Best Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Best Motorcycle Leather Jacket in 2022: Top 10 Smarter Choice

What’s more thrilling than going on an adventurous road trip with your friends?

Speaking from personal experience, I love hitting long roads with my friends. Not only me, but almost all the bikers are adventure-seeker. To start a thrilling bike journey wearing a cool leather jacket is a common dream that all bikers share.

To be honest, a leather jacket is the most befitting attire for a biker. Bikes and jackets are so closely related that they are almost inseparable. No wonder why all the bikers grow a fascination for stylish motorcycle jackets.

It is a crucial safety gear too. A quality jacket offers maximum protection and will safeguard your body during uneven crashes. Apart from the safety issue, it will improve your outlook and enhance your biking experience. You will feel more confident when you open the throttle and drop the gear.

However, the market is huge and always crammed with so many alternatives. Purchasing the best motorcycle leather jacket is not a piece of cake. Don’t worry yet. I am not going to beat around the bushes. In this article, I will share some crucial tips to help you choose the best gear.

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Types Of Motorcycle Jacket

best leather motorcycle jacket with armor

The choices may vary depending on the types of motorcycle you ride. A cruise rider will never wear a sports jacket. Similarly, the person who rides a commuter bike will look out of the place if he puts on a cruiser jacket.

Remarkably, the classifications also depend on the personality and age difference of riders. An entry-level teenager will never wear the ones made solely for the veterans.

To choose the best leather jacket for motorcycle, you should have some basic knowledge about the different types of sportswear available in the market.


This crossover cloth is explicitly made for busy commuters. Since it is ultra-light and has a loose fit; it will protect you from the heat on the streets. Plus, this jacket is durable enough to wear on a regular basis.

It is for the mid-aged family persons who are always occupied with works. So, there are multiple pockets in the jacket for keeping important papers, documents, and keys. It is affordable too.


You can’t imagine a cruise-biker without a leather jacket. The extra-long outfit is very fashionable and comfortable. Another noteworthy feature of this unit is the improved ventilation system.


They come in multiple colors and have a pocketless, aggressive design. Although these items have a snug fit, they offer better breathability. Another noteworthy feature is that they are water-resistant.

These guys are for off-roading and are very popular among dirt bikers. Maybe, for this reason, these jackets offer the highest protection. They are heavily guarded by armors too.


The sport jackets are distinguished by muscular look, snug-fitting, and dazzling finish

Adventure/ Dual-Sport

These touring jackets are designed to suit multiple road conditions. Breathability and water resistance are the two most common features. Despite being breathable, they provide sufficient armor for your safety on trips.

Also, you will get multiple pockets for keeping your gadgets. The most outstanding feat is the curved design; it helps the rider to reduce fatigue in the long journey.


Summer jackets are breathable and lightweight. In addition, you will get mesh vents that allow the airflow to pass easily. The vents are positioned in places where airflow is much needed, for example, near the back and underarm region. On top of that, they have a removable thermal lining to reduce extra heat.


This thing is for extreme cold weather. It prevents water and air from passing through.


The summer and winter jackets are limited to specific seasons. But, there must be some products that can be used every season. Right?

It will be a relief for many that some company does produce all-season jackets. They are known as a 3-in-1 jacket, and you can wear them on different seasons. During summer, you can transform them into a light jacket.

On cold days, you can use them as a sweatshirt. The all-weather coats are the most sold items for good reasons.


You will see a wide range of jackets in the market today. But, I decided to list only the popular ones. After revising my list, I think it will be unfair to exclude the bomber jackets. Popularized by the bomber pilots, it is now one of the most favorite menswear items.

It follows a dashing yet straightforward design as it features a central zip and no pockets. The attire also fits tightly around the body. Popular action heroes such as Hugh Jackman or Arnold Schewerznegar are also responsible for popularizing the bomber jacket.

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Leather Jackets Review in 2022

In the world of motorcycle gears, the choices are indeed not few. People choose a wide variety of leather jackets as the preferences differ over various factors such as age, personality, psychology, and ethnicity.

