Best Helper Springs for F150

Best Helper Springs For F150 In 2022 | Reviews by an Experts

In the market for a set of helper springs for your F-150 workhorse? Not sure what to pick out from all these vendors and their offerings? You have clicked on the right place.

Welcome to our guide for finding the best helper springs for F150, where we have filtered through a few of the top quality helper springs available, into a handy list.

These F150’s are true workhorses. And as such, we have prioritized the factors important to all F150 owners. Then we used those factors to categorize and rank these helper springs. So, take a break, grab a drink from the fridge, and have a read.

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Hellwig 61607 Pro Series Helper Spring

Superior 11-1030 Helper Spring 1000 lb. Capacity

Superior 11-1020 Leaf Helper Spring

Hellwig 1801 EZ Level Helper Spring Kit

SSA28 | SuperSprings for Ford F-150

Best Helper Springs for F150 in 2022

If you find yourself here, it means we have successfully routed you into the juicy bits of our article. Fret not, we have quite the spread for you. We basically selected the helper springs ford f150 based on variables such as longevity, resistance, so on and so forth.

1. Hellwig 61607 Pro Series

First up, we have the Pro Series from Hellwig, model 61607. Simple outlook, simple enough to install and start using. Their main feature? They do exactly what they are designed to do with zero compromises. Let us take a further glance.

This can be especially useful for the people who are looking into upgrading their F150 2WD, maybe looking into stiffening up the suspension slightly. Let us be forthright, it really does not disappoint. The installation process is no less than a breeze.

For the home DIY-ers, rest easy, you would not need any tools other than the basics to get these bad boys installed on your truck. Just install them over the stock factory leaf pack, and you are pretty much set to get rolling.

The springs are rated for a capacity of 2500 lbs. High-quality steel goes into the manufacture of these steel leaves, so trust us when we say this, they will make your old, worn springs feel brand spanking new.

And the spring leaves are plated in zinc, giving a durable and shiny finish. The coating will also add a significant bit of rust resistance. These leaves are of a progressive rate, and so they do not affect the ride quality in any way when unloaded. Just install and forget.


  • Durable Zinc plating
  • Easy installation process
  • Rated for a capacity of 2500 lbs
  • The leaves do not affect the ride quality in any way


  • May not include the proper stop bolts and flat washers in the package

2. Superior 11-1030 Overleaf Helper Spring, 1000 lb. Capacity

If you are in the market for a very competitively priced pair of overleaf helper springs, the recommendations do not get much higher than the 11-1030 from Superior. Rated to add about 1000 lbs more to your current capacity, it truly is a great addition to any workhorse, especially without going crazy with the budget.

First and foremost, the raised height. These helper springs can add up to an inch of extra height. This is entirely dependent on the year, make, and weight of your vehicle, so your mileage might vary. However, you can expect the increase to be anywhere from 0.5 to about 1 inch.

The installation is fairly easy if you have the right tools. And the difficult bit is getting the nuts threaded to the U-bolts. We recommend grabbing a friend for the installation process and treating them down to the bar afterward.

Each of the leaf springs has one extra lead added that is the cause of that increased thickness, decreasing the availability of threads that can be latched to the U bolts. The ride quality afterward is going to be mostly the same as it was before. We noticed no additional noise emanating from the suspension system.


  • To be mounted on the preexisting leaf spring
  • Easy installation
  • Increases max load capacity
  • Increased stability


  • Two-person job


Next up, we have an even simpler set of lead helper springs—this time, rated to increase your maximum load capacity by 1500 Lbs. Made by Superior, you are getting exactly what you need at a price low enough to put most of the competition to shame. Let us take a peek.

The installation process is very simple. There are no two ways about it. The installation instructions are clear and precise, plus, all of it can be done with the tools you have lying around in your house.

If you use your truck or van as a workhorse, these helper springs are the way to go as they are an inexpensive upgrade that helps increase the weight capacity of your vehicle. The height increase is anywhere from 0.5 – 0.15 inches, so you barely notice the height difference.

Honestly, if you are planning to use them with an aging suspension system, the sagging can be removed entirely, and the firmness in the ride can be experienced almost immediately. You can also use these spring helpers to level out your vehicle.


  • Made in the US
  • Easy to install
  • Great load capacity
  • Can level out old, sagging suspension systems


  • Expensive

4. Hellwig 1801 EZ Level Helper Spring Kit

For our next product, this is the best helper springs for F150, it is going to be an entire kit from Hellwig. The 1801 EZ Level Helper Spring Kit is a set of variable helper springs, the heights of which you can adjust according to your needs without having to drop by the mechanic. Interested? Let us take a deep dive into 1801.

Performance is about as advertised, you are getting an increased load capacity. The instructions are adequate, generic for these helper springs. And the installation should be easy if you have the appropriate tools. After installation, a good run of the adjustments should see the process through.

Since this is a full kit, we decided to go a little deeper into the installation process. Just jack up your vehicle and have the wheels removed. Put supports on the base frame and then proceed to lower your rear axle. This will cause the existing spring to sag, giving us the opportunity to get the helper spring secured.

That is the installation bit complete, now we come to the adjustments. Both of these springs sit above the existing leaves, and there are mounting points. The bolts we need to torque are to the two mounting points that are the closest to our axel. And lo, we are done.


