Best F150 Seat Covers

Best F150 Seat Covers in 2022 | Top 7 Elegant Picks

Finally, tired of the constant wear and tear damages of your car seats? Downright irritated with those pale and fake protection promises against spillage, stains, and ultraviolet (UV) rays? Well, if you are, then this is the right page for you to be!

Because exhausted from being bombarded with thousands of advertisements that fail greatly to deliver, we have said enough is enough!

Thereon after much careful research and deliberations, we have come up with this list of the 7 best F150 seat covers for you.

But you don’t have to believe us! This article is written to give only the noteworthy information minus the marketing hoodoos. So, let’s dive in.

Why Should You Use Seat Covers for F150?

Let’s find out why you should use seat covers for your F150.

To Keep Your Car Seat Clean

The obvious reason would be to spare your original car seat from getting unnecessarily dirty. Just think. You use your car (F150 or otherwise) almost every day to run errands and countless other purposes. This undoubtedly puts a lot of stains and strains on the vehicle’s interior upholstery.

Even leaving the accidental drink spillage out, sweat, chafing against seats, messy pets, unruly children, and weather conditions (scorching heat and pouring rain), all contribute to your car seat receiving a continuous string of mistreatments.

Which, if left unattended, will make your car unusable. All these horrors can easily be avoided with the help of seat covers.

Seat Covers for F150

Increases Longevity of the Seat

For designed specifically to act as a third party in reducing rapid wear of seats through direct physical or material contact. A seat cover increases the longevity of your upholstery and interior aesthetics.

Also, maintaining a car’s resale value and ergonomic comfort, a seat cover offers extra protection and a chance at vehicle personalization.

Best F150 Seat Cover Reviews in 2022

Now that you know why seat covers are so important, it is now time to find out which seat covers are exclusively tailored to give maximum benefit to your F150 vehicle.

1. VIEWPETS-Bench Car Seat Cover Protector

The first thing you need to know about the Viewpets car seat cover is, it’s made for the utmost convenience of pets.

Designed with a heavy-duty, scratch, and waterproof quilt material, this seat cover protects the car’s interior from your pet’s many moody mischiefs such as scratching, slobbering, urine, and hair shedding. Being specifically designed for pets, the seat cover, by default, also works perfectly fine for users who have children on board.

We all know how children mess up the rear seat covers with their accidental drink and food spillage, and not to forget those inspirational coloring sprees and playground muds from shoes and clothes.

Alongside this, one of the greatest perks of its design is that it covers the entire row of the car’s backseats and not just the rear sides while leaving the middle seat out.

Constructed to provide a secure fit, the Viwepets car protector spans across the whole back seat area. Thereby providing an all-around shield against messes of all origins and types. The car seat is further made non-slip and solidly fixed in position by combining various strategies.

These are the headrests for the attachment point, two adjustable buckle straps, one pair of seat anchors, and a pair of belt and side belt openings.

However, what finally keeps the seat cover to stay securely in place is the two elastic corner straps and the non-slip rubber at the back of it. The Viewpets seat cover is also very easy to clean up. Machine-washable with any suitable detergent, the seat cover is also sponge off and wipe-rinse convenient for smaller stains.

Highlighted Features

  • Perfect for cars with pets and kids to cater
  • Heavy-quilt material means ultimate water protection
  • [No-slip] mesh and flaps keep the cover fixed in place
  • Full backseat coverage including middle seats
  • Easy to install and clean

2. Car CarsCover Custom Fit [2015-2018 Ford F150 F250 F350]

CarsCover custom fit Neoprene car front seat cover in terms of precise specifications is a great find for your F150 vehicle.

Packaged as a 6-piece set, the F150 front seat car cover includes two headrests, two backrests, and two driver and passenger seat bottoms. And comes in two unique shades of grey to uplift your car’s overall ambiance. One of the highlights for the CarsCover front seat cover is its quality indulging neoprene material.

