Best Car Speakers

Best Car Speakers Reviews in 2022 [Top 15 Models]

It’s not a secret that every man out there (sometimes woman) wants the noisiest car out there.

Whether you have a truck, an SUV, or even just a sedan or smaller vehicle, having a good sound is sometimes even more important than a good engine.

And the only way to make this happen is by having the right car audio speakers. That’s why here we have some of the best car speakers you will find out in the market.

These can be the best choices for anyone who wants a high-quality experience when it comes to car sound.

Come and see how you can pimp up your car with any of the top car speakers reviewed here!

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Rockford Fosgate Speakers Stereo

Alpine SPR-60 Coaxial Car Speakers

HERTZ HCX 165 6.5" Speakers

BL GTO939 GTO Series Stereo

Pioneer TS-A1676R

Our Top 15 Picks for the Best Car Speaker in 2022

Car speakers can be entertaining, distracting, and sometimes pacifying to the driver or passengers. Some use speakers as toys, and others to show off. Whatever it is, if you want one of these, you won’t find better speakers than the following ones.

01. Rockford Fosgate P1675

The best quality car speakers can make your car vibrate even at mid-range volume. Our first on the list, P1675 Fosgate from Rockford is one of those speakers that will practically destroy your ears if you’re not careful.

At 6.75 inches and a full range of sound with a 3-way design, you will easily have one of the best sounds out there. The speakers are also well-made and tough, so they will last years before showing any sign of tearing, wearing, or loss of quality.

High-Quality Construction

As said before, one of the critical factors that make the Rockford Fosgate P1675 such a brilliant choice is the build. Made with a FlexFit basket design alongside a PEI dome tweeter, these speakers last a lifetime.

When you add the butyl rubber surround, and the mineral-filled polypropylene injection molded cone, you will obtain outstanding resistance.

Top-notch Sound

These speakers work at 120 Watts MAX or 60 Watt RMS, making them incredibly sound-oriented. It means you won’t have to spend a fortune in a new power supply, and still get 88dB sensitivity and 4 Ohm of impendence alongside 65Hz of frequency.

It’s perfect for any demanding user or fanatic who wants to replace factory car speakers for a 3-way 240w set.


  • Really well-made build that keeps the speakers working for a lifetime
  • Fantastic audio at only 120 watts with 3-way
  • Stylish and versatile design for better looks and convenience


  • It May feel too small for larger vehicles such as pick-ups and trucks


If you are looking for a set of one of the lowest car speaker sizes, then there’s no doubt this will be an excellent choice. They are incredibly resistant and reliable even after years of use, and will also deliver an outstanding quality without problems. The only problem is that they don’t usually fit in large vehicles.

So, if you have a small car, there won’t be any problem.

02. JL Audio C2-650X Evolution

Even though this set is not the most powerful out there, you won’t believe how noisy it can be when correctly installed. Coming with two speakers at 6.45-inches, it delivers excellent acoustics and reliable performance.

These speakers offer up to 100 watts MAX and between 15 to 60 watts RMS. Still, with a 4 Ohm impedance and overall impressive sound, this is an option not to overlook.

Well-Made Entirely

Both coaxial speakers come with silk dome tweeters and an injection-molded mica-filled polypropylene woofer. Also, the butyl surround makes them even more reliable.

This means you obtain a pair of speakers with durability and excellent build quality at the same time. It means you get the perfect combination to ensure a lifetime of use with superb sound performance.

First-Rate 2-Way Surround

Even though these speakers are smaller than the average and only come in a set of two, they still offer a high-quality sound. With the construction and overall settings, they can make your car really noisy without problems, even at low volumes.

You just have to install them in the right places and configure your sound settings correctly. They will surely meet your expectations.


  • Superb build quality that delivers terrific reliability and durability
  • Excellent sound performance despite being only two speakers
  • Work at really low voltages which makes it more convenient for small cars


  • Only two speakers might not fit most users’ requirements of sound volume


These component speakers are not the noisiest out there or the most bass-oriented – yet they are incredibly reliable. They also sound good enough for being only a set of two and will keep your car volume up at all times.

Just make sure you don’t need or want more noise than these two can offer. Otherwise, you won’t like them as much.

