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Best Motorcycle Cleaner in 2022: Reviews & Buying Guide

Compared to cars, motorcycles are a more convenient option for those riding alone. Starting from the buying price to the cost of maintenance, motorcycles would win against cars any day of the week.

But an aspect where it probably will not win is cleaning. Because a motorcycle has a lot of exposed areas, you need the right kits to clean this vehicle properly.

That is why today's article will revolve around getting you the best motorcycle cleaner in the market. We will also review a few of our top choices to help learn more about your options from the comfort of your home.

If that doesn't help, we also prepared a buying and cleaning guide for a bike cleaner answering all the queries you might possibly have.

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Cleaner by Aero Cosmetics 

Skidmore's Biker Edition Leather Cream

Maxima Ultimate Chain Care

Meguiar's Cleaning and Detailing

Simple Green Cleaner, 20-Ounce

Benefits Of Using Motorcycle Cleaner

Cleaning is crucial for everything and it is just as crucial that you find the best motorcycle detailer for your bike as well. There are always benefits to using the best products available on the market. You can clean easily and without leaving any bacteria or germs.

However, when it comes to finding a motorcycle cleaner, there are quite a lot of reasons for you to find yourself the best motorcycle cleaning products that get the job done. Before we get into a review, here are some benefits to buying yourself. Take a look!

1. Increasing The Lifespan

A motorcycle cleaner will do more than just clean. Because, most of these cleaners are made to protect the surface against corrosion, using them will also increase the lifespan of the parts you use the cleaner on. It will protect leather, rubber, and even plastic surfaces from degrading easily as well.

2. Resistance From Rust

Rusting is something that happens when it comes to the delicate parts of a bike. That is why you should get yourself a bike cleaner and detailer that will take care of your bike and prevent rust. Even if you want to clean an already rusted area, these cleaners can remove them with ease.

3. Preventing Bleaching

A motorcycle cleaning kit can help prevent bleaching on surfaces. Not only that, they can provide a gentle wash that no press washer can. You will also get the option to spray wash or even dry wash your bike.

4. Super Easy To Use

Pressure washing is much more complicated than washing with a bike cleaner. With a cleaner, you can spray it one or even go waterless for cleaning. And since a lot of these cleaners come with an entire set of additional materials that help cleaning more comfortable and easy, there is no reason to not buy these cleaners.

5. Save A Few Bucks

Buying a bike cleaner will reduce the cost comparing to getting them cleaned at a shop. These cleaners will also last a long time so you will be saving a lot of money overall. Trust us when we say that getting yourself a motorcycle cleaning kit will be a smart investment!

Top 7 Reviews of The Best Motorcycle Cleaner and Polish in 2022

Because there are countless products that claim to be top-quality motorcycle cleaning kits, we tried finding you those that are the best. As they have unique features, you'll get an idea of what is out there, what to look for and what to watch out for.

1. Waterless Motorcycle Cleaner by an Aero Cosmetics

The Aero brand has given us a lot of good products over the years. And that is why it has received the first position on our list. Because this is the best waterless motorcycle cleaner in the market.

Other than being easy to use and environment-friendly, this wax kit has some super interesting features that make it worth the money.

For starters, you can use this kit for a waterless and dry clean. It is made in a way that you do not need any amount of water to clean your motorcycle. Think of all the water you will be saving!

Not only that but because it does not need water, you can use it for cleaning something as big as a car too. But it gets better.

Not only is this cleaner made from biodegradable items, but it is also made to protect your bike from UV rays and any sort of static charge that might develop.

Because this cleaner contains no Alcohol or Ammonia, it can give you a much more long-lasting clean. Furthermore, it is super easy to use in removing tough stains.

However, when we look for the downsides of this specific cleaner, there are some things that caught our eye. The cleaner kit is a little too heavy and might be a little uncomfortable to use. Also, the mixture seems to be a little thin which might make it take longer to remove tough stains.


  • Provides a waterless wash
  • Is a biodegradable motorcycle cleaner
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Contains an anti-static finish
  • Coating provides UV protection
  • Free of Alcohol and Ammonia


  • The product itself is heavy
  • The mixture is really thin

2. Skidmore's Biker Edition Leather Cream

Leather is a biker's best friend for sure. Starting from the leather seats to the jacket stereotype, a biker has an interesting relationship with leather. Because while leather seems to a part of their daily life, keeping it clean seems to be a struggle that is very real.

This is why the Skidmore Biker Edition is the perfect choice for you if you are having trouble cleaning your leather. Not only is this product AMAZING when it comes to leather cleaning, but it is also great for the plastic windshield or even rubber.

