Best Catch Can for F150 Ecoboost

Best Catch Can for F150 Ecoboost Truck Reviews in 2022

The F150 Ecoboost Truck from Ford is a very beloved vehicle because of how environment-friendly it is alongside providing great power and performance. A big contributor to making the vehicle environment-friendly is the catch cans.

And the catch cans prevent the vapor, oil droplets, and unburnt fuel from being released into the atmosphere and going back into the car and damaging it internally. That is why catch cans are indispensable for your F150 Ecoboost.

But what is the best catch can for F150 Ecoboost? If you want the answer to that question, you have come to the right place. Here, we will review 6 of the best catch cans in hopes of answering your question.

Top 6 Best Catch Cans for F150 Ecoboost Reviews in 2022

Without further ado, let us get to the meat and potatoes of the article. Below are reviews of 6 of the best oil catch can for the money.

1. JLT Oil Separator

JLT Oil Separator

The catch can from JLT is a great product with a solid construction, great performance, and considerable durability. It has multiple features that make it a truly special oil catch can.

Speaking of the construction, the exterior body of the catch can is entirely made of aluminum. This makes sure that the catch can kit is strong and durable. If that wasn’t all, the interior is made out of fine steel mesh. This duality in the interior and exterior construction contributes to the fantastic performance this catch can give you.

Further adding points to the construction of the can is the quality of the hoses and connections that come factory-made and deliver a solid performance. Additionally, the catch can is extremely easy to install. All the hoses and connections come pre-assembled, and all you have to do is fit them in your vehicle.

Thus it minimizes your efforts significantly. However, the way too large design becomes counterproductive to the convenience in installation as it becomes a challenge to fit the can in the vehicle.

The overall capacity of the can is also quite underwhelming at 3 ounces. This amount isn’t tiny by any means. But for the price it comes at, you wouldn’t be blamed for wanting a higher capacity.


  • Strong exterior aluminum construction
  • Interior made of fine rust-free steel mesh
  • Comes equipped with factory-made hoses and connections
  • Very easy to install as everything comes fully assembled


  • Very big and causes problems with fitting
  • Capacity too low for the price

2. Ruien 0046 Oil Catch Can

Ruien 0046 Oil Catch Can

The highlight of this product is the durability it provides. Many customers have said that this can have served well for over 5 years.

This one tries to be as convenient as possible with the installation process. Firstly, the catch can come with a mounting bracket that allows you to easily set it up. Secondly, everything in the kit, including the hoses, connections, and mounting brackets, come fully assembled beforehand, reducing your hassle greatly.

They flush a lot of the effort that went into making it as convenient as possible down the drain by not coming with proper directions. It is likely going to be quite difficult for you to set the kit up because of this.

Also, it is worth mentioning that the quality of the hose on this machine is very poor. If you want to get the most out of this catch can, then you will have to replace the hoses with a better one.

But the product does redeem itself by being easy to use. It comes with a dipstick to measure the amount of oil stored in the can. The capacity of this can is beyond impressive at 11 ounces. Your vehicle can easily go 5000 miles with little to no trouble. So overall, this is the best catch can for F150 Ecoboost in the market.


  • Serves you all for very long periods of time
  • Very easy to install
  • Huge capacity
  • Comes with a dipstick to measure the stored oil residue


  • Very poor hose quality
  • No detailed directions


3. Vincos Universal Oil Catch Can


Vincos Universal Oil Catch CanThis is the most budget-friendly option for a catch can. Despite being of an extremely low price, the features it can deliver are nothing short of extraordinary. The construction is very praiseworthy. It is made out of billet aluminum. This variant of aluminum is even stronger than regular aluminum, and that makes it very firm.

By storing the oil residue and recirculating some of it in the vehicle, this catch plays a big role in increasing the horsepower of the vehicle. The can also have a special breather filter to separate air and unnecessary moisture from the oil. This greatly reduces combustibility.

The O-ring clamps also make sure the can is sealed tight and prevent oil leaks. This also makes the can very easy to clean.

But the device is extremely small. While that is understandable considering the price, it certainly does you no good as they can rarely fit properly. The lack of proper directions also adds to the difficulty in installing the kit. Additionally, it also emits a bad smell that may be uncomfortable for many.