Nevertheless, some units have managed to make it to the top. I have shortlisted the top 10 products and wrote a short review of each product below.

1. Joe Rocket Superego Men’s Hybrid Leather Jacket

Hybrid jackets are remarkably durable. They are pretty much comfortable too. Accordingly, the Joe Rocket Superego is a top-notch mesh gear that you shouldn’t overlook. On the outer shell, you will get 1.2 mm top-notch cowhide leather which is drum dyed.

It features the limited MetaSport System. This system has a unique zip-off panel that will enable you to unzip the leather panel. You will be able to turn this gear into a free-air mesh summer jacket in no time. Awesome! Right?

Furthermore, the jacket’s VariableFlow ventilation system will cool you off even in the hottest days. This thing comes with dual density elbow and shoulder protectors. If this is not enough, there is a removable spine pad with room for attaching C.E-grade armor for the spine.

For easy adjustment, you will get an elastic sleeve adjuster in this jacket. There is a long 8-inch zipper for connecting the jacket with waist pant. Besides, the waistband is adjustable. The prominent brand, Surefit skillfully crafted it.

This gear comes with an outstanding, sporty appearance. Every sports bike owner would love to have such a cool jacket. It has reflective stripes which will increase the visibility during nightfall.


  • Surefit waist adjustment
  • MetaSport and VarableFlow enabled
  • Available in medium and large size


  • Expensive

2. MILWAUKEE LEATHER Men’s Classic Side Lace Police Style Motorcycle Jacket

The very first position belongs to a gem of a jacket which will beat its competitors in every aspect. It has a classic side lace police design that will bring back memories. This vintage beast comes in premium jet black color. Trust me; the professional old-school bikers always like it black.

This classic design has a lower pocket with a zipper on both sides and a half-belt for easy adjustment. Besides, there is an extra pocket with a snap-close storage system for storing your gadget or important belongings. It lets you bring out your accessories easily and is very beneficial especially when you are riding.

You can wear this thing every season. Its strategically designed ventilation system will ensure sufficient airflow during hot seasons. Besides, it has a thermal liner that can be removed when the heat is high. But, when the weather becomes colder, this liner will make sure that you stay warmer.

Milled from the finest cowhide material, this jacket is unbelievably comfortable. It is 1.3 mm thick and will never sweat you out. The fact that it is available in only one color made it more exclusive. It is easy to clean. On top of that, the throwback collar style will give you an exceptional feel.

If you want to ride without drawing too much attention and don’t like fancy colored stuff, this one is for you. It is cost-efficient too. All in all, you are getting a premium product with fantastic construction, remarkable stitching, accurate fitting, and quality materials for a friendly price. The item is worth the money.


  • Vintage design
  • Optimal fitting
  • Excellent material
  • Sizes available
  • Value for money


  • Limited color options
  • No reflective lining

3. Pilot Trans-Urban V2 Jacket

A hardcore motorcycle tourist must have an adventure jacket in his closet. This attire should be reliable enough to serve him in every situation in his thrilling escapades. If you are a pro-biker who frequently goes to road trips, then the Trans-Urban V2 will be the ideal urban jacket you should grab.

Pilot Motosport is no stranger in the business. They have made quite a reputation in the industry for producing some of the finest jackets for the biggest motorcycle brands. Prominent makers such as Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha are included in their long list of clients.

The V2 provides excellent protection from rain, wind, and crashes. The main zipper goes both ways. On top of it, there is a flap that uses a triple-layer to give you the ultimate protection. The collar is also waterproof and made of ultra-flexible neoprene. You can fold this collar in the hidden collar-snap during summer

Amazingly, it has been sewn in reissa membrane which will block every drop of rainwater from entering. However, it will not block your sweat from flowing outward; courtesy of the removable thermolite liner. Paradoxically, this breathable liner will retain your body heat in the winter.