Because it is made of natural ingredients, you can rest assured when it comes to worrying about toxic materials. Not only that, but you can also use it to clean the leather jacket you wear too.

Although you will find a lot of products that are less expensive than this one, the Skidmore leather cream is probably a product that has great performance but a fairly low price. It is also super lightweight, hence, ensuring you stay comfortable when you are using it.

Even using this product is very easy. It cleans off pretty well and does not leave a greasy finish. All in all, be it leather or plastic, it brightens and polishes in a way no other cleaner can.

Although there are not any major issues with this product, the smell is something a lot of users did not find appealing. Hence, if this is something that matters to you as much as its cleaning ability, then it is important to keep this under consideration.


  • Made of natural, non-toxic ingredients
  • Compatible with suits or leather clothing
  • Can work well with a plastic windshield
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use
  • Price is fairly low compared to others


  • The smell is not good

3. Maxima 70-749203-3PK Chain Wax

When you step into the realm of motorcycle cleaning, you will notice a lot of part-specific cleaners out there that will also serve other purposes quite well. The Maxima 3PK is a lot like that. If you are looking for a cleaner that can take care of your motorcycle chain, then this is your winner.

The Maxima cleaner has a lot of perks to talk about. But the first one is that it has the ultimate chain wax and caring technology that the other products do not have.

Containing three kits, this cleaner can carry out all the heavy-duty motorcycle cleaning there is. It is also a great choice for rubber as well since the ingredients used here are not harmful to the rubber surface.

When it comes to protection, this cleaner can save your bike from rust and corrosion. Although it is said to be the ultimate chain care kit, it can serve all types of surfaces pretty well.

Also, it contains a material called the Parafilm which makes it an amazing choice for tough stains and rusty parts. The formula is also made to last the clean-up for a long time and it will not wear off easily.

But sadly no product is ever perfect. Like others, this one also has a flaw that you must keep in mind if this product appealed to you. It has a rusty color that seems to stain light-colored surfaces. Let us compare the pros and cons to see if this cleaner is worth it:


  • Does not harm the rubber surface
  • Perfect for cleaning O rings and chains
  • Perfect for all-purpose use
  • Does not wear off easily
  • Can provide long term protection in humidity
  • Contains Parafilm


  • The cleaner has a rusty color

4. Meguiar's Motorcycle Care Kit

Because a motorcycle has so many exposed areas, there are big and small parts that are always prone to germs and dirt. This is why the cleaners meant for motorcycles also need to be perfect for detailing, meaning it has to be able to clean every nook and corner of the bike.

Designed for this sort of “deep cleaning,” the Meguiars cleaning kit is the best motorcycle cleaning kit that can help you scrub your motorcycle clean from top to bottom.

This cleaner is also helpful when it comes to delicate materials like leather. Having 7 pieces can take care of anything and everything that needs to be taken care of.

Although there are many parts to clean up, most kits lack the necessary tools to complete this cleaning. This is why this one is the absolute best when deep cleaning your bike.

Using this product also has some perks. Because it is doesn't give off a slippery finish, this product is great for plastic, rubber, and the part of a bike that needs to have a certain level of friction.

It also does not give off an artificial gloss, something that a lot of people prefer to have. Lastly, the cleaning kit comes in a very convenient size, which is a necessity since going deep into motorcycle cleaning means having to use the cleaner for quite some time. So comfort is highly crucial here.

Looking more into the cleaner itself, there have been complaints about leaking. There is a possibility your cleaner might be delivered with the top not screwed in well. So keep this in mind before buying.


  • Can clean and condition leather products
  • Perfect for giving metal surfaces a polish
  • Best for plastic, leather, rubber, etc.
  • No slippery finish or artificial gloss
  • Has a convenient size


  • The top part is not screwed in well

5. Simple Green Cleaner

A 20-ounce cleaner that is named simple might make you wonder why we have it on our list. But believe it when we say that this product is anything but simple. This green cleaner has basic features like being easy to use and being able to clean tough stains, but there is more to it than that.

First, let us clarify why it is named "green cleaner." Well, for cleaners of any sort there is always that fear that it might be made from materials that are harmful. But with this little guy, leave all the worries behind!

The simple green cleaner is made from all biodegradable materials, and none of them will cause harm to you or the environment, so rest assured it does not contain any sort of toxic fumes, making it a must-have if you have asthma or breathing problems.

While most cleaners might cause the paint to break down when deep cleaning, this product will not, yes, you saw it right!

It is designed specifically to protect your painted surface from discoloration. The foam that this cleaner produces also has what they call a vertical cleaning power, making this product not only health-friendly but also super unique.

Besides, the Simple cleaner can also be used on rubber without it becoming slippery and can hold the friction of the chain and yet break down the dirt latched on to it.