  • Performance as advertised
  • Adjustable height
  • Fairly easy installation
  • Prevents sagging on old suspensions


  • The adjustment instructions could use some work

5. SSA28 | SuperSprings for Ford F-150

Next up on our list, we are going to review a more premium bracket of helper springs. The SSA28 from SuperSprings to be precise. These SSA28’s are self-adjusting, tailor-made to aid the preexisting suspension systems of vehicles, ones that make use of rear lead springs.

So why should you opt for the SSA28s? Well, in short, the ones made for the Ford F-150 are purpose-built for the F-150. There are no two ways about these. They help minimize body roll by a significant margin, whilst helping level out the load too. Did we mention that they also add to the max load capacity? They pretty much do.

That sounds nice and all, but what goes into manufacturing these helper springs? These springs are made of high-grade steel, shot-peened (SAE5160H grade). You could expect a long work like out of these helper springs.

Now comes the installation. Pretty standard, like most of the other springs we have covered thus far. All you would need are a couple of ¾ inch wrenches, 6-inch (greater is better) clamps, and a jack you could use to raise the vehicle in order to increase the work area in the wheel well.

You do not explicitly need to remove the wheels. The key to success with these helper springs is to never tighten too early. First of all, we fasten those front shackles. Then we tighten the real shackle, using the existing clamps to pull together the springs.

Make sure that the pad did not sway out of place. Proceed to tighten the shackles.


  • Very easy installation
  • Made of SAE5160H grade steel
  • Increases max load
  • Minimizes body roll


  • We wish they coated the steel with some paint for extra durability

6. SSA5 | SuperSprings for Ford F-150

For the last unit on our review list, we have the best and the most premium offering, the SSA5 from SuperSprings. Like the other variant of the SuperSprings we have reviewed earlier, these springs are tailor-made for each supported vehicle. Furthermore, these include holes for ‘preloading’, that is, to add more resistance.

One thing to note about these particular springs, however, is that they do not add any additional capacity. They just aid the load-leveling of your vehicle. That said, these are one of those ‘maintenance-free’ units, that is, you would not be required to put them through a spot of maintenance every now and then.

Let us talked a little bit about body roll reduction. These helper springs undergo some strenuous testing before reaching the finish line, that is, the consumers. So you can be confident when they say that you will see a body roll reduction of up to 30 percent.


  • Premium offering
  • Body reduction by up to 30 percent
  • Aids load leveling
  • Minimal maintenance


  • The instructions could use some work

Things to Consider Before Buying Helper Springs for F150

So we have taken a glance at some of the best helper springs for F150 you could buy right now.

But perhaps they were not to your liking. Perhaps, you are looking for something else. Fret not, this article would not be complete without a simple buyers guide. So, let us figure out the things to be considered before pressing the buy button.

The Material

Not really a surprise, but yes, the first thing you should take a look into is the material that is used in the springs. Steel is standard. However, it does come in a variety of grades. For example, one of the springs on our list makes use of SAE5160H grade steel. So, take note of the durable ones.

The Stiffness

This is a rather difficult factor to gauge, but most manufacturers do state the level of stiffness of their helping springs. Even if they do not, there ought to be scores of reviews about the product online, and from there, you ought to be able to make out the level of stiffness.

Extra Haulage Capability

Some helper springs help out in the weight haulage department. Or rather, they can increase the max load haulage capability to some extent. Do check if the model you have in mind offers such an increase.

The Price

And now, we come to perhaps the most essential factor to look out for. Yep, the price. Honestly, in this automotive industry, we usually get what we pay for. There are, of course, competitively priced components, components that do punch above their price bracket.

But we do not recommend getting onto them without researching. As with all commodities, the price increases with more features or the use of premium materials, thus, choose only what you need.

Do not pay for what you do not. Best not invest in features you are not likely to use more than once or twice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How useful are these helper springs in reality?

Remember, these are not replacement springs, rather, they are there to reinforce the stiffness and general performance of your leaf springs. They install above the leaf springs, plus, work alongside them to provide better performance.

2. Can helper springs help in towing?

Yes, they do. During towing, they help keep your truck level. That is to say, the front portion of your vehicle will not be higher than the rear, and so on. They can also help improve the overall rigidity.

3. Can helper springs improve haul capacity?

This is a nice question. The answer is both yes, and no. There are some helping springs that can somewhat improve the hauling capacity of your vehicle. It depends on your model. Make sure to check with the manufacturer for feature authenticity.

4. What is the expected service life of a helper spring?

We recommend switching out a spring every 200,000 miles or so. Obviously, this is not a set rule, a good set will last some time. But there comes a time when parts ought to be replaced, and in the case of leaf springs, it is 200,000 miles.

5. My truck appears to be sagging. It had leaf springs installed. Where is the problem?

Time to check out your springs. If the damage is too bad, we recommend replacing them. And if it is due to age, we recommend investing in some helper springs.

Final Words

And we are just about done with our best helper springs for F150 article. We covered some of the good quality springs you could procure for your hard-earned dough. Hopefully, we aided you in deciding the best one. Feel free to come back and give this article a run through again. Happy hunting!

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