its finest, as the enhanced lubrication method keeps the contaminated dirt away from infecting your motor.

The transmission from this oil is just superior to any other products available in the market. Resistance from thermal breakdown lets it easily clutch on to the speed and elevate the engines to provide maximum performance.

I feel like I should state out a certain point about this oil and that is, this product is scientifically fabricated by distinctive additives which provide security against wear. But that doesn't end here; this special formula consists of sealed conditioners that prevent leakage in the short run and long run too.


  • Extended engine mileage
  • Engines protected from contamination
  • Capable of withstanding excessive heat
  • Provides smooth transmissions
  • Prevents oil leakage


  • Not suitable for new engines
  • Expensive

7. Motul 7100 Synthetic Oil

If you are considering buying a product that will provide a proper engine enhancement, then this oil is here to get the job done.

This oil won’t let you put pressure on the lever during major shifts in the gear during turns. Hence you will be able to take your bike on swift rides with ease.

The oil makes your engine run a lot smoother than any other regular motorcycle oil ensuring the acceleration gets a good helping hand. Get that added jump start before a good journey.

Its ester technology inserted in the synthetic oil provides performance at its level high and allows leveled transmissions. This means the clutches you make during rough journeys will be quite smooth and easy.

Not just that the formula used in this oil will make protect the engines from harmful filth. Because it does hurt your feelings every time seeing your engines wear out getting affected with corrosion.

Without any pressure applied, 4-stroke motorcycles will be able to completely utilize this oil, and along with the low sulfur and phosphorus formula the usage of catalytic converters will be much easier. For that, you'll be getting a performance like no other.

Lastly, it comes along in three different versions providing variety in quality. One would be 10W40, another one is 20W50 and last but not least, 10W15.


  • Slick transmissions
  • Improvements in engine responses
  • Ensures cleanliness
  • American Petroleum Institute Certified


  • Expensive


You Should NOT Use Car Oil On Your Motorcycle

Car oils are produced by manufacturers with car engines and their required features in mind. They are designed to function completely in a different way from motorcycles.

So, it will be harmful to you to try and run your motorcycle with your car fuel.

• Build

Motorcycles have joint transmissions and engines, which share the same oil. Whereas car engine uses the oil separately, this difference in builds demands specialized engine care.

• Stability

Your motorcycles need two things: lasting lubrication for the gearbox and good thermal control of the engine. For this, it needs to have excellent shearing and stability at very high and low temperatures. Car oil lacks such an ability to maintain temperatures and lubrication.

• Friction

The oil used in cars reduces friction in car engines, but motorcycles require balanced friction levels. Too high and the engine components will be worn out, too low and slippage due to the wet clutch will occur, and the engine will break down due to the misuse.

Frequently Asked Questions

There will always be a question in every sector. Let’s have a look at the most frequently asked questions regarding motorcycle oils:

1. Can car engine oils be used in motorcycles?

Car oils have not been designed for bikes, which are of higher power density. Also, no experiments have been done to see whether car oils are compatible for use in the sophisticated parts of modern motorcycles. So, it is better not to use car oils on bikes.

2. Why are engine oils used in bikes?

Best oil for bikes are used to lubricate the main gears of bike engines, eliminate heat, and decrease the rate of wear and tear.

3. What is the function of the oil filter?

The oil filter aids in catching unwanted particles and fragments that get into the oil by normal riding. If the oil filter is not used, the build-up of these components will result in engine damage and failure.

4. What does ‘deposit’ mean?

Deposits are a residue of combustion, which is usually the formation of carbon on engine parts such as pistons. If deposits are left unclean for longer periods, adverse effects such as a lack of compression may arise.

5. Is it essential to change the oil regularly?

It is only crucial to switch between oils regularly if the bike covers a low yearly mileage comprising of short and slow runs.

6. What are the possible outcomes of using poor-standard oil?

The consequences of using mediocre quality oil will be more immediate in racing bikes than on regular bikes. The implications include cylinder blocks, ruined pistons, and eventually engine collapse.

Final Words

All in all, there is no accolade for the title of ‘'Best Motorcycle Oils'', given the vast options available for you to choose from. Bike riders have to select the most suitable oil depending on the type of engine, the viscosity of the oil, oil brands, and industry specifications.

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