03. Alpine SPR-60 Type-R

Everyone prefers component speakers with the loudest sound, but not everyone knows what high-quality can do. On the other side, this set offers both a thunderous performance but with magnificent quality nonetheless.

You will obtain a coaxial 2-way Type-R set of speakers at 6.5 inches that can offer up to 300 watts each in the max capacity. But what really makes them stand out is the ability to fit practically anywhere.

Superior Watt Capacity

It is not often when you find some of the best car speakers for sound quality at such an amazing price. These are only two speakers, yet the overall clarity and potency are unmatched.

Capable of going up to 600 watts as a pair at PEAK power, they will make your car tremble without a doubt.

Superior Fitting Design

Thanks to the rounded 2.25-inches design and mount depth, you can comfortably fit these component speakers anywhere.

Whether it is on the side spot in a truck or on the top, back, or front in a small car, this set fits like a gem. And wherever you place them, thanks to the 86 dB of sensitivity and up to 70-29 KHz of frequency, they deliver fantastic quality.


  • Superior watt capacity for a noisier performance
  • Outstanding quality despite their size
  • Fit on a broader range of cars when compared to others


  • Not as long-lasting or reliable as other speakers due to plastic construction


You won’t receive the highest-quality pair of speakers or the most reliable out there, but surely these will make your car resonate. Despite being only two speakers, the watt capacity that goes up to 600w can make these speakers as noisy as you desire effortlessly.

Just make sure you are not looking for the most long-lasting speakers, or else you won’t love these.

04. HERTZ HCX 165

Quality of speakers is often underrated, especially when it comes to cars. This Hertz HCX165 set is one of the highest-quality out there without a doubt, yet not many people may know about it.

Capable of going up to 92dB of sensitivity and made with an outstanding range of materials, this speaker set is an excellent pick. When you realize how well-made it is and how good it sounds, there won’t be many options to match its worth.

Top-Notch Construction Quality

With a neodymium tetolon tweeter and a pure copper voice coil wound and a KSV former, it provides superior reliability.

Then you can add the mesh fiber cone, the anti-vibration rubber magnet cover and the loss-less polymer surround for outstanding quality. In short, it’s built to provide everything you need and more.

Beautiful Sound

Even though this set only has a 50-Hz-22kHz frequency response which is slightly lower than other models, its 92dB sensitivity and 4 Ohm is more than enough. This way you will keep your sound high and still get incredible quality. You will be impressed at how good your music will now sound.


  • Exceptional quality construction that keeps the speakers sounding well for years
  • Its audio quality is one of the best out there despite being a smaller 6.5-inches set
  • The excellent design keeps a stylish touch for any car


  • Not the noisiest of all due to the lower 200-watt capacity


Quality of sound is always the most important feature you should look for, but sometimes it is not enough when the capacity is not there. These speakers won’t give you the noisiest of all performances, yet they will make your music sound a lot better.

If you want speakers that turn your car into a vibrating metal piece, these speakers won't be your best pick. But if you can handle the decent volume at the magnificent sound quality, then this will surely fit for you.

05. JBL GTO939

One of the best 6x9 speakers on the market, the JBL Grand Touring 3-Way provides a splendid performance at all times. They are not only giving excellent quality of sound but also perform with superior strength than others.

The 6x9-inches set comes with a woofer, a tweeter, and a super-tweeter specially made for more volume. This set is also easier to install than most and comes with flawless sound-quality features.

More Capacity than Most

Capable of going up to 600w in PEAK performance, these standard 100w component speakers are often incredibly noisy. But despite being one of the loudest out there with the oval design, they still offer exceptional quality. They can go to 94dB in sensitivity and offer up to 45-21KhZ without problems.

Reliable Build

You get a three-way car stereo, a woofer with a rubber surround and an adjustable Mylar-titanium tweeter. Then, you get a super-tweeter with level control of also top-notch build.

These speakers are capable of delivering the most long-lasting yet performance-oriented experience.


  • Incredible sound capacity for more volume and quality
  • Excellent oval design that offers admirable sound placement
  • Long-lasting construction for better and more reliable use


  • Not the best highs out there


These speakers are some of the loudest without a doubt. Your car will beat back and forth, even at mid-level volume due to the 600w PEAK performance this set can offer. The quality is decent but not the best out there.

