Best Floor Mats for F150

Best Floor Mats for F150 in 2022 – Top 10 Picks & Reviews

When buying accessories for a car, the floor mat is something that no one gives too much importance to. Although it might seem like a trivial thing to worry about, the kind of floor mat you buy for your F150 will decide how much time you need to spend cleaning your car.

The best floor mats for F150 will be easy to clean out, can keep dirt from spreading, and will also complement your car’s interior.

These features are common within a lot of top-quality floor mats, but depending on the kind of road you drive on and what you use your car for, you might need some extra features.

So take a look at our top picks to determine which floor mat will serve you well.

Top 10 Best Floor Mats for F150 Reviews in 2022

To help you select the right floor mat for your F150 out of the many available, here is a list of the top ones. Anyone from these floor mats won’t let you down for sure.

1.  Husky Liners Fits 2015-20 Ford F-150 Floor Mats

Finding floor mats that hug your car floor just right can be tough sometimes. Getting floor mats that you can later trim down to fit your car is an option, but you could easily mess up the entire mat with your trimmer.

This Husky Liner is made especially for your F150. The mat is contoured to be a snug fit for your car. This way, anything you spill won’t touch the actual floors. Dents and curves made in the mat ensure that they stay put and don’t move around no matter how sharp of a turn you take.

The sporty liner material is capable of withstanding any weather condition and tugging without getting tears or holes. You can purchase a combo set that fits all parts of your car floor and save up on some cash instead of having to buy separate mats for each side.


  • Factory retention posts keep the mat locked in place
  • Fits perfectly and leaves no space
  • Dents and spikes on the mat keep it from moving
  • The sporty liner material is durable and weatherproof
  • Available in a combo set which covers your entire car floor


  • There is a slight lift up on the door area

2. MAX LINER A0167/B0167 for 2015-2020 Ford F-150

Easy-to-clean floor mats are always a delight. This Maxliner is made in such a way that a simple wipe down removes all kinds of stains and dirt. We do recommend using soap or some kind of anti-bacterial spray for better hygiene, but if you are in a hurry or have sudden guests in your car, you can clean out the mat easily.

Besides being stain-proof, this mat is also weatherproof. No matter how hot your car gets, this mat won’t melt, become too malleable or get holes. You can expect the same durability in winter as well.

A textured surface catches al the dirt and spills and keeps them from moving too much in the car. These also work as a good grip and make the floor less slippery. Constructed out of post-consumer recycled material, not only will his mat help zhoosh up your car, but the product will also help the environment.


  • Easy to clean
  • Does not hold any odor
  • Easy to set up
  • Heatproof
  • Textures surface catches the dirt and stops any spills from spreading
  • Eco-friendly; constructed with consumer recycled material


  • Does not fit vinyl floors

3. Motor Trend MT-923-BK Black, Rubber Floor Mats

Don’t be fooled by the Motor Trend MT-923-BK’s price, although this mat costs less, the mat performs better than a lot of expensive F150 floor mats available. Rubber floor mats are usually not the prettiest, but this one is an exception.

A plain black construction with ridges makes this a classic floor mat that could go with any car’s décor.

As these are constructed with rubber, you can expect great durability. You will easily get more than 3 years of service with this mat if proper care is taken.

The surface of this mat is waterproof and can be cleaned easily. As the mat dries off quickly as well, you won’t have to wait for hours to reset the mats into your car. To get the perfect fit, you can use any generic scissor and trim off the mat. Customize the mat as large or as small as you want.


  • Affordable
  • Made with a sturdy rubber
  • Will last ages
  • Not affected by heat, rain or snow
  • Classic black color fit for any car
  • The surface is waterproof and dries easily
  • Can be cut according to your desired size


  • Not the best grip with the ground

4. YITAMOTOR Floor Mats Compatible with F150

the YITAMOTOR Store Floor Mats

If you’re not sure whether to get plastic or rubber F150 floor mats, you could give this one a try. Made with TPE material, this mat is a combination of both of the materials. TPE has all the good sides of both rubber and plastic.