Similar in texture to rubber, the neoprene material is a cut above its predecessor in the fact that it is highly tear-resistant and, therefore, extremely durable. The material also being good at sticking to fabric and metals, provides good anti-slippage protection.

Furthermore, neoprene material is known for providing the best protection against ozone exposure, sunlight, and other weather afflictions.

Eye-catchy in design, the neoprene seat cover with its custom-made F150 specification build is very easy and comfortable to install to car seats. 15 minutes is all it will take to fit it across the seats as it doesn’t require even any cut-to-folds hassle.

However, this is not the only comfort it provides. As fully padded in construction, the Carscover seat cover is prepared to give you the maximum ergonomic comfort possible during long drives.

Highly resistant to water, oils, solvents, and other liquids, the neoprene custom seat cover is very easy to wash and keep clean at all times. It can be hand washed or spot cleaned at your convenience and only requires a good airflow supply to dry off quickly.

Highlighted Features

  • Neoprene material guarantees maximum durability
  • Ultimate protection against ozone & weather exposure
  • 6-piece cover set with custom-fit specifications
  • Full padded cover delivers superior comport
  • Compatible with [2015-2018] Ford F150, F250, F350 models

3. Durafit Seat Covers: Camo Waterproof Endura Fabric

This specific Durafit seat cover is only compatible with the Ford F150 [2004-2008] models. And not at all suitable for the Double CAB or the XD3 vehicle types.  Futuristic looking in color coordination, the Durafit seat covers sports 40/20/40 specs with a middle sitting option.

Designed with heavy-duty Endura fabric, known for its tightly woven polyester texture, this specific seat cover provides one of the toughest resistance to water bodies of all volumes and types.

Long-lasting usage convenience is another aspect that makes the Durafit seat covers stellar in its class. Made of exceptionally sturdy, high-quality XD3 Camo Endura material, the cover provides absolute industrial-strength protection against water, scratches, stains, and UV exposures.

Also pet-proof in design, the iron-clad durability of the Durafit makes it an ideal companion for open-to cars, as well as industry-purpose vehicles.

Although the Endura is a bit stiffer than other materials mentioned before, however, putting it over the car seat is still pretty basic. Easy to install over existing interior upholstery, the Durafit cover doesn’t require the removal of the original seat cloth.

This is because the cover is paired with reliable elastic straps to tightly secure it in position once placed properly. So there is no real risk for the cover to slip off. Lastly, the cover is machine washable, and therefore, very easy to clean wherever required.

Highlighted Features

  • Endura fabric provides the toughest water resistance
  • The cover set includes even headrest consoles
  • Eye-catchy design enhance the interior ambiance
  • Can be set over existing upholstery
  • Easy to clean since it is machine-washable

4. Oasis Auto Custom Fit PU Leather seat Covers


Before moving on to list the specifications of the Oasis Auto’s custom feat seat covers, it is important to note the car models that are the best fit for it. To begin, the full set seat cover is most compatible with the Fords F-150, F-250, F-350, XL, XLT, and Lariat Limited Platinum Pickups.

It also covers the Ford F-250 & F-350 models from 2017-2020. The Oasis Auto’s 100% custom fit seat cover is made of synthetic PU leather. Now we all know that synthetic leather borrows the same sophistication of authentic leather minus the budget constraints.

Therefore it shouldn’t come as a surprise that ambiance-wise, this seat cover will give an instant flare of style and value to your car’s interior upholstery. However, the benefits of synthetic leather don’t stop just at aesthetics. Rather, in addition to bringing elegance, PU leather is also debris resistant and waterproof.

But what makes this feature even cooler in the Oasis’s design is that the wear-tear- scratch & water-resistant cover comes in multi-layer cushioned form! Needless to say, this goes to give 100% protection against mess and spillage.

Eye-catchy in design, the high-grade synthetic leather also lends the Oasis’s seat cover a flexible and soft texture. Silky to touch, the cover is further made ergonomically convenient with additional paddings.

