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Best Hidden Dash Camera for Your Car in 2022 | Reviews & Guide

If your car had encountered a car accident, you must know how intricate the issues of car insurance policies are! And the cost of car insurance policies is also on the rise. In such a scenario, a hidden dash cam for the car could be the only trustworthy friend by your side.

I’ve heard many stories that victims of accidents failed to prove their innocence. And believe me, the insurance companies are there to blame you for the accident. As a result, you won’t be aided by your insurance. Herein, the best hidden dash camera can easily save you in such situations.

The dash cameras have other benefits as well. If you’re surfing YouTube, you’ll find many people sharing amazing and beautiful video footage of their driving experience. You can easily run a nice YouTube channel using the video footages from your car dashcam.

In this article, I’ll tell you the things you must consider to choose the top-rated hidden dash cam for a car. In addition, I’ll also analyze the top three hidden dash cams available in the market. Sit tight!

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DDPai Mini Wi-Fi 1080p Dash Camere

KDLINKS X3 2.7K Dash Cam with G-Sensor

Things To Consider Before Buying Hidden Dash Camera

Since you’re here, I presume you already know that hidden dash cams are gaining tremendous popularity day by day. Keeping pace with the rise of popularity, manufacturers are also producing a lot of dash cams with different features. To be honest, it’s really a hard job to choose the best hidden dash cam for a car.

Don’t worry. I won’t let you down. In this section, I’ll discuss several features that you must consider before buying one for yourself. Just go through the features, you’ll automatically understand which dashcam would serve you the best.

Image quality and FPS

It’s pretty obvious that image quality and FPS (Frames per Second) are the first things you should look at. Frankly speaking, 1080p full HD resolution and above have become very common nowadays. So, it wouldn’t be wise for you to choose a cam of lower resolution.

On the other hand, most dash cams feature 30 FPS or 60 FPS. The latter would provide very high-quality video and suitable for professional use. I would say 30 FPS is enough if you’re buying the cam for normal use.

Field of View

This is actually how wide the scene the camera can capture. The field of view of most of the high-quality cams varies from 120 degrees to 180 degrees. Sometimes, a wider field of view compromises resolution. I would recommend that resolution should get priority over the field of view. Try to maintain a balance, okay?

Display & WiFi

You might wonder why I’ve discussed these two different features together. They might be different but they’re closely related. If you visit a store, you’ll find that most cams have a display. So, you might think that cams with no display aren’t good.

But, I have a different perspective. If the cam has strong built-in WiFi, you can easily watch the recordings on your smartphone. So, you can still choose a cam with no display if it has strong built-in WiFi.

Size & Mounting Type

Size and mounting type are also very important since you’re looking for a hidden dashcam. If the size is too large, you won’t be able to hide the camera, right? Besides, the camera will also block your eyesight or distract your vision while driving.

On the other hand, the mounting type is the feature that tells you how the cam is built to be fixed on your car. You’re more likely to find two types of mount – adhesive and suction.

The adhesive type of mount means smaller size. So, it’s less likely to block your sight or distract you. But, the problem with this type of mount is you can’t remove the camera easily in case of an emergency. And, opposite is the case with a suction mount.


The best dash cam must have a G-sensor facility. This feature enables your cam to detect any sign of collisions like rapid braking and sharp turns. In these situations, your cam will save that footage automatically.

Footages recorded as a result of such incidents won’t be overwritten. So, you can watch it any time later. let’s get started with our top 3 hidden dash cam for car reviews, price starts from $50 and ends at $150,

Here Our Top 3 Best Hidden Dash Camera in 2022

01. Pruveeo F5 | Hidden Dash Cam Under 50

Established in 2000, the Pruveeo has been well known as a professional dash cam producer. Just about 4 inches long and supported by both iOS and android, the Pruveeo F5 Dash Cam is one of the market leaders. Just slip the cam into the adhesive plate on your windshield and nobody would even notice it.


  • With 140 degrees field of view and full glass lens, the Pruveeo F5 captures video in full HD 1080p/720p format. Besides, it also has a 1.5 inches LCD screen. The video will be recorded in AVI format and images in JPG format. I wouldn’t say the cam is GoPro quality, but good enough for a dash cam.
  • The cam starts and turns off along with the engine of your car. In addition, it has a motion detection feature. If you enable this feature, it will start recording in case of any movement ahead. Even if the power supply is stopped from the car, the cam would continue recording until its battery runs out.
  • This cam has a built-in WiFi feature. You can watch the camera view through the app on your smartphone once both the devices are connected. On top of that, the app allows you access to all the settings of the cam. You can also download the recordings and images on your smartphone.
  • Loop recording, a common feature, is also featured in this cam. Generally, new clips overwrite older files except for the locked files. And recordings triggered by G-sensor are automatically locked. You can also lock other files manually. You should set the loop depending on the size of your SD card.
  • Another important feature of this product is that it has a very solid construction. One of the users posted a comment on Amazon that his cam survived a very bad drop. In fact, he didn’t even encounter any malfunction. Simply put, the sturdy construction ensures durability.
  • The Pruveeo F5 comes with two recommendations from the manufacturer. First, it must be used and stored within the humidity range of 10-80 percent and temperature range of 15 degrees to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. And second, you should format the SD card on a monthly basis.