It features Force Active Technology in the armors. As a result, the shoulder and elbow protectors are extremely sensitive and automatically hardens during any impact. But, in normal circumstances, this PU armor will give you a soft, plush feeling. Besides, you will get reflective stripes and red tab system in this unit.


  • Made with Pilotex fabric including 600D NPF and 1680D Ballistic NPF in elbow and shoulder area
  • Removable thermolite liner
  • Removable C.E. armor
  • Impact zones have been stitched thrice for durability
  • Waterproof V2 ventilation
  • Functional design with lots of pockets
  • Red Tab System for easy attachment
  • Reflective 3M Scotchlite stripes
  • Reasonable Price


  • The back protector is not up to the mark

4. Alpinestars Viper Air Jacket

Looking for the best summer leather motorcycle jacket? Look no further. Because The Viper Air from Alpinestars has everything you want in a hot weather gear. First, it has 600-D poly fabric PU shell which is not only lightweight but also rigid enough to keep you secured.

Besides, the extensive mesh panel on the front and rear will ensure maximum breathability during sunny days. The unit is stitched carefully. Also, the collar has meshed for added comfort. Plus, you will have YKK zippers and a Velcro closure system which has made this product ultra-comfy.

The D-shaped waist adjustment system lets you attach the zipper that locks in completely with Alpinestars pants, making it a foolproof biking gear. In terms of protection, it provides a removable Bio-Armor to protect your shoulder and elbow. The armor is C.E. certified and designed to protect you from abrasion.

Two-way sleeve zippers operate with a Velcro closure system too. The curved sleeves guarantee incredible air circulation. You will also get the same YKK zipper with a safety closure mechanism in the pockets. The makers have added a reflective lining so that you remain visible in a night ride.

This jacket will turn out to be a life-saver on an adventure trip. Its inner vest lining will safeguard you from the wind. Not only wind, but the vest lining will also protect you during heavy rain as well. It is removable too. Plus, the document pocket is water-resistant. Thereby, you can store all your important papers safely.


  • Aesthetic design
  • Windproof and waterproof vest lining
  • E. certified Bio-Armor
  • First-class leather


  • Fitting is inaccurate near the sleeves
  • The chain jams occasionally

5. Tourmaster Transition Series 4 Men’s Textile Motorcycle Touring Jacket

The textile can be a perfect replacement for leather. There are some very good textile made touring jackets. On top of the list, you will see this fantastic touring gear. Tourists always have to encounter different weather and environment as they move across vast countryside.

As the name suggests, Transition Series 4 will aid you during the transition from one climate to another. This jacket adapts to almost all weather conditions. It is arguably one of the most functional all-weather jackets on my list.

The jacket features waterproof pockets and zippers. You do not have to abort riding while it rains because it comes with the unique Aqua-Barrier under-the-helmet hood. As a result, it will block the water from sipping through your back.

Apart from the rain guard barrier, the attire also provides sufficient air circulation. It has pipeline vents in strategic places. What about cold weather? Well, the thermal liner will take care of your body when the temperature dives below-average level.

Your shoulder, back, and elbow region will be protected with heavy armor. The makers used Carbolex 600 denier as the shell material. On the elbow, you will get 1680 denier Ballistic. It is undoubtedly one of the most compact touring attires you will find.


  • Nine secure pockets
  • Non-stick zippers
  • Removable insulated liner
  • Pipeline vents


  • Some pockets are tiny

6. Milano Sport Gamma Motorcycle Jacket with Red Accent

There are few products in every industry that never stays unnoticed. The Sport Gamma jacket from Milano is one of a kind. You will often find a place for this one in the top ranks of almost every motorcycle leather jacket. It is the perfect blend of incredible design and superior protection.

Let’s talk about the design first. Both from the front and rear, it looks astonishingly beautiful. It will definitely raise many eyebrows on the streets when you wear it. The red stripes around the body gave it a vibrant look. The inner pockets will let you carry your belongings safely. It has adjustable belts to ensure a perfect fitting.