Especially during highs in songs, the speakers may not meet demanding users’ requirements. You will receive a home audio system that resonates, but not the most beautifully sounding ones.

06. Kenwood KFC-1695PS

If there’s a speaker set that can make your car sound unusually good for a really fantastic price, it is the Kenwood KFC-1695. From the Performance Series of this brand, Kenwood may offer the best car speakers for the money you can find.

It even comes with a Harmonizer tech to keep the quality always there. What’s more, each speaker can offer up to 320W, making it better and stronger than most options out there.

Remarkable Audio

Having a Sound Harmonizer Technology means this set will make your songs sound a lot better. This feature promotes excellent quality despite being one of the most affordable options out there.

With stereo design and a coaxial 3-speakers car stereo, you will make your car sound amazing.

Loud & Reliable

Coming with a woofer and paper cone, this set of three speakers can make your car surprisingly loud. But even in the noisiest of settings, they will keep being incredibly reliable and possibly last for years.

Holding a MAX power of 320w per speaker and 75w in RMS, you will be able to enjoy a good set thoroughly.


  • One of the most inexpensive selections in the market and the best in the list
  • Outstanding clarity despite the incomparable price
  • Loud performance that keeps your car resonating


  • Quality of bass and lows is not the most complacent


As you should know by now, products that are incredibly affordable are often slightly worse than others. This applies to this set too. They are not the worst in the market, but will surely lack a little of the quality that other more expensive speakers offer.

But overall, they are a perfect option if you just want to have a louder system in your car. Not the most beautiful sound, but indeed good enough for less demanding users.

07. Infinity 6032CF

Not many know this brand, yet it is easily one of the best out there. The quality alongside the performance it offers even at the loudest of levels is simply outstanding. 6032CF from Infinity are excellent from their construction up to the quality they offer.

This kit also offers one of the most detailed experiences, with sound accuracy and innovative build. The engineering and design on this set are incomparable out there, and that’s translated into a slightly higher price.

Innovative Construction Quality

These 6.5-inches speakers come with a patent-pending Plus One cone, Uni-Pivot Edge tweeters, and Intermount III with I-Mount systems. Alongside that, you get a Starfish tweeter and rubber surround and edge-driven textile tweeters for superior detailed sound.

All of these factors compose one of the best car speakers for sound quality out there. And of course, you get a long-lasting pair of speakers as well.

Superb Audio Quality

We don’t like falling into repetition, but it’s not enough to talk about these speakers without going into details about its quality. The woofer cones offer excellent bass performance and efficiency.

The True Four Ohms provide more impedance, making it easier to amplify. Its tweeters promote distortion reduction and excellent sound even at high volume. And of course, the rubber surrounds eliminate any distortion creating a crisper sound entirely.


  • Fantastic construction quality that promotes durability and vibration-free sound
  • Much better clarity with top-notch distortion reduction
  • Extremely well-made and good-looking to increase the appeal


  • These are a little more expensive than any other option out there for a pair


For a couple of speakers, the 6032CF by Infinity will quickly meet your demands. They are of the highest quality out there, both in building and sound factors. Apart from that, they are also incredibly good looking, which eventually means your car will look better with them.

But all of that comes with a slightly hefty price. So if you want a pair of speakers for better quality entirely, you must be willing to pay the extra buck.

08. Kicker DS65

For a 2-way set with coaxial sound, these speakers can easily improve your car audio system exponentially. Kicker is a brand that always delivers, and even at the lowest range like these, you will obtain exceptional performance.

The thing about these is the middle-frequency accuracy and the increased high precision. This makes the sound much crisper and reduces distortion exponentially. And of course, all of that for an incredibly affordable cost.

Incomparable Construction

Despite being one of the most affordable out there, the quality is there without a doubt. With heavy-duty woofer structure and polypropylene cones with UV-treated surrounds, you get top-notch performance.

Alongside these two, you get a balanced dome with polyetherimide tweeters, which promote definition and crispness. Also, the Extended Voice Coil technology no factory-made speakers come with provides the cleanest bass you’ve ever heard.

Incredibly Easy to Install

One of the things that make this set stand out is how easy it is to install. That not means only in a specific variety of cars, but almost anywhere you want without problems.