This material lasts a long time and is easy to deal with as well. Waterproof material such as this one ensures that not a single drop of liquid enters your car floor, keeping the insides dry and fresh.

In case you have any pets or babies that get into the car, this could be a great option as the material has no toxic elements. Besides that, the material also has no lead, latex, or harmful PVCs.


  • Has all the good qualities if both rubber and plastic
  • Does not hold any odor
  • Spill-proof and easy to clean
  • Contains no lead, latex or harmful PVCs
  • Non-toxic and safe for babies and pets


  • Mat might be too thin for some users’ preference

5. AmazonBasics 3-Piece All-Season Odorless Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Mat for Cars, SUVs and Trucks, Black

the AmazonBasics Store 812032625

A car floor mat that is designed to relieve your foot is a blessing to have on long car rides. This AmazonBasics floor mat has specially designed grooves that keep the mat in place and are also comfortable on your feet. The grooves have a slight massaging effect on your feet, which helps if you’re tired or have a headache.

Besides that, these grooves also restrict any movement of the mat, keeping your car protected from stains and spills.

These may fit on to some car models straight out of the box, but for your Ford F150, you will have to do some trimming. Although this is a sturdy material that can last through anything, you can cut the mat according to the size you need with any pair of sharp scissors.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Comfortable; help with tiredness, sore feet, and headaches
  • Mat does not move one bit
  • Heavy-duty and sturdy construction
  • Color does not fade
  • The design does not bulge
  • No breaking, cracking or tearing


  • Sizing alterations can be critical

6. Husky Liners Fits 2015-20 Ford F-150 SuperCrew X-act Contour Front & 2nd Seat Floor Mats

the Husky Liners Store 53498

When it comes to quality, no one can compete with Husky Liners. Each part for the floor mat is designed and made with care. These mats will last through any weather, any mess, and any amount of stomping. So i think these are the best floor mats for F150 for your needs because it’s designed to fit perfectly in your Ford F150, you won’t have to do any cutting or trimming. All crevices are covered, keeping the car clean from all kinds of mess.

Raised ridges on the mat keep all the dirt in place and prevent a larger mess. Taking out the mat and resetting is quick and easy. There are no special hooks or ties that you need to worry about. Just place them on the floor, and the ridges will keep them secured.

These mats are made with strong material, but they are soft on your feet. With no sharp edges or rough surfaces, this mat is a delight to have in your car.


  • Reputed brand; high-quality
  • Designed to fit perfectly
  • No trimming or adjustments needed
  • Strong but soft and flexible


  • Not the cheapest

7. Gator Accessories 79610 Black Front and 2nd Seat Floor Liners Fits 2015-20

Gator Accessories 79610

Not only can this Gator Accessory withstand food, spilled drinks, and dirt, but the construction is resistant to all kinds of chemicals, heat, and cold temperatures as well.

So, no matter what kind of detergent you use, or how harsh of a chemical you disinfect the mat with, the structure will remain unharmed. Wash the mat as many times you want. The color won’t fade, nor will the quality degrade. And the only time you’ll have to replace these mats is when you replace your car.

Weather resistance feature preempts the mat from snipping into two in the cold, melting in the heat, and getting smelly in the rain.

A raised edge keeps the mats secured and locked in position so you won’t have to keep on fixing them. There is no moving, so there is no sound or spreading of dirt inside the car.


  • Can withstand any weather condition
  • Laser fit design
  • Not affected by mud, rainwater or heat
  • Can be washed with any detergent
  • Can be scrubbed
  • Does not move from a set location


  • Might require some trimming

8. oEdRo Floor Mats Liners Compatible for 2015-2020 Ford F-150

the oEdRo Store

This another one of the best floor mats for F150 on the market. It’s designed with digital laser scanning, this mat protects the back and front of the footwell. The mat extends to all corners and leaves to space in between, helping you keep that resell value up by protecting the original floors.

