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Best Motorcycle Lock Reviews in 2022- Top 10 Picks

While it’s not possible to completely extirpate theft, there are some things you can do to make sure your bike is safe from the prying eyes of thieves.

Apart from parking in a good spot and safeguarding your keys, you need to invest in the best motorcycle lock if you really want your bike to be safe while you’re away.

It is a whole lot easier for thieves to target motorcycles with no locks than those that are protected with locks. And the reason is quite obvious. No sensible person would want to target to a “locked” motorcycle because the likelihood of getting caught is high.

When shopping for a motorcycle lock, you would have so many options to choose from. And this spans various types and models. Finding the right fit for your motorcycle and needs can be a daunting task.

Luckily, we are here to help you out by reviewing the top-rated motorcycle locks in the market.

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Kryptonite Keeper Chain Lock

Kryptonite New York Disc Lock

BigPantha #1 Motorcycle Lock

Grip-Lock GLRed Red Handlebar Security Lock

Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 Disc Lock

Types of Motorcycle Locks

types of motorcycle locks

As earlier indicated, there are different types of locks. Whichever one you decide to go for should depend on your bike and specific needs.

In order to make an informed decision, it’s important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each one of these locks.

So let’s briefly look at them.

• Chain Locks and Anchors

Chain locks and anchors are some of the most popular motorcycle locks out there. There are known to be very deterring and offer a high level of resistance against thieves. They are usually hooked to your motorcycle and some other structure.

As earlier indicated, the major advantage offered by this type of lock is they are extremely sturdy and thus very difficult to cut with saws and cutters. As a result, they are perfect for securing your vehicle in a garage. However, due to their large size and weight, they are not convenient for use outside.

Most chain locks require you to use a padlock. So make sure to use one that is highly secure as it makes it even harder for a thief to break with force. Anchors mainly exist as metal bridges and shackles.

Shackle anchors tend to be stronger as they are usually thicker.

• Grip Locks

Another type of bike lock you are bound to come across if you stick around in the market for long is the grip lock.

They are usually hooked onto the motorcycle handlebar and brake lever. Sometimes you may need to clamp them down on the clutch instead of the brake lever. Whatever the case, the locks work the same. They render your bike immobile by restricting the brake and throttle, as well as the clutch.

Their compact design makes them a whole lot easier to use than other types of locks. Most grip locks have universal designs, so you can use them to fit a lot of bikes out there.

• Wheel and Disc Locks

Another type of lock you may be impressed with is the wheel and disc lock. Like the grip locks, they are also compact and simple.

However, the locks are limited to the bike which features disc brakes that have holes in their rotors. So except you have a milled rotor on the disc brake of your motorcycle, you cannot attach a wheel and disc lock to the vehicle.

If you are an old model bike, there’s a huge chance it won’t have a milled motor.

Unfortunately, due to their small size, disc locks often go unnoticed even by owners. As a result, you can mistakenly start the bike without removing the lock. Of course, this can make you fall off.

To prevent this, most motorcyclists usually add a reminder cable to their disc locks. Apart from making the lock more visible, this helps to prevent damage to the bike in case you accidentally start it without removing the lock.

• Articulated Locks

Another type of motorcycle lock that you may not hear about is the articulated lock.

Although it is not as popular as the other type of locks, it still provides a decent amount of protection.

They usually lock one wheel of your motorcycle using steel bars connected by bolts. The major advantages offered by articulated locks are their ease of use and transportability.

Top 7 Best Motorcycle Locks in 2022

In order to help you wade past the hurdle of finding the best, we have put in a lot of research and experience to come up with a list of the top models in the market. It is now up to you to go through the reviews and choose one that will suit your needs.

1. Kryptonite Keeper Bike Chain Lock

If you desire a handy lock to protect your bike from theft, then the Kryptonite Keeper is one of the foremost solutions you will find out there.

As the name suggests, the Keeper 785 offers optimum protection for your motorcycle making it virtually impossible for a thief to break through except if he was to employ an angle grinder.

Kryptonite has always been a name that denotes quality and performance, which is why their brand is one of the highest-rated in the industry. The Keeper 785 just reinforces their commitment towards producing strong and sturdy motorcycle locks that offer the greatest protection to bikes.

Anything obtainable with any Kryptonite lock, you can expect from the Keeper 785, and even more.

One of the unique things about the lock is that it features both a deadbolt and end link design which prevents any part of the lock or chain from being exploited. The deadbolt design is particularly hardened to provide some extra holding power thereby keeping the lock in place and immovable.

The inclusion of a nylon sleeve also helps to protect the lock and bike frame from scratches. Luckily, the sleeve is weather-resistant, so you don't have to worry about the lock getting corroded.

Interestingly, the cover comes in 3 color options, so you can choose the one that fits your style and preference. A 110-decibel alarm is also included to notify you whenever someone tries to get close to your bike. The alarm activates immediately it detects any shock or vibration close by.

