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Best Dash Cam Memory Card in 2022 – [Top 10 Picks]

You buy a dash cam and order an SD card with that. Which SD card? The same one has served you well with other devices. After some months you realize that you are missing some data and the culprit is your memory card.

Now, why is that happening?

It is because a dash cam is not like other devices. It continuously writes and erases data on your card. So you need to find one that can take the hustle.

But sadly, almost all dash cam memory card reviews are unreliable. So, here we are with our research to help you pick the best dash cam memory card.

Follow the article to find out the best option for your camera.

Advantages of Using The Best Memory Card for Dash Cam

Using quality, anything has an advantage. Memory cards play a significant role in the modern era and so in a dash cam. Here are the benefits you enjoys after making a successful purchase.

  • Optimum capacity
  • High reading and writing speed
  • High transfer speed
  • Good value for the money
  • Smooth application of the device
  • Protection and durability
  • Excellent after-sale services from brands with goodwill
  • The versatility of the memory chip
  • Better writing cycles
  • Capability to store and record high-resolution videos

Our Top 10 Best Dash Cam Memory Card Reviews in 2022

There is a tremendous amount of memory cards out there. And a mountain of them is fake. So, if you don’t know much about these chips, just buy one from below and follow our tips.

1. Samsung 64GB MicroSDXC EVO Plus Memory Card (MB-MC64GA)

The brand name and the family it belongs to tell you everything about this card. It is a sibling of the EVO family. This is even better than the predecessors of the family; hence Samsung named it EVo+.

It holds a capacity of 64 GB. As it is an SDXC card, it will also work with SD and SDHC cards. Its versatility is increased by a mile with the adapter included within the package.

Samsung made it with a class 10 memory card and the internal memory type is UHC-1. This is a pretty common thing among SD cards of this range. It has a writing speed of 60 megabytes per second. And with a reading speed of 100 megabytes per second, you can watch and play your stored videos at ease.

It will cause no problem if rainwater leaks in the car. You will also find this dash cam memory card useful in saltwater. This card is immune from magnetic energy, high temperatures, and X-ray. The operating temperature range is 25C° to 85C° and the storage temperature is 40C° to 85 C°.


  • EVo+ family
  • Versatile
  • High protection


  • There are a lot of knock-offs of this card

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2. Transcend MicroSDHC Memory Card 60 MB/s (TS32GUSDU1)

This is one of the best in the market, and greatness comes with the speed and cost. It is a 32GB memory card, but you can also get 8GB, 65GB, and 128GB versions. There can be 28 hours of HD videos or 16,000 mp3 tracks at once in this device.

It is an ultra-high-speed class U1 memory card, but it will also be compatible with class 10. Other than your dash cam, you can also use this card with other digital devices like smartphones or tablets making it very versatile.

As it is an SDHC card, it will be compatible with a simple SD card. But the different thing with this device is that it is also compatible with SDXC. Generally, SDHC cards are not compatible with XC.

With these features combined with the speed, even 4k videos should not be a problem for you. This will help you to recognize faces far away from your car. It will also be handy when police are charging you for something that you didn’t do.

You will have ECC technology added in it. This helps to detect problems automatically and solve them as soon as possible. Thus the card will not have to leave your car. Transcend will give you their recovery software to recover erased memory efficiently.


  • High speed
  • Reliable
  • High compatibility
  • Free recover RX


  • Low physical protection

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3. Kingston Digital MicroSDHC U3 Action Card With Adapter (SDCAC/16GB)

This is one of the fastest micro SD cards in the market. The read and write speed are very high here. You need this card if you work with 4k footage, 2k footage or even HD. This has the fastest transfer speed that can transfer high-resolution videos to your PC in no time. Just the tool you need in front of your car.

The reading speed is 90 megabytes and the write speed is 45 megabytes per second. You can get this card in 16GB or 64GB version. Both of them come with an adaptor. Further, you can have them without the adaptor if you already have one.

Protection was a priority for Kingston. They made it immune from shocks, x-rays, and high temperatures. It will also be okay in water. Your car will go through these conditions when in the garage, car wash or on a rough road. It can also work smoothly with drone cameras, GoPros, and other action cameras.

