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Best Tweeter for Car Reviews in 2022 – [10 Editors Choice]

The problem of being a music lover is that you are never satisfied with the stock stereo system of your car. Even adding quality sub-woofers will not provide the desired results to you.

So why don’t you like the system, what is the problem with them and how can we fix them? Let’s find the answers to all of these questions.

Simply put, using any of the best tweeters speakers can be the answer to all of your questions, and you must want the best car tweeters for your system. let me explain.

The stock system and added sub-woofers will be great at playing and enhancing the lower & mid-ranged frequencies. But the higher frequencies are left as it was, and here come the tweeters into play.

We have seen some of the best tweeters in the world enhancing even the slightest of details. Once you have installed a tweeter, you can hear all the instruments, riffs, horns, and lyrics which used to get faded before.

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Audiotek W460S 600 Watt Bullet Tweeter

Rockford Fosgate Prime R1T-S 1-Inch Tweeter

DS18 PRO-TW2L RGB Bullet Tweeter

Pioneer TS-T110 7/8-Inch Tweeter

Pioneer TS-B350PRO 3-1/2" High Efficiency Car Tweeter

Top 10 Best Car Tweeters for The Money Reviews in 2022

Now that you know what a tweeter offers, you might be interested in getting one for your car. This can be a really challenging task as there are tons of tweeters available in the market today.

But you don’t need to worry, as we have compiled a top 10 list. So, without wasting a single moment, let’s have a look at each one of them.

1. Kicker CST20 3/4" Tweeter-Each (Black)

If you are looking to upgrade your stock audio system in the car, this will be an amazing choice. The Kicker CST20 features a compact 4 ohm design that performs really well on small amplifiers.

In contrast with its size, these tweeters have a very wide range of acoustics and can duplicate anything between 4500 Hz to 21,000 Hz. When channelled at required 50-watt RMS power, these cute little babies will add and enhance the high tones like no other.

The sensitivity rating of these tweeters is 92dB. Its 6dB passive high pass crossover limit ensures that only the correct frequencies are fed for reproduction.

The frame of CST20 is made from titanium alloy, which enables it to produce a much clear and brighter sound. And we all know about the lightweight nature and durability of titanium.

The size is so compact that it can be installed in your car without any attachments. The top mounting depth is only a mere 11/16 inches. It can be your ideal choice even if you are on a budget and still want to have better quality music than the stock option.

It performs really well in the small cars by reducing the ambient noises and amplifying the details. It is a pocket sized dynamite and if it is your first tweeter, you are going to fall in love with it.


  • Produces crystal clear sound
  • Titanium frame and Neodymium magnets provide sharper and precise sound reproduction
  • Has very much high acoustic control
  • Much easier to install as compared to others
  • Durable product and weighs only 24 ounces combined


  • Cannot be used with high powered car audio system
  • Crossover slope is unique -6dB, whereas regular tweeters have -12dB slope
  • There is no protection covering available for tweeter domes

2. Rockford Fosgate Prime R1T-S 1-Inch Tweeter Kit

If you have had experience with the tweeter, the Rockford Fosgate will definitely ring some bells. Over the years the company has delivered great speaker and tweeters for much affordable pricing. The same goes for this model too.

These small tweeters are carefully designed for those who are looking forward to step-up the sound quality of their stereo by a few notches.

Considering the size of tweeters one can easily say that they produce excellent high-frequency sounds. The tweeters feature the Mylar balanced dome construction making it more sensitive and provides a much smoother frequency response.

The material used in its construction is lightweight and allows a great extent of dispersion. All these factors contribute to producing much clearer, accurate and vibrant sounds.

These tweeters are designed for low power amplifier or the stock system, so if you have a super amplifier installed on your car, these cute little babies are not for you.

At rated 40-watt RMS, they provide sharply tuned high-frequency sounds. Combined with the system, it gives you a much-improved quality of playback. If you are a little tight on the budget, these Tweeters will prove to be an ideal upgrade for your stock system.

The tweeter’s high-frequency response range extends from 2500 – 22,000 Hz, giving you a wider range of hi-freq sound playback zone. Also, the tweeter has higher audio fidelity because of the in-built passive crossovers.