If you want to enjoy for a high-quality 200w kit, DS series is the one. Whether you have a truck, SUV or small car, this set will improve your factory sound system and fit without any problem.


  • One of the best affordable yet reliable constructions for speakers
  • The sound is good despite being one of the cheapest out there
  • They are made to fit practically any vehicles effortlessly


  • The sound may get a little distortion at the highest levels


Many people think these are the best 6.5-inch car audio speakers in the market. And we can’t deny that. But they aren’t the highest-quality components speakers out there, but the ones that offer the best price/quality relation out there.

With a crisp sound and excellent build, you will obtain what you need and more. Just know they won’t match higher volumes, and the quality won’t be the same as in mid to lower levels.

09. 4 Pioneer TS-A1676R

If there’s a brand everyone knows for providing world-class home audio devices, it is Pioneer. And this brand practically never fails to deliver that and more. That’s why this 3-Way set from Pioneer at 640watt is an option not to dismiss.

This set of four comes with 6.5-inches speakers that can offer between 25 to 100 watt individually. At MAX power, they can go up to 160 watts each one for 640w when put together. With a 3-way design and 32Hz to 40KhZ frequency, the quality is undoubtedly there.

Higher Power & Volume

Not many speakers can offer 640w at MAX power as this set does. This means you can get more volume on your speakers without problems. If a resonating car that makes glass and people around you beat is what you want, then this set is an excellent choice.

Great Highs & Lows

You may think these 640w speakers have the only purpose of keeping cars vibrating to the max level. But that’s not true. This set also offers the outstanding sound quality, even at the highest highs or at the lowest lows. And all of that comes at an affordable price.


  • Sounds really loud due to a unique 640watts capacity
  • Quality is there despite being one of the loudest in the market
  • Affordable and easy to install for superior convenience


  • Bass quality is not the best out there as it can get distorted easily


When it comes to crisp sound and distortion-free performance, these speakers may not fit your needs. But certainly, if you just want a higher volume capacity and more resounding experiences, then this set will fit like a gem to your desires.

It’s a thing of quality over capacity. So if you can keep up with great sound but lower bass, then you don’t have to look anywhere else. Otherwise, you may need to choose a different set.

10. BOSS Audio NX694

When it comes to delivering quality in every aspect, only brands like BOSS can offer the best amp speaker combo. This set is radically fantastic, with a Woofer, two tweeters, a surround speaker, and an excellent price.

It is a set of four for those budget-friendly users who look for both the quality in construction and remarkable sound performance. This Onyx series form BOSS is a speaker kit et of speakers for everyone to consider when buying.

Incredible Sound Quality

With 4Ohms of impedance, 45 Hz to 20K Khz of response frequency, and 92 dB of sensitivity, these speakers can give a concert-like performance. The accuracy of the sound and precision of each note is exponentially improved with this set.

You will feel like listening to music in a studio, with the most impressive highs and lows, and even a perfect bass performance despite the price.

Better Build & Reliability

Woofer cones with poly injective and a voice coil technology, the right combination that makes the most durable speakers yet the highest quality sound.

Alongside a surround butyl rubber, you get speakers that can resist moisture even. When you add the grills and the magnet covers, you can be sure that you are getting a set that delivers.


  • Exceptional high, lows, and even bass for the price
  • Quality of construction promotes better sound, durability, and reliability
  • Classic yet innovative style design fits any car setting or look


  • Does not reach high volumes or crisp sound


The quality of this car stereo is outstanding, but for such a meager price you won't receive the best out there. Easily, you can make your car sound excellent as long as you don't need to make it vibrate with powerful bass and high volume.

This option is for the user who wants excellent quality but does not need a resonating tool. It’s excellent for someone who wants to enjoy music without having to destroy his ears, for a meager cost.

11. JVC CS-J6930

Known as one of the top 6x9 speakers on the market, the JVC CS-J6930 set is an excellent choice for anyone. They are incredibly affordable but still good enough to keep your car sounding outstanding.

The set comes with two speakers that deliver a 3-way performance, keeping the sound inside the car more efficiently. They can also offer up to 400 watts at PEAK and 45 with RMS. Their construction is superb, and the tech is incredibly reliable.

Greatly Versatile Build

Coming with a mica cone woofer, hybrid surround rubber and a poly-ether-imide dome tweeter, you can entirely rely on these speakers. They sound really well for the price and still deliver a lifetime of music without problems.