  • Very budget-friendly
  • High-quality billet aluminum construction
  • Increases horsepower of the vehicle considerably
  • Comes with a breather fabric for separating air from oil
  • Very easy to clean


  • Too small in size and thus doesn’t fit properly
  • No proper directions on the installation
  • Often emits a bad smell


4. ESPEEDER Universal Oil Catch Can

ESPEEDER Universal Oil Catch Can

This is another one of the best oil separator f150 ecoboost from ESPEEDER. This is a very efficient catch can. While its features are unlikely to blow you away, it comes at a reasonable price and gets the job done. The construction is very solid in this can, and it is definitely way above average as it is made of high-quality aluminum.

And the can comes with a dual-chamber filter. This filter catches air and moisture and keeps them separate from the oil and unburnt fuel. In this way, the can reduces the chances of combustion and keeps your vehicle safe.

We have already praised the construction of the can for being strong, but it also deserves praise for being smart. It comes with O-ring clamps on the surface and hose clamps for the hoses that make the can very tight, preventing oil leakage.

Also, he can also comes with a dipstick. As we have previously mentioned, a dipstick is very valuable when it comes to measuring the amount of oil stored in the can and determining whether or not it needs to be cleared.

However, this device does come with its fair share of flaws. Firstly, it emits a very bad smell from time to time. Secondly, it is quite difficult to install. Many customers have complained that they needed to completely remove the crossbar from the engine to install it.


  • Made of high-quality aluminum
  • Comes with a dual breather chamber
  • Prevents leakage efficiently
  • Comes with a dipstick


  • Smells very bad at times
  • Difficult to install


5. Mishimoto MMBC-F35T-11SBE Oil Catch Can

Mishimoto MMBC-F35T-11SBE Oil Catch Can

Mishimoto is a fantastic company when it comes to making vehicle parts. But it is necessary to mention that their products are quite a bit more expensive compared to other companies and that extends to their catch cans as well. However, these catch cans deliver a more than satisfactory performance to justify their price.

This catch can comes with both a driver side and a passenger side. Most cans come with only a passenger side as that is more important. But the benefits of having a catch can on the driver side are often understated. It adds a layer of safety to the vehicle that most catch cans can’t provide you.

Mishimoto understands the necessity of safety and assurance, and thus, they included this feature. This additional concern for safety, along with their focus on performance, separates them from the others.

The design, while unique, isn’t convoluted. It is quite simple and thus very easy to install. Furthermore, the parts come pre-assembled, and that only makes the setup easier. The construction doesn’t let you down either. While it isn’t made of aluminum, it is made of solid steel that is rust-resistant.


  • Comes with two catch cans in one kit
  • Provides more safety due to the driver side catch can
  • Has a completely unique design
  • Solid steel construction
  • Very easy to install


  • Very expensive


6. EIIGIS Universal Oil Catch Can Kit

EIIGIS Universal Oil Catch Can Kit

The last product on the list delivers, this is the best catch can for F150 Ecoboost. When it comes to performance, capacity, and construction it excels in almost all departments.

Let us talk about performance first. The performance of a catch can is determined by how far it can keep the vehicle going. This catch can allows your vehicle to run over 5000 miles easily without ever needing to clear it up. And this long-running performance is owed to the capacity of the can, which stands at 10 ounces.

This is a huge amount, and it is responsible for the high level of performance it provides. The construction is also extremely sturdy. It is made of high-quality aluminum alloy. We have already sung the praises of aluminum constructions in catch cans multiple times. So we don’t need to repeat how valuable this is.

If that wasn’t all, the product also tries to ensure the highest level of convenience. Firstly, it is extremely easy to install. The parts come fully assembled, and this includes hoses, connections, and mounting kits. Additionally, the company has great customer support in case you need any help.

Secondly, the can comes with a dipstick to measure the amount of oil stored inside of it. The only major flaw in this device is the quality of the hoses. And the catch can has the potential to deliver a fantastic performance, but that potential is limited due to the poor hose.

In order to take full advantage of this potential, you need to replace the hose.


  • Made of aluminum alloy
  • Huge capacity
  • Can run for 5000 miles
  • Extremely easy to install
  • Comes with a dipstick


  • Very bad hose


Things to Consider Before Buying The Best Catch Can for F150 Ecoboost

Much like any product, you should do proper research on catch cans before selecting one. So far, you have seen reviews of 6 catch cans, and we have told you about what makes each of them special and worth buying. Now you have to make a decision on which catch can fit your needs.