This is a UHC-1 U3 device letting you shoot 4k at 240 frames per second. All in all, this memory card is built for high-end action with a fast and long recording of high-resolution pictures. It is just the thing you are looking for a dash cam.


  • Very fast
  • High transfer speed
  • Built for action cameras
  • Good after-sale service


  • The adapter could have been better

4. SanDisk High Endurance Video Monitoring Card with Adapter 64GB

There are a lot of SanDisk memory cards out in the market. But this one is specialized for dash cams. It features the ability to read and write over and over again without damaging the memory cells. Because dash cams do that a lot.

This is built for the conditions you will face in your car. It has a working temperature from -13F° to 185F° which is about -25C° to 85C°. Most of the dash cams are below this mark so you should have no problems. It will also absorb a high amount of shock which makes it very durable. This is also waterproof.

As you can see written on the card, it has a class 10 speed. The maximum read and write speed is 20MB per second. It is just what you need for recording those crazy moments in the road.

SanDisk offers their RescuePRO Delux recovery software for free with this card. It will come in handy if you get into a road rage and somehow break your dash cam. Though the likelihood of that is very meager.


  • A transfer speed of 20 MB/s
  • High endurance up to 10 thousand hours
  • RescuePRO Delux recovery software free download offer


  • Sometimes it requires formatting

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5. 32GB 32G Sandisk Micro SDXC Ultra MicroSD TF Flash Memory Card

This is the first SDXC memory card in our list and probably the best one you can find in the market. This is also one of the marvels of the Sandisk card that is specialized for dash cams. These are compatible with almost all kinds of dash cams, specially the Rexing S300 Pro.

You can only get 32GB of this card. There is not more or less when it comes to memory capacity. We surely expected more from an XC micro SD card. These are somewhat new technology. So, we can wait a little bit longer for the development of these. In the meantime, we can enjoy this flash memory card.

One can take a full HD video graphs which is 1080 pixels with no complications. It is a class 10 memory card. So you have the guaranty that your reading speed will be at least ten megabytes per second. The speed is also measured in UHC-1.

The maximum read speed is 90 megabits per second which is one of the best in the market and perfect to record speeding cars. This can be the perfect pair for your action cams for reaching high resolutions.


  • Latest memory technology
  • Good range of compatibility for an SDXC
  • Works well with dash cams


  • No adapters included

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6. Samsung Pro Plus 32GB MicroSDHC

After the EVO family, this is the next Samsung SD card that passed our examinations and made to this list. If you get into an accident, this is the feature that is going to find the cause. It has a long life, good protection and can record and rewrite at a breakneck pace.

Reading speeds can scale up to 95 Mb/s and the writing speed can reach up to 90 Mb/s. With this great speed, you will also have a reliable recording. You don’t want to check your dash cam every now and then. And, the last thing you want is an error message from your dash cam after you open it up the next month.

One can rely on Samsung products as they make the best. Like all their products, this also built its reputation by featuring a waterproof, temperature reluctant device. Your memory is not going to be erased by x-rays or magnetic energy. The dash cam might experience these forces when in the garage.

This is also best for high resolution. You can record anything from HD to 4k with no hiccups. However, you can only get a 32 GB card with this which will be compatible with most products.


  • Good for the money
  • High protection
  • High speed
  • Can store high resolution


  • It has issues with Go Pro

7. Digi Chip 32GB Micro-SD

Digi chip is known for giving high-end value for their products. They are another contestant in the race of technology, and they are doing it pretty well. The 32 GB micro SD memory chip is an example of that success.

If you are looking for the best dash cam memory card, then the Digi chip is undoubtedly a phenomenal option as it is compatible with Bekhic, Amebay, FOkey K1, Vantrue, and other cameras. You can also use them with Y1 Dashcam, Rexing V1, Pruveeo f5, Pruveeo MX2 and many more.

This is a class 10 and UHC 1 memory card. It has a minimum speed of 10 megabytes per second and a maximum speed of 100 megabytes per second. The memory also comes with an adapter that makes it compatible with other products that do not host micro SD cards.

Though the memory chip is SD, the adaptor is a full-size SDHC adaptor. It might have some issues with a higher version like the SDXC and SDUC. But most dash cams like we have mentioned before will have no problem working with it. You will be comfortable working with the latest dash cams in the market.