This enables the speakers to receive their specific frequencies by acting as a filter. The overall result is distortion free and crystal-clear sound. Installation of these tweeters is much easier and a simple process as it comes with three different mounting options: flush mount, angle mount, and the surface mount.


  • Good sound at 40 watts
  • Mylar balanced dome construction
  • Much precise and accurate than stock options
  • High-frequency response, over 20 kHz
  • Multiple mounting options are provided


  • Fades out slightly on max volume

3. DS18 PRO-TW120B Aluminum Super Bullet Tweeter

You may not be satisfied with the quality of the sound, even after upgrading the stock audio system of your car. So it’s time to upgrade your tweeters, and the DS18 PRO-TW120B aluminum super bullet Tweeter would be a great choice for you because these are the best tweeters for car audio.

In contrast with its size, these tweeters possess an out of the world level sound. They can generate up to 300 watts (200 watts RMS). This is the sound level which are used in high-fi systems.

Even the frequency response is great and is in the range of 2000 Hz to 20 KHz. In this range, it can reproduce all the high tone sounds perfectly and much clearly. The sensitivity rating of these tweeters is 103 dB.

It generates all the sounds without any distortion. With all this power, the impedance of the system is roughly equal to 4 ohms. Which means that it can handle high amounts of amplified powers without causing the loading effect on the amplifier, thus the lifetime of speakers and amplifiers remain untouched.

With all that power packed in this tweeter, you may be thinking that it will be much larger in size when compared to its counterpart. You will be amazed to know that it is only 50 mm high having a mounting depth of 42 mm and width is exactly equal to 42 mm with a cut-out diameter of 72 mm.

Because of its compactness, it can be easily fit into your car anywhere. The tweeter frame has been constructed using aluminum, and the film is similarly light and durable.

Because of such reasons the product is durable, even it draws the rated power from the amplifier. Having the built-in capacitive filter helps a lot in this regard. All of the above explains the durability of the tweeters.

The pricing is even not as low as its counterparts, but it kind of fits in everyone’s budget if you are looking forward for high-fi music.


  • Superb sound at 300 watts
  • Much precise and accurate than stock options
  • High-frequency response, over 20 kHz
  • Compact in size


  • Slightly expensive
  • Not designed for the stock music systems

4. Pioneer TS-T110 7/8-Inch Hard-Dome Tweeter (Pair)

If you are not satisfied by the hi-frequency sounds of your current tweeters and looking for the one that has a much higher bandwidth than regular ones, then this is the best car audio tweeters for you.

The Pioneer TS-T110 is one of the most popular models currently in the market, thanks to its compact size and vibrant sound quality. It is not the most powerful tweeter on our list but is definitely worth giving a look. The peak power which this tweeter can generate is somewhere around 120 watts (40 watts RMS power).

The main factors that bring it in limelight are its frequency response. While most of the tweeters work in the range of 2000 Hz to 20 KHz, the Pioneer TS-T110 can handle in excess of this band and extends up to 30 KHz.

Thus, all the high tone sounds are reproduced effectively and much clearer. The sensitivity rating of these tweeters is 90 dB. The sounds generated are all distortion free, it gives the feel of a high-fi audio system to your stock installed.

With all this power, the impedance of the system is roughly equal to 4 ohms. The tweeter has a built-in capacitive filter which helps a lot in minimizing the crossovers.

These tweeters are ideal for door sides and for the boot as they have a much longer wire attached to it. The dimension of the tweeter are as follows: overall diameter 2-5/16’’ with the cut-out diameter of 2-1/16” and depth of 15/16”.

The tweeter features the PPTA liquid cooled hard dome tweeter design, which is one of the highlighted features from pioneer. Also, the fixed metal grills give it a very stylish look.

Installation of these tweeters is much easier and a simple process. It comes with two different mounting options: flush mount and the surface mount.


  • Good sound at 40 watts RMS / 120 watts peak power
  • Stylish and sturdy metal grill
  • PPTA fluid-cooled tweeter design
  • High-frequency response, around 30 kHz
  • Dual mounting options are provided


  • Tough to mount on some systems

5. Pioneer TS-B350PRO 3-1/2" PRO Series Bullet Tweeter

Pioneer is that one company which will keep you amazed, even though you possess the latest tech in audio technology. The TS-B350PRO is no different and stands tall among all the other car tweeters.