  • Construction

A catch can need to perform very difficult functions that require a lot of strength and energy. And a catch can with a fragile construction, could not properly get the job done. Instead, it would cause the accumulation of metal shards in the engine that could prove to be very harmful and dangerous for the people in the vehicle.

So it is very important to ensure the materials used in the can are strong and sturdy. To this end, you should look for cans made of aluminum or steel.

  • Capacity

The function of a catch can is to store the residue oil and prevent it from going out in the environment or into the car. Thus you could call it a safety measure. To ensure the maximum safety of your vehicle, the catch can need to be able to store the highest amount of oil possible.

That is why the capacity of a can is something you need to be absolutely sure of. Generally, a can with a capacity of around 10 ounces should be good enough.

  • Mileage

This refers to the mileage of your truck. More accurately, it means how far your truck can travel before you need to clear out the catch can. This is tied to the capacity of the can as the higher the capacity, the higher the mileage should be. It is usually true, but not always, as there are other factors to play.

The rate at which oil is burned and flows through the piston to the catch can may vary. Keeping that in mind, you should try to make sure your vehicle can travel at least 5000 miles before needing to clear the catch can.

  • Quality of Hose

The hose in a catch can is responsible for driving the oil into the catch can. That is why the quality of the hose is of utmost importance. If the catch can contains a hose of poor quality, then there is a possibility of the hose breaking or the oil leaking.

And if this oil leaks into the engine, it will not only harm your engine but also raise the risk of fire or explosion. In order to avoid that, you must ensure that the quality of the hose is high enough.

  • Convenience

Convenience is important for any product. And for a product as complicated as a catch can, that importance is accentuated even further. This convenience refers to the convenience in both the setup and the general use.

To make sure the setup is easy, try to select a catch can in which the hoses, connections, and mounting kits are all pre-assembled so that you don’t have to do additional work.

Also, try to make sure the kit comes with a dipstick to measure the amount of oil stored in the catch can.

Benefits of Using Catch Can on Your F150 Truck

There are two huge benefits that come from using a catch can in your F150 truck. These benefits are given below:

  • Controlling the Amount of Oil Vapor in the Intake System

When the crank breather is rerouted into the intake system of the engine, it causes an accumulation of residue oil in the piping of the intake system. With time, this can turn into a very thick sludge.

Again, this sludge mixing with the recirculated exhaust gas can cause an even thicker sludge to be formed. This greatly reduces the overall performance of your vehicle and makes it very slow.

If you use a catch can, it can store the oil vapor and the unburnt fuel inside it and thus reduce the amount rerouted into the intake system of the truck.

  • Avoiding Any Possibilities of Explosion

There is a solid chance of an explosion if the oil vapor enters the combustion chamber of the vehicle. If the oil vapor and un-burnt fuel are rerouted into the intake system of the engine during the compression cycle of the engine, there is a high possibility of the fuel burning and leading to an explosion[n.

That is why it is very necessary to fit a catch can in your vehicle. This catch can, by storing the oil vapor and unburnt fuel, keeps it away from the combustion chamber and thus prevents the risk of explosion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the best catch cans:

1. How does a catch can work?

A catch can essentially store the oil vapor and unburnt fuel instead of it being rerouted into the intake system.

2. What is an O-ring clamp?

An O-ring clamp is a clamp that is fitted on the service of a catch that can make it airtight.

3. Are catch cans safe?

Catch cans are absolutely safe. In fact, they are the devices that contribute to increasing the safety of your vehicle.

4. What is the best catch can for the money?

The best catch can for the money has to be the Vincos Universal Oil Catch Can.

5. What is the ideal construction of a catch can?

The ideal construction of a catch can is an exterior of aluminum alloy and an interior of steel mesh.


With that, we have arrived at the end of the article. We hope you are more educated on catch cans now than you were before reading this. Catch cans are extremely important for any vehicle as the safety of the passengers depends on them.

That is why you shouldn’t slack off while looking for a suitable catch can. You should make sure your catch can satisfy all your requirements. There is no excuse for not trying to find the best catch can for F150 Ecoboost.

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