But what undoubtedly makes them good enough is the ability to fit on almost any car with any power supply, on any configuration.

Affordable Yet Reliable

You won’t obtain a speaker set as cheap as this one anywhere else. JVC is a brand known for their quality, even at the lowest ends.

This set is a complete translation of that, which means they can deliver an affordable set without losing the quality or the performance.


  • The superior versatility that fit practically any vehicle out there
  • Outstanding price despite the exceptional quality
  • Reliable construction promotes durability and resistance


  • Not the loudest or the highest-quality sound out there


Noisy cars with booming bass are not the first choice for everyone. And this JVC set is one of those that does not need to impress to keep you hooked. It is a kit of speakers for the lower-end user who still wants top-notch quality.

For the price, there’s just nothing better you can find. Sound clarity and bass are not the best, but it will surely keep your music sounding well enough.

12. Polk DB652 UltraMarine

With a 6.5-inches design and incredibly useful tech innovations, the Polk DB652 set is easily a choice for demanding users. You won’t believe how incredible the audio gets with them, even at only 300w of PEAK power.

They come with 92dB of sensitivity and 40 Hz to 22 kHz capacity, making them not the loudest but the most sound-demanding. Music will feel outstandingly well-delivered, no matter how high or low the performance is. Even the bass is just amazing.

Top-Notch Tech Features

The Dynamic Balance technology is a feature that keeps the sound distortion-free and crisper than other models.

Polk delivers these speakers with the right tech additions to increase overall sound quality, making it easier to enjoy your favorite music better.

Excellent Marine Construction

All the speakers in this set are made with polypropylene and UV-tolerant cone, and removable sports grilles.

However, with a marine certified IP55 feature, the waterproof surrounds make them the most resistant speakers out there. In harsh weather, your car sound will perform amazingly without problems.


  • Better quality than many others in the same price range
  • Exceptional waterproof construction for durability and resistance
  • Great set of technological features for superior sound performance


  • Not the most powerful speakers out there


An excellent build always means you will get outstanding performance. This option is an example of that. With a superior set of tech features and a great build, you obtain a crisp and distortion-free sound – but not a loud one.

For anyone who just wants a speaker set for their car that will sound really well, this is a first-rate choice. However, it won’t meet users who wish to have the loudest speakers.

13. Mopar & Kicker JK Jeep Upgrade

This is not a game of speakers for every car out there, but specifically for a Jeep Wrangler. It doesn’t mean it won’t work in other vehicles, but that it is more of an upgrade than a speaker system.

Anyway, this upgrade has shown incredible quality entirely. From the performance to the durability, every Jeep Wrangler user who has bought them knows that. With the Kicker & Mopar combination of brands, you can keep your Jeep sounding masterful.

Great Power for the Size

Despite being two small door-size speakers, they are loud and of exceptional quality. Capable of going up to 150w MAX on each side, these speakers will sound noisy enough for demanding users.

Fit Anywhere Easily

We said these component speakers were initially for a Jeep Wrangler as an upgrade. However, it doesn’t have to be like that only.

You can also fit these speakers in many other vehicles with similar speaker systems from Kickers or Mopar. Just check that the connections are the same to avoid problems.


  • Superb performance despite its tiny size
  • Fits a wide array of vehicles
  • Look good which increases the appeal of any car


  • Only work as an upgrade for already installed speaker systems


People who like small speakers will quickly get in love with this set. However, it is vital to remember that despite their quality and looks, these are an upgrade and not an entire speaker system.

So if you want something that will work by itself, this may not be your best choice. Otherwise, it’s an excellent upgrade without a doubt.

14. Focal 165CA1 SG

We haven’t found a pair of 6.5-inches speakers that sound as good as the Focal 165CA1 SG. This is a set for the demanding user who wants top-notch quality with excellent resistance and distortion-free performance.

It comes with everything you could need and more. These are two coaxial speakers with a magnificent construction and ability to keep your sound neat. You won’t believe how good they really are.

Amazing Quality

With an integrated crossover at 4.7 kHz (more than many other models), you will obtain both high power and excellent sound. This means your highs and lows will be as neat as you need them to be, and your bass will not distort the music in any way.