Many jackets come with fashionable designs but lack safety. However, Sport Gamma is a certified product that has successfully met the safety standards set by the European market. It has the best leather motorcycle jacket with armor to protect your shoulder and elbow from impacts. Besides, you can remove these armors during summer.

To safeguard your body parts from accident, the makers have included padded panels near the front and rear of the jacket. Also, reflective stripes have been used to make the jacket visible in the dark.

When the lights are out, it looks astoundingly beautiful. It will serve you around the year, in every season, and in all atmosphere.

Furthermore, the manufacturers have provided zippered vents near the chest and back. Feeling too hot? Just unzip the vents and enjoy the cold breeze of air even on the hottest days.

On top of that, the thermal liner is also removable. It is one of the top-quality waterproof jackets available. The product is very comfortable to wear as well.


  • Colors and Sizes available
  • Durable
  • Adjustable velcro straps
  • Removable thermal liners and armors
  • E. approved


  • Priced high
  • May need to order a larger size

7. Track motorcycle biker armor men leather jacket

The exclusive leather jacket from Track is another best motorcycle leather jackets that have made it to my top three list. Amazingly, the makers have given utmost attention to every little detail of the product. You may not find anything special at first glance. After all, it follows a conventional two-stripe design which is very common.

But, the more you examine, the more amazed you will be. Every small details matter. The stripes on the front, shoulder, and back have anti-reflective properties for more visibility. All the zippers are durable as they are from YKK. Two front zipper pockets will confirm that you do not accidentally drop anything.

The jacket includes five pieces of injection-molded armors for safety purposes. These removable plastic armors are no fluke. They will provide substantial protection. Besides, the armors have extra foam for your comfort. On the back, you will get double density foam which will secure your backbone during fatal crashes.

Just like our top two products, this one has also been designed for all-weather. On the back, you will get two zipper vents. The sleeves are foldable and come with an easy zipper system. In addition, you will be able to remove the quilted liner and the armors. To ensure quality, it has been stitched twice near the joinery areas.

This thing is made of top-grain cowhide leather. A top-quality product like this must fit perfectly. It has a waist adjustment system and collar snap button for an optimal fit. Additionally, the sleeve zippers and open collar design gave the product a trendy look.


  • Removable armors and liner
  • Double-stitched
  • Available in five different sizes


  • Single color option
  • Not unisex

8. Joe Rocket 1051-5004 Atomic 4.0 Men’s Riding Jacket

As always, the apparel industry is extremely competitive with so many products fighting to be the very best. The competition becomes more intense when it comes to leather jacket for bikers. Clearly, the Joe Rocket 1051-5004 is another dark horse that possesses every attribute of great biking gear.

The standout feature is its cross-linked ventilation along with the wind tunnel cooling facility. Thankfully, all the zippers are laser cut and waterproof. At both sides of the central zipper, you will get two large zipper pockets. This feature also improves the outlook tremendously.

It comes with externally accessible armors in the shoulder and elbow that are C.E. approved. Moreover, there is an option to buy a removable spine armor too. You can adjust the fitment just the way you want because the jacket has a 6-point surfeit adjustment system. Also, the waist adjuster will give you a secure feeling.

The jacket is completely waterproof. Despite being water-resistant, there is no shortage of airflow inside; thanks to the multiple ventilation features. Several vent holes are placed in tactical places to keep your body cool. Over and above that, the two large vents can be joined together to ensure uninterrupted airflow.

Amusingly, it comes with an insulated full sleeve liner that can be removed when the temperature is raising. But, if the weather is cold, this thermal liner will keep you warm. The jacket is available in various sizes from small to 5-XL. You can choose the accent color from 5 different options- black, red, blue, green, and grey.


  • Waterproof
  • Reflective stripes
  • Variable flow ventilation system
  • Dual close zipper system


  • Can get hot if the weather is very warm

9. Alpinestars Andes V2 Drystar Men’s Street Motorcycle Jacket

The Andes V2 has all the features of an orthodox biking jacket. There is nothing flashy with this product. Reasonably so, it is a gear for serious bikers. You will be glad to know that it has been designed in a country well-known for fashion, i.e., Italy.