It is one of the biggest car tweeters on our list but that's not all, it has excellent efficiency in power handling and produces the best quality of high-frequency sounds. In fact, this is one of the best super tweeters for car audio system available in the market today.

If you have installed a custom stereo music in your car then these are the tweeters which require to take the music to next level. It is exceptionally loud and well known for its sound delivery.

And by loud, I mean really loud, just imagine what 500 watts (200 watts RMS) tweeter is capable of? You can identify each and every minute detail such as clap, guitar riff, clap and many more.

Being the member of PRO series, the Pioneer TS-B350PRO has exceptionally well sensitivity rating of 100 dB. If you have installed a powerful stereo, then this is the match for it. Together the combination can produce breath-taking audio; thanks to the high frequencies.

If you are an audioholic and your acoustic requirements are pretty high, the Pioneer TS-B350PRO is more than capable enough to fulfil all those. It offers a much wider frequency response and extends up to 27 KHz from 2000 Hz.

With great construction comes in greater performance, as we know that there is no match for our champion over here. It has titanium diaphragms, aluminium chassis, and Neodymium magnets.

If all of above were not enough, it also features advanced grade motor assemblies. Together these all ensure the reproduction of a large variety of sounds at a higher frequency, which is much clear, loud and crisper than ever.


  • Superb sound at 500 watts
  • Provides hi-fi option
  • High-frequency response, up to 27 kHz
  • Very efficient in handling high power
  • Budget-friendly when features are taken into account


  • Hard to install by self
  • Not designed for the stock music systems

6. DS18 PRO-TW120 Aluminum Super Bullet Tweeter

Whenever you begin the search for the best tweeter speakers for cars, DS18 is the one name which you will definitely see on each and every list. The DS18 PRO-TW120 is one of the latest products offered by the company.

The tweeter has excellent power handling efficiency and can make your car concert ready as soon as you power them. The high tones are simply irresistible and regarding the clarity, each and every beat produced can be specifically identified.

These tweeters are very loud, the power rating for these pocket dynamites are 300 watts (200 watts RMS). The only requirement for this powerful tweeter is that you need to have a power amplifier installed in the car, as it won’t work on the stock stereo systems. Together with the stereo, it created a PRO audio environment.

DS PRO-TW120 is radically enhanced well you talk about the sensitivity. Its state of the art construction extends the sensitivity range to a 103 Db. The frequency response range is between 2 Khz to 20 Khz. Together, the duo produces sounds at high frequencies like that of a live concert.

The tweeter has a negligible impedance of 4 ohms, which means that it can handle high levels of amplified power with overloading the system. This will neither affect your machine in long run nor will produce any kind of distorted sound forms.

It is an obvious fact that great sound quality is a result of superb construction. The tweeter features aluminium frames combined with Ferrite magnets plus the lightweight diaphragm. Together, they make it a top of line product.

When accounted for the size aspects, its’s much compact. Measuring only 50 mm in depth with the cut-out depth of 42 mm and a total diameter of 95 mm with cut-out diameter of 72 mm, it can easily fit in your cars.


  • Superb sound at 300 watts
  • A better hi-fi option
  • Very efficient in handling high power
  • Long lasting and doesn’t affect the other sub-systems


  • Frequency response could have been a bit higher
  • Not designed for the stock music systems

7. Polk Audio DB1001 1-Inch Silk/Polymer Tweeters

When you are looking for the tweeters that can generate seriously loud Hi frequency sounds, the Polk Audio DB1001 is one of loudest tweeters we have on our list. If you need the vocals, riffs, percussions, and instrumentals to be clearer and louder just like that of any other club, these are the tweeters you go for.

Have them installed in your car and it’s a moving club. This is one of few the tweeters that I like very much, because of its ability to be installed on multiple systems. It gives you the options to install on the stock as well as high power systems since it can take much higher input power up to 180 watts.

At the very first glance, they look like normal tweeters but once you power them on, it’s 360 watts peak power (120 watts RMS) will blow your mind away. The Polk Audio DB1001 is just above average in the list when it comes to sensitivity.