Excellent Build Overall

These component speakers look and feel of the highest quality you need. And it is not a secret why. They are made with aluminum and rubber, the perfect combination for better sound yet incredible resistance and durability.

The tweeter is made of aluminum, with an adjustable inverted dome and an 85mm magnet. This keeps the speakers reliable, well-sounding and versatile.


  • Incredible car & home audio delivery entirely
  • The outstanding build will keep your speakers safe and reliable for a lifetime
  • Really good-looking and stylish design makes your vehicle look good


  • The bass is not the best despite the high-quality sound


You have to know you won’t obtain the best car stereo speakers with this set. But if you need a set with outstanding quality in sound, then this is what you need. At the highest or lowest will always feel clean and crisp, making serious users happy.

But of course, this great quality also comes with a price. These are slightly pricier than other models, but not enough to keep any quality-oriented user away.

15. Skar Audio FSX65-8

The FSX series from Skar is one of the most reliable speakers for users who want to get the highest power from their sound. This is a 6.5-inches speaker that goes up to the mid-range to provide a thunderous performance, with unmatched bass.

It comes individually but keeps the sound amazingly well. You will also enjoy a better price, maybe the lower in its class, without sacrificing any quality. And of course, it is made remarkably well to keep the noise for years.

Really Powerful Performance

Capable of going to 150watts in RMS and up to 300watts in PEAK performance, this single speaker is a loud choice. Most speakers stay between the 250w and 150w, but this one goes beyond that.

People who have bought it have said it is easily the best car speaker system for bass out there, and we can entirely comply with that.

Top-Notch Construction

Being one of the most affordable options, maybe the cheapest out there, it still keeps the build durable and reliable.

With a ferrite magnet type, a voice coil made of copper, and a pressed steel basket, this speaker sounds amazingly well for years. When you add the 91 dB sensitivity and 8 Ohm impedance, there’s nothing to complain about.


  • The loudest speaker in the market
  • Fantastic price for its quality and size
  • Good-looking but straightforward dark design fits with any car style


  • Audio quality could be better


If there’s a speaker that can quickly provide a superior volume capacity and clarity for cheap, it is this one. You won’t find a more affordable yet so reliable and well-made speaker out there, for sure.

It will keep your car sounding heavy, with good bass and mid-range quality, without cutting your pocket. Sadly, it is only one speaker, and won’t keep a beautiful melody as others, but still a fantastic choice.

A Definitive Guide to Find the Best Speakers For Car

Even though you can pick the best quality car speakers without having to go into details really, it’s always critical to know what you’re getting. This way, you can make sure to have the right set for your car, and at the same time, the highest-quality according to your needs. The following factors are essential when it comes to picking the perfect set for your car.

Sensitivity Measure

The sensitivity is the rate at which a speaker will get the sound and produce it depending on the power. This is an objectively complicated thing to do, because the more sensitivity a product has, the better. But sometimes, sensitivity is not that important.

For example, in low-powered component speakers with less than 100watts of power, you may want to get something with over 90dB of sensitivity. Otherwise, for speakers with more than 150watts, less than 90dB is more than enough.

But of course, some people want great sensitivity and excellent power at the same time. This means a better quality of sound and superior strength and volume.

Power Measure

As mentioned many times before, the power of a speaker is measured in Watts. The more watts a speaker has, the stronger its sound will be. This does not mean it will sound clearer or better, but instead, much louder.

The power is also divided in two ways, with RMS and PEAK watts. RMS means it is the standard and most consistent watt measure speakers work with. PEAK means it is the maximum amount of watts a speaker may need in higher volumes or performances.

We recommend going for something with no less than 50watts RMS in low-powered systems. And up to 200 watts in higher-end speakers. In PEAK watts, if it offers anything over 200watts, that would be more than enough.

Woofer Type

The woofer is the part of a speaker set that gives the right sound to lows in music. Most speaker sets, even those that come with only two speakers come with a woofer. Usually, this part is made of light but stiff materials such as some plastics.

Many woofers are made of polypropylene and other materials, mixed or alone. You can also find mica woofers or those with fabrics or even metals such as aluminum and titanium.

The better the materials, the more resistant and durable the woofer will be. But if it is not stiff enough or lightweight enough, it could eventually damage its sound. So choose wisely here.