Although this leather seat cover is easy to wipe and clean, its installation, on the other hand, is a tad bit tricky. However, to get you through the process step-by-step, the company offers an instruction manual as well as videos direction links to follow on YouTube.

Highlighted Features

  • Synthetic leather enhances interior sophistication
  • High wear & tear resistances guarantees longevity
  • Additional paddings provide extra seating comfort
  • Soft to touch; the cover is extra easy to clean-up
  • Compatible with F150, F250 & F350 [2017-2020]

5. Plasticolor’s Ford Black Sideless Seat Cover [008584R01]

Plasticolor 008584R01

If you are looking for an inexpensive but chic upgrade for your car seats while protecting them, then Ford’s sideless seat cover is just the purchase for you!

This is the officially licensed Ford seat cover (side less) made by the brand Plasticolor. And because it is the official version, you can rest assure of the universal fit to suit your Ford 150’s compatibility. Though not being model-specific, the cover’s headrests are more appropriate for the models with detachable headrests.

Embroidered with Ford’s signature logo, the material used for the cover is high-grade (leather-like) vinyl. Now there are plenty of advantages to vinyl over original leather starting with 25% cost reductions.

However, the highlight of a vinyl seat cover lies in its superlative ability to ward off liquid spilling damages.  Unlike other materials, liquid spilled on vinyl doesn’t get absorbed at all! Rather they tend to pool and run of the vinyl’s surface altogether, thereby posing the least threat to churning your vehicle’s upholstery.

The Ford’s side less seat cover due to its vinyl construction is very durable. This makes them a great choice for cars that are bound to take some usage-related abuse.

Therefore it is ideal for people who undertake heavy-duty driving schedules and gets their interior frequently messy with dirt or other elements.

And the vinyl seat cover is machine washable. Its maintenance is also easy as it doesn’t stain or tear off easily. As for installing, although the task is a bit exhausting, it still becomes pretty simple once you get the hang of hooking those straps carefully enough.

Highlighted Features

  • Officially Licensed Cover lends authentic chic-look
  • Universal fit means it can be used on most Ford models
  • Vinyl material provides extreme liquid resistance
  • Vinyl holds great against abuse-related damage
  • Being machine washable is super easy to clean

6. FH Group FB030BLACK115-COMBO Seat Cover


The FH Group’s FB030BLACK115 seat cover, in terms of interior upholstery appeal, is a car enthusiast’s modification dream come true.

It is packaged with a combination of 5 individual headrest covers, two front-bucket seats, one rear bench, four-seat belt pads, and even one steering wheel cover. The FB030BLACK115 doesn’t only limit itself to enhance only the seats’ décor, but rather the total interior!

Offering a weaving style, the FH Group’s exquisitely designed seat cover is made of high-quality soft fabric. Although the material is astonishingly feather-light in texture and built, it, however, still manages to deliver a strong durability profile.

At the same time, the fabric being stretchy and breathable makes it ergonomically more comfortable for users to sit and drive over long periods.

There is sporting open pocket storage to facilitate both the traditional and modern heated seats. The FH Group’s seat covers further offer a breathable 3mm foam padding to provide users with a cool relief even in the hottest weather conditions.

Assembled with the universal fit specifications, the FH Group’s seat cover easily fits over rear seats with 40/60, 60/40, 40/20/40, and 50/50 split benches. Whereas for installation ease, the seat cover is lined with hidden Velcro openings and flexible straps to make the attachment and removal as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

And the seat cover is also lined with an official tested, special stitching method to ensure a perfect side airbag deployment! And the FH’s cover seat is designed with an all-through breathable fabric. Hence it can be machine washed and air dried at leisure whenever required.