This product follows a cool graphic design that will reflect in the night. It will glow like a star when the lights are low. Ironically, the V2 will also keep you from watching stars in the day. After all, it has C.E. certified protectors to keep you in one piece.

It has been tailored with care. Every material is of sound quality. The gear is made of reinforced poly-fabric textile. This material is not only waterproof but breathable too. The zippered front cargo pockets are also waterproof. What’s more, you will get waterproof YKK zippers that operate with a safe Velcro closure system.

This jacket comes with the exclusive Direct Ventilation System known as DVS. It will facilitate splendid air circulation to your body through the chest and back exhaust ports. You can easily remove the thermal liner on hot days.

It is made under strict supervision in Bangladesh. On the waist, you will get dual Velcro straps that can be adjustable for a perfect fit so this is the best leather riding jacket for you.


  • Removable elbow and shoulder protectors
  • Multiple waterproof pockets including internal pockets and utility back pockets
  • Polymer texturing in strategic areas to resist abrasion
  • 3-D mesh construction for comfort
  • Colors and sizes available


  • Side pockets are not zippered

10. BlingSoul Brown Distressed Leather Jacket

Up next is a very fashionable brown leather coat from BlingSoul. Bikers who are running a little low on budget but want attractive gear anyway; should think about this product. It is also available in plenty of sizes; from extra small to 3XL.

It is a long winter coat with a diamond-shaped Viscose liner on the inside. The jacket uses no zipper, but four large bone buttons for closure. This appealing design has been complemented by fantastic stitching all over the body. So, you do not have to compromise the quality for looks.

This is an ideal jacket for your cruiser bike. You will definitely draw a lot of attention while you ride with this thing on your body. It uses 100% genuine leather exterior that will keep you warm and cozy, and resist much of the impact during accidents.

There are two large pockets near the waistline. These external pockets are made with viscose liner. Thereby, they can be also used as a hand warmer. On the inside, you will get two more pockets for carrying your important documents.

What’s more, the design includes open-hem cuffs and a shirt-like collar. Hence, you can also wear it as a casual outfit.


  • Luxurious design
  • Durable
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Affordable


  • No reflective stripes
  • Not waterproof
  • Protection is not satisfactory for the serious riders

How To Choose The Best Leather Jackets for Motorcycle

best leather riding jacket

Motorcycle riders are responsible for some of the deadliest accidents every year. Yes, the two-wheeler is one of the riskiest vehicles on this planet. It goes without saying why bikers around the world look for the safest protective gear.

There are so many things to notice before selecting a safety jacket that I have decided to write a complete buying guide on it.


The first thing to decide is the material.

When Marlon Brando popularized the leather jackets in the early 19th century, nobody thought it would be such a fashion blockbuster. From Hollywood heroes to ordinary bikers, everybody loves leather jackets.

If your jacket is made of genuine leather, it will provide fantastic protection from unfriendly, cold weather. It will also give you a dashing, manly look. The material is robust and easy to clean. It is the most abrasive-resistant material.

However, do not be easily impressed with every leather product you see in the shop. Most of them use a small percentage of other materials that may make a world of differences. Besides, there are many types of leather.

Pure leather comes from the skin of cow, horse, crocodile, and elk. Premium quality leather may also come from the hide of lamb, goat or kangaroo. Leather made from the skin of cow or crocodile tends to last longer, but lambskin is the most popular for being ultra-soft.


Additionally, you should also look at the details of the material before purchasing the best mens leather motorcycle jacket. Generally, full-grain leathers are not corrected and offer superb breathability. But, they tend to be thicker.

On the other hand, top-grain leathers are sanded down in order to correct them and remove imperfection from animal skin. Thus, they are more comfortable and thinner. However, do not buy overcorrected cheap leather as they feel like plastic and do not last long.

Leather or Textile?

The biggest downside is that most of the leather jackets are impossible to put on during summer. Since they are heavy, the riders may grow fatigued upon riding for a long time.