You will also be impressed by the stainless steel construction of the lack which makes it strong and highly durable. This is complemented by a 7mm manganese steel chain. Even if a thief were to bypass the loud alarm, it would still be hard to break the lock.


  • Deadbolt design
  • Comes with a water-resistant sleeve
  • Sturdy construction
  • Available in 3 color options


  • Lacks cover for the keyhole

2. Disc Lock by Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit

Kryptonite bike locks are not only known for their high quality but are also affordable. This should be good news for all those who think they can’t afford the extra cost of motorcycle locks to secure their luxurious bikes.

Again, the New York Fahgettaboudit Lock and Chain is another wonderful motorcycle lock from Kryptonite that has received a lot of good reviews. So you can expect it to provide good protection for your vehicle.

The lock comes with a unique design that makes it suitable for most bikes. The six-sided chain is made of reinforced steel, which makes it a top grade. It is strong enough to resist hammer blows; it would almost be impossible for the thief to cut with a manual bolt cutter.

This doesn’t mean the lock is unbreakable (actually no lock is). However, it would require a lot of time and effort from an experienced thief to get through.

This means there’s a huge chance of catching a determined thief. That said, the lock is most likely to deter a potential thief.

Another advantage of this lock, as with many other chain locks, is that you can use it for more than one vehicle. So apart from your motorbike, you can also use it to secure your bicycle. Make sure you lock the vehicle down to a solid structure or object.

The major downside of this chain lock is that it’s bulky. With a weight of 7-pounds, you will agree that this is heavy. Thus you might find it a bit inconvenient to carry everywhere.

However, you should be able to overlook this if you are determined on protecting your bike from human predators. More so, the extra weight makes the lock more durable, which makes it even more desirable.


  • Highly durable
  • Resistant to rust
  • Maximum protection for your bike
  • Suitable for most types of bike


  • Heavy

3. BigPantha #1 Grip Motorcycle Lock

One of the major challenges most riders face when looking for a lock to secure their bikes outdoor is finding a unit that is easy to install and also store when not in use. If this is your case, then you might want to consider investing in a unit like the BigPantha Motorcycle Lock this is the best motorbike lock ever.

More importantly, its compact design is the high level of protection the lock offers to your bike. With this lock mounted on your motorcycle handlebar to secure both the throttle and brakes, there's almost no chance of your vehicle getting stolen.

Except of course if the thief was to carry the heavy motorcycle, which is something that is likely never to happen.

Most people who use a grip lock often accompany it with a disc brake lock for additional security. It also makes them remember to remove the locks before starting the bike.

Like most top-grade locks, the BigPantha has a solid construction which makes it tough and durable. It is also resistant to heat, water, dust, and other outdoor elements, which makes it even more flexible.

You can use it anywhere to lock your bike in record time. It doesn’t take more than 5 seconds; just mount the lock, engage it with the key, and get going.

Unlike the chain lock we reviewed above, the BigPantha is lightweight and thus very portable. With a weight of less than one pound, you can easily store and carry it anywhere.


  • Locks very quickly
  • Pocket friendly
  • Long-lasting
  • Weather-resistant


  • Takes a little more time to unlock

4. Grip-Lock GLRed Security Lock

Grip locks are great because they can frustrate every effort of the thief to lay hold of your bike. Although disc brake locks also work well, they are only effective as long as they do not break down.

Grip locks make it impossible to start your bike. What this means is that a thief would have to carry the bike in order to successfully steal it, which of course is virtually impossible. This is what makes grip locks really cool.

If you are looking for the top way to protect your motorcycle from theft, there’s no better way to do it than investing in a top-grade lock like the Grip-Lock GLRed.

The lock comes with specially designed keys that are almost impossible to duplicate. It has a highly efficient locking mechanism that you will hardly find with many locks in the same category. Not only does it lock the throttle grip, but also the brake lever.

All you need to do is hook it on the bike’s handlebar. And the superb part is that it doesn’t even take up to 10 seconds to do this. Removing it is just as quick and simple.

The quick and easy installation will save you a lot of time and effort. And you can rest assured your bike will always be packed where you left it. The locking of the front and throttle break also prevents the likelihood of any roll-off occurring.

You will also be impressed by the compact size of the lock, as well as its sturdy construction. With a weight of only 330g, you would agree that the unit is lightweight, which makes it quite easy to handle.

It will also interest you to know that the lock is equipped with four hardened steel rods which guarantee the maximum protection of your motorcycle. The provision of a reinforced nylon casing also helps to ensure that the lock is protected from any form of corrosion or rust.


  • Easy to store
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Superior quality
  • Easy to assemble and dissemble


  • Not the perfect for off-road motorcycles

5. Kryptonite Motorcycle Locks

If you are looking for an affordable bike lock that doesn’t break the bank yet does its job well, you might want to consider the Kryptonite Evolution Series.