The sensitivity range for the tweeter is around 92 dB, considered very good for the stock audio systems. Its frequency response range is slightly different from the average tweeters and lies between 4 Khz to 23 Khz. The combination gives you some of the most pleasing and dynamic hi-freq sounds.

The tweeter has a negligible impedance of 4 ohms, which means that it can handle high levels of amplified power with overloading the system. And on the plus side, they even have inline crossover and built-in protection circuitry that shields it from damages caused by over voltages.

The tweeter boasts a superb top of the line construction, featuring stainless steel mount frames, neodymium magnets plus the silk/polymer dome. On top of that, we have got a liquid cooling system. This rare combination lets the tweeter produce exceptionally clear and sharp highs.

The tweeters come packed with swivel cups that are good with both flush and surface mount. It gives you much more flexibility and high space optimization.


  • Loud Hi-freq sound at 360 watts
  • A hybrid option for the stock as well as hi-fi systems
  • Very efficient in handling high power
  • Durable and quality construction


  • Frequency response is not as regular tweeters
  • Slightly Expensive

8. Kicker KST2504 KST250 1" tweeters

It doesn’t really matter much that which list or guide you are looking at, when it’s about the best car tweeters, you will definitely find Kicker 44KST2504 1" on each of those lists.

If your prime concern is quality then this might be the thing for you. It can give you a much clearer and louder hi-freq sound when compared to most of the tweeters. It provides you with real music without overloading the systems.

The Kicker 44KST2504 works very well with your stock audio systems and gives it an entire makeover. It has around 150 watts of peak power (75 watts RMS), which is definitely more than enough to lift the audio of your car.

It also features a high degree of sensitivity and ranges around 94 dB. This kind of sensitivity is considered very good when your tweeters are working with the stock audio systems.

The frequency response range is slightly different from the average tweeters and lies between 3.5 Khz to 21 Khz. This response is something which separates the unit from the rest of the tweeters in the same range.

The tweeter has a negligible impedance of 4 ohms, which means that it can handle high levels of amplified power with overloading the system. And on the plus side, it has an inline 12 dB High pass crossover frequency at 3500 Hz.

Kicker incorporated state of the art construction, featuring poly-switch protection, neodymium magnets, grills, and the silk dome. The above combination enables the tweeter to produce exceptionally clear and sharp highs. On top of all the features, it provides you with all the mounting option.


  • Loud Hi-freq sound.
  • 150 watts power (75 watts RMS).
  • Very efficient in handling high power.
  • Durable and quality construction.


  • Frequency response is not as regular tweeters
  • Expensive when compared to its counterparts

9. Infinity Kappa 3/4" Soft Dome Tweeters-Pair (Black)

Well, if you are still searching for the tweeters that give the much-required boost to your preinstalled audio system, then it ends on the Infinity Kappa. These are one of the few tweeters that lift up your car audio to such a level that your commute gets converted into the concert.

The tweeter brings out even the most minute details in your favorite music track to such a level that you can even identify the beat which was previously inaudible. It brings about a revolution in your audio system.

Infinity Kappa is designed to work with your stock audio systems, the upgrade which it provides is really great. It has around 150 watts of peak power (5-50 watts RMS), and you can feel the hi-freq sounds coming out of the tweeters.

The tweeters possess ultra-high sensitivity of 93 dB which allows it to produce excellent levels of sounds without overloading the system. This is the sole reason why these tweeters are able to work with power as low as 5 watts (RMS), thus you don’t need a dedicated amplifier for it.

The frequency response of the Infinity Kappa tweeter is kind of unmatched and extends to 35 kHz from 3.5 kHz. It clearly signifies that it can generate all those hi frequency sounds which the others simply cannot.

Even when you are looking at the impedance, there is no match for our champ over here as it has a mere 2 ohm of nominal impedance. It allows the tweeters to compensate any added resistance in form of wiring and increases the output manifolds.

The charm of the tweeters is its filtering circuit which is composed by using polypropylene capacitor for low hysteresis loss, air-core inductors, and quality resistors. All of the above provides it with high fidelity, better performance, minimizing phase-related issues, and awesome clarity.