However, it does not have the mechanism of degreasing and also takes a little too long to settle and break down the dirt. We think the patience is worth it though. Because not every product in the market will protect a painted surface or have a vertical cleaning power.

If you ask us, we would tell you the Simple green cleaner is worth it but at the end of the day, the choice is yours.


  • Does not discolor or harm the painted surface
  • Safe to use on chains
  • Non-corrosive and no toxic fumes
  • The foam that forms has the vertical cleaning power
  • Contains a biodegradable formula


  • The foam takes too long to settle and clean
  • No degreasing technology

6. Bike Brite MC44R Motorcycle Spray Cleaner

The Bike Brite is another best motorcycle spray cleaner that can get the job done quite quickly. It is not only the perfect cleaner if you just want to spray wash and nothing else, but it is also safe to handle and will not harm you in any way.

More importantly, it has some interesting features that seem to be very helpful to users.

First of all, this cleaner is the best motorcycle cleaners for those who want to finish the job with a spray wash. And as it also has a degreasing mechanism, it will also be amazing at removing the grassy vibe most cleaners give off. This thing is also a good choice if you want to polish the surface along with thorough cleaning.

You can say this is a multifunctional product that most certainly needs to be on your list. Deep cleaning is also its strong point. It uses a super foam action to clean very deeply and protect against corrosion.

This thing can also remove rust stains that have been around for ages. It will also brighten rubber or plastic surfaces. What can it not do? This one also keeps an eye on the water spots that might develop on your bike and takes care of that as well.

And the best part is, you can get all of this at a very low price. Because it is cheap, great at cleaning, and provides a protective coating as well, the Bike Brite is an extraordinary product that deserves to be taken into consideration.

If you do want to think of any flaws to consider, the only one is that the pre-cleaning phase is time-consuming. To use this on a surface, you would need to spend a lot of time preparing the surface for cleaning. Other than that this is a top-notch product that deserves a lot of credit.


  • Has a degreasing mechanism
  • Can polish all surfaces and brighten plastic or rubber
  • Controlled PH number and super foam action to clean deeply
  • Non-corrosive and non-rusting technology
  • Can thoroughly clean water spots


  • Needs time to prepare the surface

7. S100 Motorcycle Detailing Kit

Because detailing is crucial when it comes to cleaning a motorcycle, we have added another kit that has mastered this art of cleaning bikes. The S100 is a reliable product when it comes to cleaning the delicate parts of a motorcycle. It is spectacular at its job and will not stain the surface either.

When talking about the advantages this product brings you, we have to mention the fact that it can provide shine for metal surfaces. It is also protective against corrosion and rust.

Not only that, it will do magic when used for spray washing. This cleaning kit has 6 pieces that are all committed to providing a professional level deep clean.

Out of all the products on our list, the S100 is the best cleaner for motorcycle that removing the loose dirt from all big and small parts of your bike. It can remove residue with ease and will not make it seem like a hassle at all!

Being good at tough cleaning, it also contains the ability to break tough layers of stain and clean them without taking up a lot of time or energy. We can guarantee that you will not have to scrub your bike if you are using this specific cleaner.

Overall, we think this product is an amazing choice for anyone looking for a detailer. But the one thing that might make you flinch is the price. Although the S100 works very well and the brand keeps its words, the price will make you flinch a little.


  • Protection against corrosion
  • The perfect solution for deep clean
  • Makes metal surfaces shiny
  • Great for spray wash
  • 6-piece kit for professional-level cleaning


  • The price is incredibly high

How To Choose The Best Cleaner For Motorcycle

best motorcycle cleaning kit

When you finally go to the market to buy yourself a cleaner or explore your options online, you will find many products that might seem like it is worthy of cutting.

But there are some necessities that each cleaner should meet. This is why we have gathered a list of things you should look out for when buying a motorcycle cleaner.

Pick The One That Works On All Surfaces

Although it is always beneficial to get a cleaner that exclusively works on a specific surface, you should buy an all-purpose cleaner if you want to invest in something useful.

Usually, the ones that work on all surfaces can clean plastic, rubber, and even leather. So it is better to buy these cleaners than surface-specific ones.

Flexible Washing Options

A motorcycle cleaner can provide you with a lot of interesting options that pressure washing cannot. For starters, spray washing with a cleaner will be much more gentle than a pressure washer. There is also the option of waterless washing that will save you a lot of water.

Deep Clean And Detailer

The motorcycle cleaners also have kits that are good for detailing and keeping delicate parts germ-free. Not only that, a lot of tough stains need heavy-duty cleaning that only the best cleaners can provide. So look out for the cleaners that are the best at heavy-duty cleaning.