A good substitute for leather can be found in textile. You will be able to wear it every season. It provides better breathability during summer and resists water too. Since they are comparatively lighter, you will feel more comfortable.

However, textile provides less protection from crashes. Nylon stretches less than leather. Thus the textile jacket makes you more vulnerable during crashes. This material lacks durability and doesn’t look as good as the clothes made of leather.

Alternatively, you may buy a hybrid or synthetic textile jacket. It has the potential of being an ideal touring gear because it will fit well. The hybrid units prove to be more durable than textile jackets.

Nevertheless, the best ones are made of genuine leather.


Depending on your riding style and bike, the design may change. You have to determine your niche first.

Suppose, you love to cruise and own a cruiser motorcycle. A classic jet-black leather jacket will suit you perfectly. This timeless design is the perfect match for a cruiser biker.

On the contrary, if you are a speedster who loves to disappear with a sports bike, you must wear complete racing gear. These gears fit around the body tightly and include heavy armors.

Moreover, you have to check the construction, fitting, ventilation system, color, and style of the pockets and zipper before fixing the right gear.


Do you know the cons of wearing a jacket that doesn’t fit well?

It will spoil your look and won’t be able to safeguard you completely during accidents. Hence, the outfit should fit you well. You can adjust the fitting by using the adjuster that can be found near the waist or side of your gear.

This is the reason why I don’t shop for safety jackets online. I suggest you buy the right one from the shop after checking the fitment physically.


If the jacket is not thick enough, it won’t be able to resist the shocks received from crashes. The cowhide is the thickest leather material. The outfits made from this material will provide supreme resistance against abrasion. Additionally, calfskin leather also provides excellent protection.

Armor & Padding

Safety should be your highest priority in choosing a jacket. It should have internal armor, TPU sliders, and an excellent padding system so that the cloth can withstand most of the blow during impact.

Padding should be provided near the body parts that have the highest risk of getting affected during an accident. The armors used to be very rigid and hard in the past. However, modern jackets have lightweight shields which can withstand a more substantial impact than the old ones.


A non-breathable fabric will make you extremely uncomfortable. You might even feel suffocation because of tight stitching in your jacket.

Having a sufficient amount of mesh membrane in the ventilation will help you get ready for all temperatures by increasing the circulation of air inside.


Without any doubt, leather-made apparels are very robust. But, only the genuine ones. To make sure that you have a durable outfit, you have to know the difference between artificial and real leather.

Contrary to popular belief, a textile-made jacket can be durable too. Some manufacturers use a combination of leather and textile. Consequently, the mixed ones last longer and cost lower.


What is the simplest way to know that a jacket can be worn in every season?

To ensure versatility, buy the one that comes with a removable liner. As a result, you can use them in the cold and remove them in the hot season. An insulated liner will work best for all seasons. You may buy a full sleeve liner jacket, or you may go for the one that has a vest-like design, depending on your needs.

Another option is to buy a liner that will prevent water from entering inside. This type of waterproof liner is beneficial in rainy or foggy weather.

Wind protection is also vital for hill trackers. They must buy premium sportswear with a liner that provides great protection from wind. This thing will turn out to be an asset for those who live in a hilly area or often go mountain riding.


To me, comfort is everything. Many people tend to compromise comfort in the pursuit of buying the safest product. Trust me; you will regret your decision if you decide to sacrifice the coziness.

A comfortable jacket must fit well. Obviously, you need a tight-fitting outfit so that the padding can protect your body parts. However, if the fitment becomes too tight, it will spoil your comfort. So, do not forego the luxury of ease.

Buy the one that fits tightly to the body but at the same time offers some sort of flexibility as well.


Ironically, the load of the product matters. A heavyweight protective gear will spoil all the fun of your journey. However, you can’t risk buying a lightweight product that offers zero or no protection. Therefore, buy the one that doesn’t weigh much, yet offers superior safety.