The Infinity Kappa comes with the I mount tweeter mounting system, which gives you the options for flush or surface mount according to your convenience.


  • Loud Hi-freq sound
  • 150 watts power (5-50 watts RMS)
  • Very efficient power handling
  • Best frequency response range
  • Durable and quality construction


  • Expensive when compared to its counterparts
  • Not for the dedicated amplifier system

10. CT Sounds Meso 25mm Flush Mount Silk Dome Tweeters

If you are looking to get a tweeter that is very much compact in size but still dishes out proper highs, look no further than the CT Sounds Meso 25 mm. These cute little babies are more than capable to fulfil all your needs of the quality hi sounds.

The CT Sounds Meso 25 mm is upgraded that your stock system has been lacking these days. It has around 100 watts of peak power (50 watts RMS), all of this power is efficiently utilized and the sound system gets an upgrade.

These little wonders possess very high levels of sensitivity, which has been rated around 93 dB. Thus, making the tweeter capable of producing excellent levels of sounds without overloading the system.

The frequency response of CT Sounds Meso 25 mm tweeter is kind of unique and exhibits the lowest starting range from 1.5 kHz and goes all the way up to 21 kHz. This is one of the reasons why it can generate all those hi frequency sounds which are impossible for others.

This unit has a regular nominal impedance of 4 ohms, which allows the tweeters to compensate any added resistance in form of wiring and increases the output manifolds. And on the plus side, it has an inline 12 dB High pass crossover frequency at 3500 Hz. The crossover circuit has the rated capacitor of 4μF / 100V.

Construction materials used in the tweeter is of high standards and include neodymium magnets, CNC aluminium body, and the silk dome. The above combination enables the tweeter to produce exceptionally clear and sharp highs.

FYI, the dimensions of the tweeter are as follows; cut-out diameter: 47 mm, total diameter 55 mm and the mounting depth of around 16 mm.


  • Loud Hi-freq sound.
  • 100 watts power (50 watts RMS).
  • Very efficient power handling.
  • Best frequency response range.
  • Durable and quality construction.


  • Not for the dedicated amplifier system

How to Choose The Best Tweeters for Car [Buying Guide]

The first thing is that we should understand that what is the function of a tweeter in a music system.

Herein, the main function of any tweeters is to improve the sound-staging, fill in the missing sounds such as claps, riffs, beats, etc., and to perform the stereo separation such it does not end up in noise. 

To achieve all of the above, manufacturers use various shapes and materials. Now, we should have a look at the following aspects before selecting the tweeter.

The Material of The Tweeter Film

The material decides the sound quality and durability of any tweeter. If we categorize broadly, there will be two kinds of materials;

(i) Soft

These mostly include soft fabric or polymer such as textile blends, Mylar, PET, and Silk comes under this type. They produce warm and smooth highs at moderate volume levels.

They are lightweight and need very less power to work with. The limit is their damping capabilities and working at louder audio levels.

(ii) Hard

These materials consist of metal, graphite, and ceramics. They are good at producing stronger and louder sounds at higher volume levels. They are basically needed for power amps. These are very durable when compared to their counterpart.

The Shape of The Tweeter

 The shape of the tweeter plays an important role in distributing the higher frequencies in the car. There are various shapes available in the market today such as semi-conic, cone, dome, and semi-dome.

Out of this dome and semi-dome are more popular types, let’s have a look at them:

(i) Semi Dome

In this type of structures, a smaller section of the dome is nested inside a hollow conic section. This allows the usage of much softer film material. The design is used mostly in low-cost tweeters speaker combination.

Another highlighting benefit of this design is that these tweeters can easily fit into even the tightest mounting spaces. Almost all the coaxial tweeters are of this design only.

(ii) Dome Shaped Tweeter

This is just the much-improved model of the semi-dome design. The change here is that we have a much larger section of the dome which offers larger cross-section for the sweet spot of the tweeter to work.

Here, we can even use the harder material for the film. The power requirement is much higher and is mostly suited for high power amplifiers.

Power Rating

Based on the power rating of the amplifiers, we have divided them into two groups. The one that works with the stock amplifiers and the others which require a hi-powered amplifier.