A triple extruded TPE construction ensures that nothing can tear or poke holes through this mat. Even the sharpest stilettos or heaviest boots won’t be able to do any damage to these strong floor pads. There is no slipping involved. Ridges keep the mat locked steady.

An odorless, non-toxic, and good for the environment F150 mat like this one is a great deal for the buck.

No grime or dirt builds upon the surface of the mat. To be extra cautious, you could give the mat a good scrub.


  • Stain-proof, odor-proof, non-toxic, and safe for the environment
  • No slipping
  • No dirt build-up
  • Can be scrubbed, hosed with water, wiped with baby wipes to keep clean
  • Triple extruded TPE durable construction
  • Extends to all corners leaving no space for leaking


  • Needs to be left in the sun to heat up for installation

9. MAX LINER A0212/B0188 for Ford F-150

MAX LINER A0212/B0188

Minimal designs are a great option to go for when buying car floor mats. This way, if you decide to change the interior of your car, the floor mats still have a chance of staying.

Maxliner introduced this all-black, sleek, and a minimal floor mat for the Ford F150, and it was an instant hit. The design is too elegant and chic to say no to. And the modern design is easy on the eye and innovative. Strategically placed grooves and ridges hold the dirt in place while giving the mat a cool look.

As the material is flexible, you can easily take the mat out for cleaning. Extra mats can also be kept folded in the trunk without harming the layout. To clean the mat, you can use any kind of soap, cleansing wipe, or rubbing alcohol as well. If you’re feeling lazy, you can hose the mat down with some water, and you’ll be good to go.


  • Easy to keep clean
  • Minimal and chic design
  • Strategically places ridges and grooves
  • Custom-fit for Ford F150


  • The back mat does not fully extend to the door frame

10. 3D MAXpider L1FR08311509 Front Row Custom Fit All-Weather Floor Mat 

3D MAXpider L1FR08311509 Front Row Custom Fit All-Weather Floor Mat

Car floor mats that are too thick and hard can be tough to remove and install, whereas mats that are thinner tend to be flimsy and not too good at their job. 3D MAXpider is designed to have the perfect thickness.

The construction is thick enough to hold the structure and give it strength but soft enough to be removed with ease.

Some people can’t bear the smell of plastic or rubber; this odorless mat will be a great option for them. Neither does the mat have a smell of its own, nor does it catch on any foreign odor.

To be gentler on your feet, the mat is softer on the top. Made with looped fabric, this mat almost feels like a carpet without any staining involved. A three-layer structure ensures there is no leaking or that no liquid seeps through.


  • Environment friendly
  • Soft on the feet; relaxing
  • Three-layer construction to prevent leaking
  • No staining, no odor
  • Non-toxic
  • Perfect thickness
  • Made with looped fabric which gives a carpet-like finish


  • Color might fade

Factor to Consider Before Choosing The Best Floor Mats for F150

When you’re on your way to buy the best floor mats for Ford F150, there are some features that you need to keep an eye on. These features are basics that will make your experience with your floor mat better.


Floor mats for cars usually come flat with no other wow factor. But some special ones are available which although might cost a few bucks more will make your car ride better.

If you have to drive for long hours, getting a floor mat that is cushioned might be a good idea. Slightly cushioned mats give your feet a soft and fluffy area to rest on.

You could also get mats that have special foot massage stones or padding. These help your feet relax, making those long drives less stressful. I mean, who wouldn’t love a foot massage on a long boring drive?

And if these special designs don’t entice you, you could get a normal typical flat floor mat. But even then, you should consider how comfortable the material is. Avoid getting mats that have sharp edges or rough surfaces.


Your floor mat is the thing that keeps the actual floors of your car clean. Getting a floor mat that does not cover the entire base of your car’s floor might cause any dirt or spilled liquid to get on your precious floor.

Although smaller floor mats look chicer, they don’t provide much protection, especially in a moving car. If not full coverage, try to get mats that cover at least a decent portion of your car floor.


It’s always a good idea to get floor mats that are designed specifically for your car model. This way, you get better protection, and installation is also made easy.

