Best Fender Flares for F150

Best Fender Flares for F150 Reviews in 2022 | Top 7 Picks

Whether you want to give your pick-up protection from mud, dirt, and debris, cover some previous scratches, or even give your truck a customized look, you are at the right place.

As long as you have a Ford F150, this article will help you choose the perfect fender flare for your truck.

In this article, we are going to explain all the things you should consider before actually purchasing a flare, and we are also going to give you a detailed review of the best fender flares for F150, so you can finally choose the right one for you.

Top 7 Best Fender Flares for F150 Reviews in 2022

Here, we will introduce you to the top-rated fender flares for Ford F150 that we have come across during our study. Hopefully, you’ll find one you like!

1. Wheel Fender Flares for Ford F-150 Styleside Models 2004-2008

Wheel Fender Flares for Ford F-150 Styleside Models 2004-2008Our first choice today, the wheel fender flares for Ford F150 Styleside Models 2004-2008, is possibly the best fender flare for your pick-up. It has a paintable design and some amazing features that set it apart from the rest.

Arriving in a pack of 4 pieces, 2 for front wheels, and 2 for rear wheels, on both passenger’s and driver’s side, this pack may seem like most others on the market.

But don’t let that fool you. It’s at the top for a reason. It includes specially engineered marine-grade stainless steel rivets that fit into the pockets of the flare just right. For purely decorative reasons, such rivets are explicitly inserted, not to attach the flares to the truck.

Moreover, these paintable pocket bolt-riveted style on the 100% UV-protected flares enables you to paint over it if you want it to match your truck. In addition, it also offers your wheels complete protection from dust, mud abrasions, and other external harm.

Now, you might want these specific flares with such amazing specs, even if you don’t own a Ford F150 Styleside Model. Well, you’re in luck if you own a Lincoln Mark LT 2006-2008 model, as they are equally compatible and fit just right.


  • Can be painted to match the truck
  • Fits the wheels just right, no external drilling is necessary
  • Includes all necessary parts to mount on the truck
  • Can be installed in a few simple steps as per the guide


  • Not compatible with any other model

2. Tyger Auto TG-FF8F4378 for 2018-2020 Ford F150

Tyger Auto TG-FF8F4378 for 2018-2020 Ford F150Up next, we have the Tyger Auto TG-FF8F4378 for your 2018-2020 Ford 150. Here’s why this is among the best fender flares for F150. Constructed from anti-aging Polypropylene parts, these fender flares assure excellent longevity and versatility.

Since it is crafted using the technique of injection molding, it fundamentally improves accident prevention efficiency. It will also give your truck protection from dust, rocks, and debris.

With a height of 6.13 inches in the front and 7 inches in the back, these Ford 150 flares will attach securely to your 2018-2020 model. It provides a tire coverage of 1.5 inches in both front and back.

Like most fender flare packs, this one is a 4-piece set. It includes 100% UV-protected flares for both back and front wheels, and for both sides.

But what makes it amazing is its exquisite matte black finish, thanks to its pocket bolt-riveted design. You can paint over the matte surface to either match your truck or give it a bold design.


  • Highly durable and flexible, thanks to its anti-aging Polypropylene material
  • Great accident prevention performance
  • Provides protection from rocks and debris
  • Can be customized to your liking


  • Installation takes a while

3. G-PLUS Compatible for Ford F150 Offroad 2009-2014 Models

G-PLUS Compatible for Ford F150 Offroad 2009-2014 ModelsFrom G-PLUS, our next pick is the flare with pocket rivet style designed for Ford F150 Offroad 2009-2014 models. This fender flare will win you over with its looks and performance.

The G-Plus flare set is made specifically to fit Ford 150 2009-2014 Styleside models. It has three different bed length sizes- 67 inches, 78.8 inches, and 97.4 inches.

Of course, like all fender flares for Ford pick-ups, it comes in a set of 4 flares, 2 for the front and 2 for the back. While it provides the aforementioned side style models with excellent fitting, it doesn’t fit any raptor or platinum models.

This one has an exquisite pocket rivet design and a matte black finish, which allows you to paint on a smooth surface. It has superior quality injection molding fender flares with flawless edge retention polish, which gives your truck a sleek look.

You can easily set it up on your pick-up by yourself. Most of the hardware is included in the pack. You just need to get some additional OS self-tapping screws. However, you do need to make a little drill on each wheel side to secure the flares. For a better understanding of the process, check the instructions on the user manual.