(i) Low Powered

These are the tweeters that are designed to work with a stock system of the cars. They basically have films made up from soft materials. The power rating lies between 100 watts to 150 watts (5-75 watts RMS).

(ii) High Powered

These kinds of tweeters are the one which requires a special power amplifier to work with. The rating of these tweeters is in range of 150-400 watt (75 – 150 watts RMS).

The films of these tweeters are made using harder materials and are used for the advanced music system.


This is one of the most important features of any tweeter that you should watch for while selecting any tweeter for your audio system. A tweeter with the matching impedance as that of your amplifier must be selected.

This is to get the best performance output from your system without overloading and overheating it. For the sake of example, if your amplifier’s impedance is 4 ohms, then you should select the tweeter with a load impedance of 4 ohms only.

Removable Tweeters

For those of you who do not want to cut out holes in the dashboards, these are a very good option. The removable tweeters even provide you with an option to relocate their position to such a location where the sound effects are more positive.

To select the best tweeter for your car audio system, there is a number of things that you should understand first. Look at the speakers, determine their type.

Carefully identify the power rating of the amplifier onboard, and most importantly, determine its impedance rating. After the above work is performed, select the tweeter which suits most to your system.

Car Tweeter Installation Tips 

  • Tweeters add high frequencies to the sound environment, providing a much-needed feel to the music. So, even the slightest improvement in their positioning can result in a greater enhancement in their quality. Dashboards are the best location for the installation of tweeters.
  • Tweeters should be installed in an angled way, such that sounds from both the tweeters meet at the center of your car. This creates a greater quality of beat and in such a position, you can enjoy the music from both of them.
  • Avoiding any kinds of gaps and misfits is a must. If there are gaps left between the installation panel and the tweeter, then there are chances that it will cause vibration. When the music is played at higher volumes or high bass, this vibration will degrade the quality of the music.
  • For installation purposes, always use the standard accessories that came with the tweeters. In the event when you lose any of the components, try to get the standard replacement. For instance, if you use regular screws, they will not fit in the groove, and at some point of time, will cause unnecessary vibrations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Tweeter Speakers

 Q: What is a tweeter?

A: A tweeter is an audio device that has been designed to complement woofers and others. The main function of a tweeter is to generate high-frequency sounds.  They are used in the sound systems as speakers and woofers cannot produce a higher pitch.

Q: Are tweeters the same as speakers?

A: If you have a look at any tweeter then you will find it looks similar to a speaker. But the common part between the tweeter and the speaker is only the operating principle. Tweeters are much smaller in size and altogether have a different construction.

Q: Why do we need a tweeter in an audio system?

A: Tweeters are an integral part of an audio system, without them, you will feel that the music is missing something. The speakers and woofers cannot produce high-frequency sounds such as riffs, claps, and chores.

When you listen to music without them, you won't like it much. In order to fill that void and bring life to your music, we need tweeters.

Q: Why tweeters require Crossovers?

A: First of all, we need to know that what are crossovers actually. These are the devices which split the single input signal into multiple inputs based on the frequency range.

This helps the sound system on the whole as now the individual components will receive the specific frequency inputs which they are originally designed for.

Q: What does the impedance rating of a tweeter signify?

A: Practically, impedance is the property of a conductor by virtue of which it opposes the flow of electrical signals through it. So, a tweeter with lower impedance will allow electrical signals to pass through it much easily and effectively.

It does not mean that you should always get a tweeter with minimum impedance as it will overload the system. In order to perform at its best, your tweeter should have a nearly similar impedance as your sound system.

In such a case, maximum power is transferred, without hampering any of your systems.


Now that we have arrived at the end of our journey, it’s time to pick a champion among champions.

But the top and best car tweeters will be our pick and that is the Pioneer TS-B350PRO, as it offers the best value for money in the case of the high-powered tweeter. It has unmatched power handling capacity and excellent sensitivity. Even the frequency reproduction is off the charts.

We looked at the offering which Pioneer TS-B350PRO is making and considered it against the pricing, then found out that it is still very much affordable. This is a really high-performance tweeter for a hi-fi sound system.

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