But if you can also buy floor mats that you can trim to fit your floor, universal fit options are also a choice.


Floor mats that are made with durable material won’t need a replacement any time soon. Try and settle for material that doesn’t stretch or tear very easily. Rubber or nylon can be a good option.

Ease of Use

To keep your car clean, you will have to wash or clean out the dirt and waste that has accumulated on the floor mat. Therefore, you should ensure that the floor mat you are getting can be washed easily. However, you clean your floor mat, either by hand or machine, the mat should also dry quickly.

Spill-proof or waterproof floor mats are a great investment as they are easier to deal with. Most of the time, dirt and grime just slip off the surface of floor mats like this.

If you need to clean the mat quite often, the installation process should be simple and quick so that you can pull out and reset the mat whenever you please.


It would suck to have your car’s interior décor that you spent thousands on ruined by some cheap floor mats you’ve bought online. Before making the final decision of buying a floor mat, consider how it will look inside your car.

Some brands offer different funky colors and patterns to choose from. If you want to experiment with your car’s look, you could give the hose a try. But a safe option will be to stick with the basic, white, beige, or plain black mats.

You’ll probably forget about your floor mat within weeks of buying it, so replacing them might take a long while. Getting floor mats that are easier on your eyes will make this process better for the long run.

Carpet vs. Vinyl vs. Rubber: Which Mats to Select?

Floor mats for cars are made with a lot of different materials; rubber vinyl and carpet being the most popular options. Which one will be the best material to go for? Here is a comparison of the three materials that you can assess yourself.


If you’re going for looks, carpets might be a good option. They are fuzzy and comfortable and kick your car’s décor up a notch.

But carpets are not productive and smart options when it comes to keeping your car clean. Carpets absorb all liquid and stain easily. So, you will have to wash your carpet floor mat quite often. Otherwise, the stained floor mat will make your car look worse.



Vinyl floor mats are waterproof. So any drink or food you spill on the floor can be washed away easily. A vinyl floor mat can be wiped down with some spray and set back on to your car without any trouble. One thing you need to know is that vinyl mats are not the most durable.



If you want your floor mat to last ages, rubber is the way to go. Rubber floor mats are the most durable and tear-resistant. They are also easy to clean and maintain, but they don’t have the best collection. The designs are rugged and don’t have any wow factor in them.


How to Clean Your F150 Mats

You will have to clean your floor mat once a while to maintain hygiene. How you clean the F150 floor mat depends on what material you chose. Carpet floor mats can be hand-washed, and if allowed, machine-washed as well. To get any stains out, you can use detergent.

When it comes to rubber, plastic, or vinyl F150 floor mats, you can take them out and wipe them down with a cleaning spray, and let them try. After that, you can pop them back into your car. If you wish, you can also use water and soap to give your floor mat a deep cleanse.

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you maintain your F150 floor mat better, here are some commonly asked questions that users might have.

1. How often do you have to replace car floor mats?

With proper maintenance, your F150 floor mat will give you 1 to 3 years of use. If the floor mat is of higher quality, the product should last you longer.

2. What material is the best for car floor mats?

Rubber is the best option to go for. They will last you a long time, and they can also be cleaned quite easily. The waterproof surface keeps your original car floor clean and looking brand new.

3. Do F150 car floor mats fit any other car models?

Ford F150 floor mats are known to fit some Nissan, Toyota, and Ford models. Most of these floor mats can be cut so you could trim these to fit your car.

4. Can you paint over car floor mats to customize them?

You can paint your floor mats, but the paint has to be waterproof and should not smudge on to other parts of your car.

5. How to keep your car floor mat bacteria and germ-free?

Wipe down your F150 floor mats with rubbing alcohol or anti-bacterial spray to get rid of any germs. Also, let your mat dry completely before placing them back into your car to avoid germ build-up.

Final Words

Finding the best floor mats for F150 is easy if you know what your requirements are. If you know exactly what you need, you will surely find your perfect fit. Choose one from our top picks if you don’t want to be disappointed.

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