Price & Brand

You can buy a full-functioning jacket for less than $300. On the other hand, most premium ones may cost you more than $3000. So, determining the maximum amount you are willing to pay is important. Your brand choice depends on your budget.

Caine and Wilsons make stylish low-end products. Moreover, they often give discounts and flash sales which lowers the price further.

If you are willing to spend a few hundred extra bucks, then you can buy the jackets made by Falcon Garments or Vanson.

Climb up the ladder to the peak, and you will find some premium brands like The Real McCoys and Aero Leather. Their sportswear is designed by professional designers and is very expensive.


Other than that, you can also check whether the garment was tested to resist impact and heat.

Look out for the CE mark on safety labeling. CE is the short form of Conformité Européene or European Conformity. They check whether a product meets European safety standards or not.

Fastening method

The fastening method should be easy so that you can easily unzip it with one hand. It may seem unnecessary, but this feature can be a life-saver. In case, you feel unwell or grasp for air, you can simply relax the fastening and take some rest.


Riders often ride at night. Therefore, having some reflective linings are necessary for your safety. Also, this feature will make you more visible in the windy weather when the lights are low.

How To Clean Or Wash Leather Jacket

How To Clean Or Wash Leather Jacket

Cleaning a jacket is no rocket science. Anybody can do it conveniently. However, you have to consider a few things in order to clean it entirely without any damage.

Cleaning the Exterior

You will need a soft cloth, a cleaner, an anti-moisture solution, and a leather balm. Before washing, you need to check whether the product is washable or not. Check the label and stickers that came with the item. It should be written clearly along with detailed instructions.

The first thing to do is to find a cleaning solution that won’t dry out your cloth. You can test this by initially applying a small amount of liquid to your jacket and checking the result.

To clean, apply some water and a few drops of cleaning solution to the jacket. A little bit of solution will do the trick, no need for overdosing. Clean the jacket with the rag softly and gently. Spraying some anti-moisture solution will keep the moisture away.

Then, wait for a few minutes and let it dry. To condition the jacket, you can use a leather balm or apply some Vaseline.

If the product is machine-ready, you can wash it in the washing machine. After washing, rinse it smoothly and let it dry. Sprinkling some waterproof spray will work as an anti-moisturizer.

Cleaning the Interior

Additionally, the interior can be cleaned if they are removable. You can wash them after removing the interior and the liner. But you have to take out extra air from your jacket first.

It is not uncommon for the interior to smell a bit upon removal. Turn the jacket inside out and remove the armor. Applying some de-salter will take out the foul smell.

But, you have to keep the jacket in a flipping position for some time. You are free to take the jacket after it has been dried completely.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I distinguish between good and cheap quality leather jackets?

Experienced users can recognize them just by touching them. Good quality leather garments tend to be smoother. You will have a soapy feeling when you touch them. There is no unnecessary seaming. Most importantly, they will not feel like plastic.

2. How much should I pay?

You can get a top-grain leather jacket by spending a few hundred bucks. But, if you want the best quality, you should buy full-grain leather. Each one of these premium jackets will cost you over a thousand.

3. What kind of hanger should I use?

The sharp edges of the hanger may leave a spot on your valued gear. So, it is better to use a padded or round-shaped hanger.

4. Which color should I choose?

Most bikers like to wear black or brown. These colors suit almost everyone. The good thing is that you don’t need to clean the jacket often.

If you want to bring variation to your style, you can go for colorful jackets. They will also increase your visibility on the road. However, unlike the black ones, you can’t wear the same colored coat every day. So, you may end up buying multiple jackets.

5. How important is certification?

In my opinion, certification doesn’t matter much unless C.E. certifies the jacket. They test a jacket’s ability to provide protection to your body against impact.

Though, there are many bogus organizations that provide certification without testing and make some cheap money out of it. So, do not fall for it.

Final Words

A top-class leather jacket will not only protect you but also enhance your persona. It is evident from the above discussion that you can’t judge a book just by looking at the cover.

To make a long story short, look at every little detail if you want to buy the best motorcycle leather jacket.

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