Tweeter Type

The tweeter is responsible for a wide range of sounds in speakers. Typically, this part is made of soft materials, mostly textile blends or poly-related ones. Others may even come with silk or even hard materials like metals or ceramics.

We recommend going for soft materials in the tweeter if you prefer a more refined sound with less resonation. If you prefer a harder touch, go for a metal tweeter or graphite, or ceramic one, it will provide a harder less crisp sound than a soft tweeter.

Surround Type

A surround is maybe the relevant part of every speaker. This part allows the woofer to move freely and make the bass sound everyone loves. But without the proper surround, the woofer won’t run as freely, and the quality may not even be the same.

Herein, the most recommended type of surround is rubber. You won’t find any better quality out there than the one that a rubber surround offers. Other options are foam, cloth or even textile ones such as silk, but they won’t keep the woofer as safe or long-lasting as rubber.

Size & Design

There are many sizes and designs for speakers, but the most common ones are the 6.5-inches, the 6x8, and the 6x9.

The 6.5-inches speakers are rounded completely. These offer the best clarity out there and usually are much more expensive in return. However, it all comes down to the brand and the construction quality.

When it comes to 6x8, you will also obtain excellent performance. But they are slightly less bass-oriented and won’t keep the sound as crisp. Also, they come with an oval design that can be harder to fit inside cars.

Lastly, you have the 6x9 speakers. They are beautiful and perform well too. However, they are also slightly oval like the 6x8, which makes them harder to fit inside some cars and commonly not as good-sounding.

Frequently Asked Questions

At this stage, people tend to start asking a shitload of questions of which only a few we will be answering here. These are the selected and most commonly asked queries on the internet about car speakers.

Q: Why should I get one of the best car audio speakers anyway?

A: New car speakers can be a significant improvement over factory ones in cars. This means better quality, more versatility, and often even more durability. Some may also make it easier to connect and make your car look better than factory ones.

Q: How do I know what type of component speakers fit my car?

A: If you want to pick the right car stereo that fits your car, you’ll have to learn what size and design the factory ones are. This way you can pick the speakers according to that. Otherwise, you can adapt the speakers to your car or vice-versa by making slight changes.

Q: Will new speakers work with my old stereo system?

A: Yes, entirely. Actually, these are updates to old stereo system instead of whole new sets of speakers. This means that you can pair them up with an old system without problems, even if they are of entirely different brands or types.

Q: How much power do I need to use a high-powered kit?

A: Normally, a good power supply of 400 watts will be enough for a small set. But if you want to get the most out of your car speakers, go for a power supply with at least 700 or 800 watts. This way you can get the most potent speakers effortlessly.

Q: Does a larger speaker mean better bass performance?

A: Not really a direct reason to be better, but it usually works that way. It actually falls on the quality, but the larger the speaker, the better and more powerful bass it will offer. But we recommend going for quality overpower, this way the bass will be a lot cleaner even if the speaker is not that big.

Q: Is it hard to install new speakers in a car?

A: For a beginner user who does not know much about cars, installing a new set can be actually hard. It's recommended to go for professional help when trying to install new speakers. If you don't have the experience or knowledge, you may end up breaking your stereo system or shorting the speakers.

Q: My speakers sound distorted, is that normal?

A: Distortion is typical with many speakers, even at the highest quality. It does not mean the speakers are bad. It mostly says the music quality is not the best.

If you have high-quality speakers with high-quality music files, the distortion must be minimal. You can also make little adjustments to fix this, read the manual.

Q: How long can the right speaker set last?

A: Normally, a set of speakers can last a lifetime. It means you can enjoy them for 20 years or even more if they are not broken or hit. We recommend doing maintenance at least once a year to avoid wearing. Also, keep them away from liquids.


Now that you’ve reached the end of this article, you must be thinking – what are the best car speaker once and for all?

There are high-end speakers with excellent sound quality and bass, but these are too expensive for most people. You can also find well-priced speakers that offer exceptional quality but deficient bass and so on.

But if you truly need the best option according to your criteria, we could say the Focal 165CA1 will easily meet most user’s needs and requirements. And they are not as expensive as they seem.

So take your pick now and choose the top-notch quality car speakers without hesitation! Hopefully, you won’t be disappointed!

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