The high-quality motorcycle lock is designed with simplicity and security in mind. So you can expect it to keep your bike safe and secure.

As earlier indicated, the major highlight of this product is its simple design. Not only is it easy to mount, but it’s also simple to remove. As a result, you can easily carry it wherever you go to provide on-demand protection for your bike.

The lock is made of 14mm hardened stainless steel which is rated MAX-Performance. This makes it extremely durable. Its double locking mechanism is almost indestructible.

The lock is also provided with 3 keys which are all made of stainless steel. Out of the three keys, one has LED light with replaceable batteries. However, it’s important to note that the LED light key is not water-resistant, so be careful when to use it.

In addition, the disc cylinder comes with a sliding cover which helps to protect it from dust. This helps to increase its lifespan. Overall, this is a great lock that will surely provide good value for your money.


  • The double bolt locking mechanism
  • Sliding cover to protect the cylinder from dust
  • Three stainless steel keys


  • Some users complained of multiple lock jams

6. MYSBIKER Alarm Disc Brake Lock, Waterproof

There's no doubt you need a strong lock to deter thieves from your motorcycle. However, it often happens that most bike owners settle for low-quality locks that fail to protect their bike as expected. If you don't want your bike to get stolen, then you must avoid spending your money on such locks.

In order to guarantee the safety of your bike, it’s always a wise idea to go for locks that have been tried and tested. One of such locks is MYSBIKER Alarm Motorcycle Lock.

On noticing the lock for the first time, you might not find it impressive in any way. But don't let the looks deceive you. There's actually a lot of features to expect; all geared towards ensuring the safety of your two-wheeler.

First is the reminder cable which is actually very important considering the fact this is a disc lock. The cable is very easy to notice and attaches disc lock and brake.

Given its size and design, a chain lock can easily go unnoticed even by the owner. As such a result, they can start the bike while the lock is still in place, which is potentially dangerous. However, with a reminder cable, this can be easily avoided. This is why the feature is extremely important. You should never use a chain lock without a reminder.

Another feature that makes the MYSBIKER alarm lock a great product is the fact it’s water-resistant. So even when left at the mercy of the rain and sun, it won’t degrade easily.

The major highlight of the lock would probably be the 110-decibel alarm which automatically comes on whenever someone tries to tamper with your bike. The alarm is immediately activated when it senses any shock or vibration around.


  • Waterproof
  • Strong and durable
  • Comes with 3 lock keys
  • Fits multiple bikes
  • Long-lasting batteries
  • Comes with a loud alarm system


  • A bit expensive

7. The Club UTL810 Utility Lock

Although there are many great single motorcycle locks out there, we still advise bike owners to use more than one lock for enhanced security. Combining a chain or utility lock with a disc lock is seen as the way to ensure the maximum protection of your bike.

If you are looking for a top-quality utility lock out there, then the Club UTL810 will make a great choice. Although this lock is not specifically designed for protecting a motorbike, it is still one of the most reliable security solutions available in the market at the moment.

It is said that the lock has the ability to withstand up to 1500 pounds of pressure, which is really cool, especially when you compare it with what you get with many other locks in the same category.

Its solid build quality makes it extremely difficult for thieves to rip through. In fact, most users report that they found the lock a whole lot better than many padlocks and chains out there.

To complement its solid tempered steel construction, the Club UTL810 is coated with vinyl material to make it resistant to moisture and scratch. This makes the lock highly durable; you can use it for a very long time without noticing any wear in its appearance.

The compact size of the saw also makes it very easy to use and carry for travel. And you can even adjust it depending on the size of bike or vehicle you are using it for. Installation and removal are pretty straightforward, and you can easily do both on-demand.

Its waterproof finish also makes it resistant to rust, so even when exposed to harsh natural elements, it will still not corrode. This makes it ideal for the outdoor protection of your bike all year round.


  • Waterproof design
  • Versatile
  • High-pressure resistance
  • Solid construction


  • A bit heavy

What To Look for Before Buying A Heavy Duty Motorcycle Lock

Heavy Duty Motorcycle Lock

In order to make sure you get nothing but the best motorcycle lock out there, there are certain features you need to look out for. Let’s quickly look at each of them.

• Type of Lock

This one is quite obvious. Even though these locks all perform the same basic function of protecting your bike, not all of them have the same locking mechanism. In other words, they differ in the manner and place they are installed on the motorcycle.

There are some that are designed to be hooked on to handlebars and brakes. There are others that need to be attached to the motorcycle frames or wheels and some other solid structure. By now, you should be familiar with the major types of locks out there.

Make sure you go for a lock that fits your situation. It should be something durable and almost impossible to break.