  • Samsung memory technology
  • Low cost
  • Good after-sale service
  • High speed


  • Problems when put in a device hosting XC and UC

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8. AUTOLOVER P500 16GB Micro SD/TF

Netac is another of the market leader when it comes to memory chips. They try to give us the best of their products at the lowest price. By following the Bezos method, they are giving us exactly what we need for our dash cams. Not more, not less.

The first thing we wanna highlight with this memory is the speed. In accidents or in fast cuts, things happen really quickly. So, you need greater speed. Not only the reading and writing speed but also the transfer speed is great in this device. Share, edit, upload and download your pics, videos, and other files quicker than before.

You might be thinking why is this only 16 GB? Yes, it could have been more but it is 16 GB of efficiency. You might not be able to work with 4k videos but dash cams don’t need them anyway. What they need is high-performance video recording with excellent read and write speed, and that is the sector where Netac mastered.

It can work with RAW and JPEG. It has a four-way protection system that protects it from water, high temperatures, x-rays, and magnets. You will also be able to keep your car in check when it is in garage.


  • Four way protection
  • High value for the price
  • Good compatibility


  • The storage capacity should be increased

9. BlackVue High Endurance Class 10 Micro SD

This memory chip extends from 16 GB to a massive 128 GB. If you have a BlackVue dash cam, then you should get this memory card without any question. You will be able to record for days. This will bring you the source accidents. You might also be saved by some harassing policemen.

It is a class 10 memory card which states its minimum speed. This means that the chip is going to give you a minimum of 10 megabytes per second reading and writing speed. You will not need more than that for a dash cam. This is enough to record the fastest of cars and slightest of detail.

It is an MLC chip memory card and MLCs are very useful for dash cams. MLC cards have longer life and more writing cycles. It uses multiple levels of cells to store data. The cells drive the price a little higher, but if you are looking for a memory for your dash cam, it has to be an MLC. These MLC chips are also fast. If they have good bus system, the speed will be even more preferable.

You might get into trouble for road rage. In those situations, this memory card by BlackVue will be reliable. Dash cams are mounted to save you from unexpected problems. So, they better be reliable themselves.


  • MLC memory chip
  • Class 10
  • Very good for BlackVue chips
  • Available in 16GB to 128GB versions


  • The life span is not very long

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10. 32GB MicroSDHC Memory Card for Polaroid PD-E53H Dash Cam

Once you put this in your cam, you won’t have to be thinking about it for a long time. It has fantastic read, write and transfer speed which is the prime requirement from a dash cam memory card. You don’t wanna miss those sudden and amazing road incidents.

It is mainly built for Polaroid PD-E53H dash cam. So if you have one of them, you should take this card without thinking any more. This is the perfect match for that device.

This has 32 GB of capacity. You won’t need more than that. One should not spend on something that they don’t need. But if you are not the average user and need the extra coverage then look for a better one.

An extra benefit of buying this device is the free card reader that comes with it. It is a micro SDHC card reader. To add even more to the reliability of this device, the SD association certified that it complies with their requirements.


  • Durable
  • Comes with a fantastic pen drive
  • Amazing after-sale services


  • The performance decreases with brands other than Polaroid

Tips To Select The Best Micro SD for Dash Cam [Buying Guide]

There are a ton of details in a dash cam. And dash cams are tricky as general memory chips wear out faster in these devices. So you need to know some tricks to buy an external memory for them. And they are;

Card Type

There are four main types of SD cards. Here they are in the order of oldest to latest;

  • SD – Capacity up to 2GB
  • SDHC – Capacity from 2 GB to 32GB
  • SDXC – Capacity from 32GB to 2TB
  • SDUC – Capacity from 2TB to 128TB

These cards are not backward compatible. Which means the older cards will work with the newer slots, but the newer cards will not work in old slots.
So don’t buy the expensive latest ones unless it is compatible with your device. Try to get SDHC or SHXC.


Ideally, 32 GB is the optimum point for memory cards. But when you are shopping for dash cam cards, go for the biggest one. You want the camera to record as long as possible. Formatting the camera time and time again is going to be a pain.