For Dry/Wet Use

It is crucial to keep in mind what type of weather you ride in the most. For example, if you live in a place with dry weather, then you should buy yourself a thin type of cleaner.

However, if you ride in wet and moist weather, then you should use a cleaner that contains a thick consistency.

Important Facts To Consider When Cleaning

best motorcycle spray cleaner

There are a few things you need to keep in mind while cleaning your motorcycle. You should keep in mind that being familiar with what you are working with, knowing the best products for your work and so on is just as important as buying the best motorcycle degreaser/cleaner.

If you keep the mentioned things in mind, your cleaning work will become much easier than before.

Check All The Tools

It is important you get familiar with all the tools that are available in your bike cleaning kit. You might have cleaners, wipers, and detailers in your kit that you didn't even know you needed.

So before starting your cleaning project, check all the tools and get comfortable with using them.

Know Which Product Is Most Effective

You need to know which product is effective for which type of cleaning. For example, a thin solution may not be suitable for you as per your requirements. But if you are cleaning a bike that mostly faces dry weather, a cheap, thin solution can do the trick.

However, for tough stains and bikes that endure wet weather, you should go for a more thicker solution that does not take too long to settle in and clean.

Always Ask An Expert

If you are new to cleaning, you should not keep all your questions to yourself. It is advised that you always ask an expert about whatever cleaning you're not sure of. Because this is a work that we are not professionals at, we need to have all the necessary information.

Use A Hose

Although spray washing can help get into the small parts of a motorcycle, you can use a hose to clean these parts very well. We think that cleaning the areas that are not as exposed is not important.

But in reality, these parts will contain a lot of germs and contaminants and will thus need deep cleaning as well. For cleaning the less exposed area, you should use a hose to clean them properly.

Way To Clean Your Motorcycle Properly: 9 Easiest Steps

best motorcycle detailing kit

Cleaning a bike can be a hassle for you if are doing it on your own. But sometimes, you can use a few strategies to make the cleaning work much easier for you.

If you follow this guide step by step, we guarantee that it will become much easier for you to clean your bike.

Step 1: Wait To Cool Down

Before you start cleaning, make sure you turn off your vehicle and let it cool down.

Step 2: Finish Pre-Cleaning

Before you start the main cleaning work, pre-clean your bike with a soft cloth and warm water.

Step 3: Remove The Chain Before You Start

Before you start cleaning, remove the chain from the motorcycle and keep it in a safe spot.

Step 4: Clean The Nook And Corners Properly

First, clean the places that are not easy to reach and are usually not too exposed.

Step 5: Clean Loose Dirt

Using a soft cloth, clean the loose dirt on every nook and corner of the motorcycle.

Step 7: Clean Delicate Parts

Using your motorcycle cleaner and a soft cloth, clean all the delicate parts. Put a layer of cleaner, wait a while for it to settle and then wipe the dirt off.

Step 8: Clean Plastic Parts

For cleaning the plastic parts of your motorcycle, use best motorcycle wash soap's water with a few drops of your motorcycle cleaner. 

Step 9: Rinse Well

After using a hose to clean off, use the soft cloth to rub it dry. But do not press too hard on the surface as it might result in scratches.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Can I use this with a pressure washer?

It is not recommended. Instead, use spray wash as pressure washing is not great for motorcycles anyway.

#2. When should I use a pressure washer with this?

Pressure washing is recommended when cleaning small sections or when you are cleaning off a greasy cleaner.

#3. Do these cleaners leave any residue?

No, there is no sort of residue that you need to worry about.

#4. Is it safe to use on any furniture?

Yes, although you should check what kinds of surfaces the cleaner is compatible with.

#5. Do these have a possibility of darkening white leather?

Most motorcycle cleaners do not darken the surface. But if you are using it on white leather, you should try out the cleaners that are exclusively made for leather surfaces.

#6. How is the odor?

Some cleaners have a strong smell while other ones don’t have any smell. Pick something that you are comfortable with.

#7. Does it have a greasy vibe?

Some do not have a degreasing mechanism. If you do not want a greasy vibe, get the ones that specifically mention containing degreasers.

#8. Are these cleaners flammable?

If it is flammable, it will be mentioned on the cleaner. Most bike cleaners are not flammable.

#9. Can I use these cleaners for bicycles?

Yes, they can easily be used on bicycles following the procedure and instructions given for motorcycles.

Final Words

We end this article wishing you the best of luck on shopping for a motorcycle cleaner. Although it may seem hard to keep all this information in your mind and buy the right one, our step-by-step guide has provided you with a descriptive explanation of the important things.

Now that you know what to look out for, here’s to hoping you find yourself the best motorcycle cleaner for your ride!

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