Highlighted Features

  • 5-piece combo set provides a complete interior upgrade
  • High-quality fabric is super soft and comfortable
  • Flexible straps offer easy installation and removability
  • Universal-fit: compatible with most Ford SUV, Vans, trucks, cars
  • Officially tested perfect side airbag deployment feature

7. Realtree Seat Cover

 Realtree C000126590199

Last on this list is the Realtree’s camouflage seat covers. Extremely ideal for the Fords’ F150 models, this seat cover is further compatible with trucks, SUVs, and cars due to their dirt-resistant and waterproof properties. Well speaking of design, the Realtree’s Xtra Camo seat cover might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

It is printed with an eye-catchy pattern that contains antler logos and bold colors throughout. The seat cover, while arguably losing to sophisticated aesthetics, more than makes up for it by being an exceptionally ideal camouflage cover. It is required by adventurous outdoor individuals and hunting folks.

Therefore the durability of the product is also given special attention. Made of heavy-duty polyester fabric, the seat cover is highly rip-resistive and waterproof. Thereby providing superior protection against wear and tear, dirt, water, and pet-related damages.

Next, to prevent slippage under strain or frequent rough usage, the seat cover is equipped with a foam backing to hold and secure it firmly in place.

Also, the double-stitched “Safe Seam Technology” while ensuring industry-grade durability, further facilitates the cover stitch to separate and allow a smooth deployment of the side airbag when needed.

The 2-piece cover design is hassle-free to install, as it easily slips along low back seats with separate headrests. However, do note that the Realtree seat cover isn’t compatible with car models with built-in headrest and seat belts. Besides being machine washable, these seat covers are also very easy to clean every single time.

Highlighted Features

  • Camouflage design provides a great dynamic to hunting vehicles
  • Polyester fabric is tear, dirt, and water-resistant
  • Greatly tolerant of pet-related abuse
  • “Safe Seam Technology” contributes to high-grade durability
  • 2pcs slip along cover allows extreme installation ease

Comprehensive F150 Seat Covers Buying Guide

Whether you are thinking of buying seat covers to protect your new F150’s interior, or to keep your old car in tip-top condition for years to come, there is no denying the merits of purchasing good quality seat covers.

For great at safeguarding a car’s original seats from dust, dirt, stains, and the whole nine yards of wear-tear damage, there are just no better alternatives than them. However, purchase decisions aren’t easier choices to make. And especially so when a specific product comes with hundreds of overwhelming varieties.

This is why, to assist you in this daunting task, we have compiled a shortlist of important points so that you can buy the best seat covers for F150.


Resilience is used in the context of the seat cover’s time test against adaptability and strain-bearing competencies. In other words, the durability of the product.

Now, this factor is very important because expensive or not, car seat covers aren’t an investment you want to make two to three times a year. Even leaving the budget factor aside, just the thought of going around installing them to designated seats is a sweat-inducing horror.

Added to that, the time and effort it takes to rummage and select a worthy enough product isn’t a fun task to undertake multiple times. And did you forget about the looks you will get from your significant other or family, on purchase of a barely-there seat cover?

Nope! Not really. Hence durability is undoubtedly the most important feature to factor in. However, the durability of the seat covers 90% of the time depend on the material from which they are constructed.

F150 Seat Covers

Construction Material

Shifting your attention to material built, you will find that car seat cover manufacturers use a wide variety to make their products stand out from the rest.

However, as mentioned before, it isn’t 10% uniqueness but rather the 90% durability factor that justifies the necessity for this wide selection range.

Considering the diverse materials, we have elaborately covered so far in the review section, such a neoprene, Endura, synthetic leather, vinyl, polyester, quilt, and soft fabrics. We won’t go on to repeat their attributes to rob your precious time.

Rather help in your hunt for the best F150 seat cover. Provided below is an additional list of materials you can consider to make a well-informed purchase.

Authentic Leather

The original leather is an unmatched rival when it comes to long-term durability and enhancement of the interior upholstery’s sophistication.

They are extremely resistant to odor, oil, water, stain, and tear damages. This luxurious quality, easy-clean material only falls short of the huge expense it incurs. Although if you are a believer of a one-time big expense for a superior product, then leather is the definite material to go for!