There are some metrics which tell you the speed of your memory card. There are;
Class: The class of a memory card tells you what is the minimum speed of writing data on the memory of the card. There are four classes;

  • Class 2- Writes with a minimum of 2 MB/s
  • Class 4- Writes with a minimum of 4 MB/s
  • Class 6- Writes with a minimum of 6 MB/s
  • Class 10- Writes with a minimum of 10 MB/s

Only take class-10 when buying for dash cams.

The UHS Standard: This system uses a new kind of data bus which radically improves the speed of the card. It only works with UHS host devices. If the device is not a UHS host, then it will default back to class system speed.
There are two UHS standards;

  • UHS 1- It writes with a minimum of 10 MB/s
  • UHS 3- It writes with a minimum of 30 MB/s

They only work for two SD card types, and they are the SDHS and SHXC.


I am not gonna say a lot about brands because the current market trend is persuaded a lot by brands. Yes, bigger names have better products, but there are many brands with not that big of a name which gives a pretty good value.

So, my advice is to care for big brands like Samsung and Sandisk, but they are not everything. Moreover, dash cam memory cards sell their own specialized cards. You can go for them.

Watch Out From Frauds

It is almost impossible to distinguish a forfeited card from a genuine card. Your best options are to read the reviews and hope for some clues if you are not an expert in this field. But there are some tricks that you can use. They are;

  • A price that is too good to be true
  • Purchase from the manufacturer or a reputed sellers
  • Less information about a card
  • Bad reviews
  • Untidy packing

There are commonly two kinds of NAND types. They are;

  • TLC
  • MLC

TLC is more common in the market. They are cheaper but more reliable, whereas MLC costs higher. But MLC is suited for dash cams. Because they will write over and over in your chip. More so, TLC will have a very short life span. Try to take the MLC for getting more value out of your purchase.


Buying a card with four-way protection is recommended. Air, water, magnetic fields, X-rays pose a threat to the durability of your memory card. Your chip also needs to be shockproof.

You don’t know what your camera is gonna face in the garage. So, you better be prepared. Furthermore, dash cam memory cards can have a rough time in the vehicle. So, go for a well-protective one.

What Capacity Should I Choose?

Our recommendation is for a 32 GB memory chip. It is the sweet spot where everything kind of matches with the dash cam requirements. You will have 3 to 7 hours of 1080p recording capacity which is more than enough for an average driver.

Purchasing more or less increases the chance of a bad deal. When you are buying a memory card less than 32 GB, you are paying more per gigabyte. But you are not saving as much. Moreover, you need at least 32 GB to record HD videos. Less memory will lead to less video resolution.

But if your requirements are not average, then you can go for 128 gigabytes. In that case, we would recommend Lexar’s 633x as it matches the requirements of a memory card finely. If you are gonna record 4k videos, then this is a good option. But we don’t see the need of a 4k dash cam.

We came to this conclusion with the perspective of an average buyer. If you have money to spare, then buy the largest one you can get your hands on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the video speed class?

A: It is the speed by which a memory card can record and store videos. Most memory cards don’t show it on their chip as other speed metrics as it is a new trend. There are five levels of this speed. They are;

  • V6 – minimum 6MB/s
  • V10 – minimum 10MB/s
  • V30 – minimum 30MB/s
  • V60 – minimum 60MB/s
  • V90 – minimum 90MB/s

Q: What is the difference between UHS and Speed class?

A: Speed class is the classification of reading and writing speeds. On the other hand, UHS standard is the measurement of the bus interface speed. Both play a significant role in defining the exact speed of your memory card.

Q: What is the writing cycle capacity?

A: It is the maximum amount of time a memory card can write and erase data from its memory cells.

Q: What is the difference between SDHC and SDXC?

A: The difference lies in speed and storage capacity. SDXC is better than SDHC in both speed and storage. XC is primarily for professional use.

Q: What is NAND type?

A: It is the configuration of the memory cell circuit. It tells you the way the memory cells are designed to store your data.

Final Words

Buying the best dash cam memory card from online is a tough job. The market is flooded with hoax brands and problematic products. Herein, try to buy our recommended products or be very careful when purchasing to avoid over paying.

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