  • Sturdy construction
  • No cable or parts to distract your eyesight
  • Adhesive mount and easy installation
  • Compatible with both iOS and android


  • High temperature affects performance
  • But it works just fine in a reasonable temperature range.

02. DDPai Mini2 | Dash Cam Under 100

The DDPai Mini2p is yet another best hidden car dash Camer addition to the dash cam industry. With no LCD screen, this cylindrical cam is produced by the Chinese manufacturer DDPai. If you don’t know, this is a company that first introduced dash cam combined with WiFi, remote button for snapshot and social community “On the Road”


  • With 6 glass lenses and a 140-degree wide field of view, you’ll enjoy full HD 1400p quality. Although it features only 25FPS, you probably won’t notice any difference as this cam captures more light. Besides, no worries about poor quality footage while driving at night, thanks to its super night vision.
  • You’ll be glad to know that the lenses featured in this cam are zero distortion lenses. As a result, videos and images captured with this cam will have nearly no fish-eye distortion. In addition, the auto-update option will regularly update optimized firmware. You can stay relaxed about updates.
  • You might hear many users complaining that video quality is not up to the mark. I would say that the claim is not true in the original sense. You can only enjoy original 2K video footage’s captured by the cam on your PC or TV. The videos played on your smartphone are displayed in compressed format.
  • As I’ve told earlier auto-loop recording and G Sensor are common in dash cams, the DDPai Mini2p is not an exception. However, one important thing here – you would want to keep an additional micro-USB hardware tool. Because this cam has 1FPS time-lapse option for parking monitor.
  • The built-in WiFi in this cam makes it one of the easy-to-use cams. You can remotely access the settings of the camera and share your footage or images on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. All you need is to install the DDPai app on your smartphone.
  • In addition to the discussed above features, you’ll get a 3M sticker, a removable sticker, a plastic buckle and crowbar, a dual USB car charger, and a micro USB cable. However, you won’t get the micro SD card that is necessary to operate the cam.


  • Easy to use
  • Social sharing through the DDPai app
  • Nearly no fish-eye distortion
  • Built-in super-capacitor


  • The camera restarts if it gets overheated.
  • So, it can stop recording in such cases.
  • But it works quite well in its temperature range.

03. KDLINKS X3 | Hidden Dash Camera Under 150

The KDLINKS X3 is a new addition to the dash cam market. It is an upgrade of the well-appreciated KDLINKS X1. Although KDLINKS X1 gained popularity, the new model has been introduced with more advanced video recording technologies. And, this is a very strong contender in the list of hidden dash cam for the car.


  • With weighing only 2.56 ounces and a 2.5 sq inch dimension, the KDLINKS X3 is undoubtedly one of the best products with an amazing outlook. In addition, the dark black color gives it an even better look in terms of appeal.
  • You would be glad to learn that this cam features the newest video recording technology. You’ll be able to enjoy 2.7K video of super HD quality. The footages recorded with this cam have a resolution of 2688*1520. This is by far the best possible resolution in its price range.
  • This cam also features superior night vision. The six glass lens combined with an extremely sensitive sensor ensures quality recording both in daylight and night time.
  • Besides, the automatic motion detection feature allows auto-recording in case of movement ahead. The cam will start recording even if the engine of your car is off. This is mainly a parking mode feature that will ensure the protection of your car while in parking.
  • Most dash cams have a common problem that they don’t work well at a higher temperature. But, this cam features a li-polymer high-quality battery. This will ensure a long lifespan and several hours of recording at a stretch. Besides, you’ll also get loop recording and you can use a memory card up to 128GB.
  • Apart from all the positive sides, this cam has its negative sides as well. What you would despise the most is the lack of WiFi connectivity. Meaning, you have operated the cam manually and can’t operate it using a smartphone. Besides, there is no GPS and ADAS [Advanced Driver Assistance System].


  • Very small in size
  • High-quality video resolution
  • Li-polymer battery doesn’t require frequent recharging
  • Super night vision


  • No built-in WiFi and GPS.
  • You have to operate the cam manually.

Final Verdict

So, these are the top 3 best hidden dash cam recommended for your car. However, it doesn’t mean that all the other products are not good.

I’ve tried my best to analyze from such an angle so that you can understand what aspects you should look for before buying a dash cam. You can also look for other dash cam reviews. You should also keep in mind that every product has its positive and negative sides.

What you need to do is prioritize your demands. So, in my opinion, the Pruveeo F5 Dash Cam with WiFi should be the best choice for a regular driver. Finally, I hope that you’ve found the best one.

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