  • Gives great coverage
  • Customizable to your choice of color
  • 3 different bed sized to pick from
  • Prevents dust and mud from entering the frame


  • Requires a little drilling on each side
  • Also needs some self-tapping screws

4. Replacement for 2004-2008 Ford F150 Pick Up

Replacement for 2004-2008 Ford F150 Pick UpNow, we have the perfect replacement for your 2004-2008 Ford 150 truck. Let’s find out what makes this one of the best fender flares for Ford F150.

With 100% UV resistance, these flares are great for your Ford F150 pick-up. It gives absolute protection from mud, dirt, and debris and prevention from any sort of cracks and breakage.

Apart from amazing protection, these fender flares have a great design, too. You can tailor your flares based on your preferences, as it has a pocket-riveted design and smooth matte finish. You can color the flares like your truck body and hide them or give them a unique look.

Basically, you can use these flares for anything, be it to give your truck a different look or simply to cover bumps or scratches. With its 3-inch front and back tire coverage, it provides extra coverage for bigger-sized tires.

You can use the parts provided in the package and instructions from the user manual to quickly assemble the flares.


  • Absolute protection from UV
  • Great durability and longevity
  • Totally customizable to fit the truck body
  • Easy to set up


  • Compatible with only four models

5. RDJ Trucks Pro-Offroad Bolt-On Style Fender Flares

RDJ Trucks Pro-Offroad Bolt-On Style Fender FlaresOur next option on the list is the RDJ Trucks Pro-Offroad Bolt-On Style Fender Flares. Let’s look at some of the extraordinary features of this fender flare! Crafted with OE-certified ABS material, these Ford F150 fender flares are quite sturdy and built to last a long time.

Like the very best fender flares, it has top-quality design and sporty technology. While offering extra tire shielding and coverage from dust, debris, and scratches, it also provides an intense, custom-made design.

With its bolt-on style design, the Pro-Offroad flares will fit your 2009-2014 F150 perfectly. It has 4 individual pieces to fit your car from both front and back and on both driver’s and passenger’s sides.

And within each pocket, there are stainless steel bolts installed, which makes your Ford F150 truck gives a unique and definitive look. However, these bolts are purely decorative and therefore do not entail any sort of digging into the truck body. So you don’t have to worry about permanently damaging your vehicle.


  • Great value for money
  • Provides a perfect fit
  • Can be used to give your vehicle a custom design, as it looks great
  • Can also be used to hide fender damage


  • Assembling the rubber trim and the pocket bolt takes time
  • Back flares may need a little tweaking when installing

6. Fender Flares Kit Compatible for 2004-2008 Ford F150 Styleside

Fender Flares Kit Compatible for 2004-2008 Ford F150 StylesideHere’s another top-rated Fender Flare compatible with 2004-2008 Ford F150 Styleside Models. It includes quite a lot of features that make it so exceptional.

Built specifically for the 2004-2008 Ford F150 models, these fender flares fit just perfectly. You will love the snug fit. In fact, these flares also fit the 2006-2008 Lincoln Mark LT. Check the specs of your pick-up; you’re surely in luck if they match these amazingly constructed flares.

If you’re looking for strong and sturdy flares for your truck, you should check this one out. Constructed with superior quality ABS material, these offer the highest endurance. It is made of pure ABS material, no sort of recycled or old materials are used in its construction.

Thanks to its UV-protected strong thermoplastic build, it will give your truck the utmost protection from mud, dirt, and all sorts of scratches. In addition to its amazing performance, it has quite a classy look to it. Oh, and not to forget, it is customization-friendly. You can make it more “you” by painting on the smooth black surface.


  • Compatible with several different models
  • Made of superior quality ABS material
  • Excellent durability
  • Provides protection from cracks and damages
  • No drilling necessary
  • The package includes necessary parts and a user guide


  • Not compatible with the newer truck models

7. Premium Fender Flares for 2004-2008 Ford F-150 Styleside Models

Premium Fender Flares for 2004-2008 Ford F-150 Styleside ModelsOur final pick for today is the Premium Fender Flares for 2004-2008 Ford F-150 Styleside Models. So, let’s find out what qualities these flares possess that helped make a list! The package comprises 4 front and rear parts on both the passenger side and driver side.