• Ease of Use

Next to the type of lock is user-friendliness. Purchasing a motorcycle lock that is difficult to install can leave you feeling frustrated most times. It may even cause you to scratch your bike. As a result, you may be discouraged from using the lock-in some situations, which is not really advisable.

In other to prevent this, you need to go for a lock that is simple and easy to use. It should be something you can easily remove on-demand without much effort.

• Build Quality

Another important consideration you need to make when purchasing a motorcycle lock is the kind of material it’s made from. This is really important because you’re most likely to use the lock outdoor, and you know what this implies.

Just like your bike, your lock will be exposed to the harsh effects of the sun and rain. Locks with low-grade parts are not usually able to withstand the elements for a long time. As a result, they tend to rust easily. This is understandable given the fact that most of these locks are made of metal parts.

Consequently, you want to go for a model with the great build quality. This way, you can be sure the lock will last for a long time in spite of abuse by the elements.

• Alarm System

Fitting an alarm system on your bike is great because it lets you know right off the hook when someone tries to tamper with your ride. However, it may not always be convenient to set up such a system considering the extra cost of the subscription.

Luckily, some top rated motorcycle locks come with built-in alarms to alert you whenever someone gets too close to your bike. Such locks usually deter thieves because of their noise. They also save you the cost of purchasing a separate alarm system.

An alarm makes it possible to easily discover a thief if you’re close to where the bike is parked.

• Price

Price is another factor you shouldn’t overlook when purchasing a bike lock. Ideally, you want to go for a lock that is within your budget.

While most expensive locks are great, there are many affordable models that are also as effective.

Price is not always an indicator of quality. But then if you have more money, don’t hesitate to go for the quality of lock you can get that will meet your needs. When it comes to security, you don’t want to compromise quality because of money.

Bike Locks VS. Bolt Cutter – How Strong Is a Lock

bike Locks VS Bolt Cutter

When purchasing any type of bike lock, it’s always a good idea to know the level of security to expect, especially when the lock is subjected to a bolt cutter. So, how can you judge the strength of a lock?

The first thing you have to realize is that there’s no lock that is indestructible. Yeah, you heard that right!

For the thief, it’s just a matter of using the right tool or equipment. What a bike lock basically does is delay the thief. So what a good lock actually does is buy you more time so you can catch the thief.

Generally, the thickness of the bike lock can tell you how strong a lock will be. Usually, the thicker the lock, the resistance it has against destructive tools such as a bolt cutter.
Most thieves love to use a bolt cutter, and the reason is quite obvious.

Medium-sized bolt cutters can be used to cut locks with smaller diameters (usually below 13mm), while locks with 13-15mm diameter can be cropped by large manual cutters. However, locks with 16mm diameter or anything higher would be impossible to crop with an ordinary (manual) bolt cutter.

So make sure you pay attention to the diameter of a lock before putting out your money for it. If you want a very strong lock, then you should go for one that is very thick.

Such locks are usually impossible to break with a bolt cutter. But then bolt cutters are not the only destructive tools used by thieves (but they are the most commonly used ones).

Apart from thickness, other factors that can influence the strength of a lock are the size and build quality. By build quality, we mean the shape of the lock and the type of steel material used for its construction.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Do I still need to use a cover with a bike lock when packing in my garage?

Yes, it is right to use one. Even after locking your bike, it’s still a good idea to cover it with a breathable motorcycle cover to keep it hidden from sight.

Use strong locks for your garage and try to fit a tracking device to help you recover the bike in the event of theft.

#2. What is the best lock for motorcycles?

This is a tricky one. We consider all the products above great for different situations, so it’s really difficult to pick one that beats the others. You will not go wrong with any model provided you judge it to fit your particular application.

#3. Is it safe to park my bike in a secluded area provided I lock it?

NO!! Even though locks are great, there are certain cases that might not be able to prevent your motorcycle from getting stolen. There are desperate thieves that will do everything possible to evacuate the bike as long as there’s nobody in view.

There are reports of thieves picking up bikes with trailers. In such a situation, all they need is two or three muscular people to lift the vehicle. In this case, a grip lock or wheel lock would not be able to stop them.

Even if the bike was chained to a spot, it is still possible to cut the chain as long as there’s no one watching.

What we are saying, in essence, is that you should never pack your motorcycle in hidden or secluded areas where thieves can easily operate without being noticed.

#4. Where can I get these locks?

To get any one of these locks, simply click on the corresponding link and you will be taken to the product page.

Final Words

These days, the rate at which bikes are being stolen due to the negligence of owners is quite alarming. In order not to make up the statistics of the unlucky individuals, you need to invest in the best motorcycle locks out there.

These locks serve as a huge deterrent to scare potential thieves away.

Don’t make the mistake of many who think they can do without the security that motorcycle locks offer. You don’t have to wait till your bike gets stolen before you take appropriate measures to protect it.

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