Ballistic Nylon

If ultimate comfort is your trigger warner, then ballistic nylon is just the material to choose from. Equipped to provide the most luxuriously comfortable seating arrangements, the heavy-duty material also excels at giving protection against UV, water, and chemical damages.

Other than these, there are also material choices such as suede, velour, tweed, saddle blankets, and canvas.

But as most of these material has reduced protection dynamics compared to the ones descriptively mentioned throughout the article, we took the liberty to skip their details.

Fittings & Installation

Once you have decided on the material, the last and final step is to, of course, cross-check how compatible the cover is with your vehicle size and other specifications. Now, most F150 seat cover offers two sizes. One is the universal fit and the other custom fit. To explain a bit-

Custom Fits

Installation wise custom fits are the superior choice. They will flawlessly glide across your seats with glove-like fitting precisions. And they are designed specifically to match your vehicle’s seat dimension inch for inch.

Custom-fit covers offer easy-to-follow hassle-free setups that require less time to assemble and detach. Although more expensive, a custom-fit cover makes up for the expense by lending an air of sophistication to your interior’s decor and up-gradation value.

Universal Fits

Universal fits, on the other hand, is a more “one size fits all” deal. This is why, with these types of covers, you will have to sweat a little during installation.

However, being cheaper, universal fit covers are more in favor amongst car enthusiasts who don’t mind a tad bit of installation challenge against the affordability dynamic.

Take Care and Maintenance Tips for Your F150 Seat Cover

With the dust finally settling over what seat cover to choose for your precious F150,  given below are some tips and know-how to help maintain their serviceability for a long time.

Read the Instructions

Seat covers depending on their material require different wash-treatments. So always read the cleaning instruction that comes with the purchase manual.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Never use harsh chemicals or unknown cleaning solutions for experimenting purposes. As it can do major damage to your seat covers.

Vacuum Your Car before Washing

Before using liquid cleaners to wash, thoroughly vacuum your car’s interior to get rid of dust, loose grimes, and sand or other food particles. This will prevent you from leaving accidental scratch marks when wipe-cleaning the covers.

Work with Small Sections

It is always wise to work with small sections when cleaning with liquid solutions. In this way, you can avoid discoloration mishaps.

Use Soft Fabric for Wiping

For wipe cleaning purposes, try to use a cloth type that is soft and absorbent so that it doesn’t cause any harm to the seat cover.

Air-Dry the Cover after Cleaning

After each clean-up, make sure to completely air-dry the seat cover as residual water body can encourage mold and odor built-up.

Clean Regularly

For best hygiene maintenance, wash your seat cover at least once a month, and condition them at least twice annually.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the best F150 covers:

1. Are seat covers worth the cost?

Most definitely. Because seat covers not only protect a car’s interior, and upgrades its visuals, but also works to maintain the vehicle’s resale value for future references.

2. What are the best seat covers for Ford’s F150 model?

All the seven brands mentioned in this article are great choices for the F150 model. But other than these, you can also look up brands such as Katzkin, Exact, and Clazzio.

3. Which material makes the best car seat cover?

As mentioned before, Neoprene, Endura, Vinyl, synthetic PU leather, ballistic nylon, and, of course, pure leathers are all materials that work great for seat covers.

4. Custom-fit or universal: which seat cover specification is better?

Both fittings has their merits and demerits. Hence this specific choice depends more on the personality and priorities of the user.

5. How long does a standard seat cover last?

On average seats, covers are made to last at least 1½-2 years. However, depending on the material, usage frequency, and upkeep diligence, this longevity can easily be increased to 3-4 years.

Final Words

Remember, in your search for the best F150 seat covers, don’t let prejudiced thinking such as “expensive is good and cheaper is bad” cloud your judgment. Because at the end of the day, what genuinely matters is how well the product’s unique features satisfy your needs and wants.

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