With a height of 6.5 inches in the front and 6.7 inches in the back and an overall tire coverage of 2 inches, these fender flares provide a perfect fit.

Even if you don’t have a Ford F-150 Styleside Model, you can use it with Lincoln Mark LT, as they are also compatible with the 2006-2008 models. And they fit perfectly on all models.

It arrives with stainless steel rivets of marine grade that settle into the flare pockets. Such rivets are specifically added for aesthetic reasons, not to hold the flares to the surface of the vehicle.

In fact, this paintable pocket bolt-riveted design on the matte black fender flares allows you to customize it if you like. You can also paint it to match the color of your truck. And they look pretty amazing when painted!


  • 100% UV protected fenders
  • Can be easily customized to your liking
  • Easy installation process if you follow the user guide
  • No drilling is required on the truck body
  • Arrives with a rubber split strip that is mounted on the edge to create a shield


  • Installation takes longer than normal
  • Material is slightly flimsy

What to Look for When Buying The Best Fender Flares for F150

If you consider the following factors, you will be able to choose the best fender flares for Ford F150.


Superior quality fender flares are highly recommended. Yes, they may be a little on the pricey end. However, they are very good for your truck in the long run.

Good quality flares are built with exceptional precision. And these flares provide a tight and secured fit, which prevents water, dirt, or pebbles from coming in contact with the surface.

However, if you get a mediocre fender flare, it is highly likely water will seep through the little gap between the fender flares and the truck body, which might eventually cause rusting.


Most premium quality fender flares are very sturdy and highly durable. If you get one of the better quality ones, like the ones mentioned in the list above, you will receive strong and sturdy ones.

Look for strong materials, like injection-molded flares or ones made from ABS material. These fender flares can withstand almost anything and provide the utmost protection.

Fender Flares for F150


The primary purpose of fender flares is to provide protection to the truck. Go through the reviews and look for ones that give you protection from dirt, mud, and rocks.

If you live in a sandy place, get one that prevents dust and sand from entering. And if you reside in a hilly area, get one that provides protection from rock particles and shrapnels.


Among the different types, the Rivet-Style Fender Flares, also known as pocket style fender flares, are the ones you should look for.

These particular ones provide excellent coverage for your wheels. And at the same time, ensure extra protection from external damages like warping or deforming.


Another extremely popular feature is customizability. If you opt for a pocket-style fender flare, they have smooth matte finishes, which allow you to paint on them.

With these, you can customize your fender flare and have it match the rest of your truck body, or even get a different color if you want to make a bold statement.


Lastly, make sure you check if the model matches your truck!

How to Install Fender Flares

First, hold the fender flares next to your truck. If the top part aligns with your bumper and the bottom parts align with your vehicle’s edge perfectly, they are a perfect fit.

Now, some fender flares may require some drilling; however, most premium flares can be attached directly to the truck. Refer to the user guide for specific instructions.

Use the double-sided tape from the kit to attach the tape to the truck, then align the fender flare with the truck body and peel of the other side of the tape. Now, press the flare to the tape, and repeat the process for the other three sides.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the best fender flares for Ford F150:

1. Should I put fender flares on my truck?

Superior quality fender flares, like the ones mentioned in the list above, are perfect accessories for Ford F150 models.

Besides providing protection from dirt, mud, and debris, fender flares give puck-up trucks a sturdy and sleek outlook. But before making any decision, you should go through some reviews and pick the one that fits not only your model but also your requirements.

2. What is the point of fender flares?

Primarily, fender flares are used to prevent the wheels from spreading mud, rock, and dirt particles everywhere when rotating. It has several other uses, like covering previous scratches and warps and giving trucks a customized look.

3. How long does it take to install fender flares?

Usually, it only takes around 10 to 15 minutes.

4. Can you use fender flares to cover rust?

Yes. Besides the primary uses, fender flares can be used to cover up rust and scratches on the body of the truck. However, they cannot prevent rust from occurring for the most part.

5. Do fender flares make rust worse?

Although fender flares cannot prevent rust from forming, they can sometimes result in rusting. But only in rare cases, like fender flares with poor fit. When it is not watertight, the water might seep through the gap and cause rust on the truck.

You can easily avoid any such scenario by buying fender flares with perfect construction.

Final Words

If you want to invest in a worthy fender flare, this article will provide you with everything you need to know for purchasing the best fender flares for F150.

We assure you, if you choose from the list above, you will not regret it!