Apeman Dash Cam Reviews

Apeman Dash Cam Reviews By An Expert in 2022

Low-cost dash cams are often dismissed by people who want the best of the best in quality. But that doesn’t mean they are not worthwhile or reliable in the long run.

Among these budget-friendly devices, we can find the C450 Series A from Apeman. One of the most decent cameras you can have in your vehicle for an incredibly low price.

That’s why we want to make an Apeman Dash Cam Review, so you could learn more about it and find out how it can be such a fantastic choice at a very affordable cost. If you are interested in what this dash cam offers, then come further and learn!

Apeman C450 Series A Overview

The Apeman Series A is one of the newest and sleekest options you’ll find in the market. It delivers what every other dash cam offers, but this time at a very affordable price and with the same video quality. You’ll have a device that combines exceptional quality with top-notch practicality, which is amazing especially when you consider how cheap it is.

Let’s start by mentioning its 1080P video quality recording capacity. Having the chance to store files at FULL HD quality with clear & bright images will make this device more than useful. Yet it is the 3-inches LCD screen and its smooth operation that increases the overall handiness of this dash cam.

To its image quality you have to add the ultra-wide field of view at 170-degrees so you can record practically everything in front of you and to the sides. And with its WDR and HDR technology, you can expect top-notch image quality even in the darkest of nights.

Despite its excellent recording capacity, you can still get enough space for storage with its 32GB microSD compatibility. And with its long-lasting battery life alongside its continuous recording, you won’t have anything to complain about.

It also comes with several useful functions, including the Emergency Accident Lock that captures things after uneventful or emergency situations, and the 24-hour Parking Monitoring – ideal for protecting your car while you’re not using it.

All this plus much more is what you get with this cheap device, without losing a bit of quality or reliability. 

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Highlighted Features of the Apeman Dash Cam

Apeman Dash Cam

If you want a great dash cam, you’ll have to know what it offers precisely. To help you learn more about this one, here we bring a few critical features you should know about it:

• Incredible Video Quality

Even if we talk about a dash cam, the essential part of it should be its video quality. And this device does not lack any. Capable of reaching a 1080P video capacity, using FHD lens, you can expect the clearer and brightest images without any drawbacks.

Every frame will be colorful, sharp and clear – something you don’t get with all dash cams. This is all done due to the superb F1.8 large aperture with WDR and HDR camera capacity, ideal for keeping dark images bright and visible even in the darkest environments. 

Add this to the 170-degree wide angle recording, and you’ll have the chance to record anything at high quality without losing a single piece of image. 

• Top-Notch Recording Modes

This is something you shouldn’t overlook when considering this camera. Despite its low cost, you get all the functions other high-grade cameras offer, including the STARVIS sensor for alerts, the G-Sensor that records when an accident happens, and much more. 

You can also make use of the Parking Monitor recording, alongside the Motion Detection, Seamless Loop Recording, and many other options. This will help you achieve a more satisfying experience, even if you are a demanding user.

• Straightforward & Reliable Installation

Coming with the most readable instructions you could ask for, this device delivers one of the most reliable & easy-to-follow installation processes in the market. With its cables, mounting cup and its USB charger – you can expect a highly straightforward system that doesn’t demand much effort.

You just need to pick between the sticky pad and the suction cup for installation. Then you’ll only have to choose the ideal angle for recording, and that’s it. Connect the device to the USB charging port of your car or to the cigarette lighter jack, and you’ll have a handy yet simple dash cam ready to be used.

• Simple & Intuitive Interface

Boasting a 3-inches LCD screen, this camera will let you visualize all the images it records live. However, this wouldn’t be possible without the superb interface that allows you to tweak the video quality, choose the ideal recording mode, and set-up the different functions it offers.

All done using its 3-inches LCD touch-screen, you can experience its intuitive & straightforward interface for an excellent result.

What We Liked About It

  • Entirely straightforward system for easy video set-up and operation.
  • Top-notch set of recording options for a convenient & versatile experience.
  • Exceptional image quality for a bright & sharp image at a low price.
  • Reliable & easy installation process with versatile powering options.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Only accepts microSD cards up to 32GB which reduces recording time.
  • Battery life runs out faster than expected which can be a little frustrating.

Frequently Asked Questions 

You may think you already know too much about this camera, but you probably don’t. To help you learn even more about this excellent dash-cam, here are a few additional questions that will come useful:

Q: Does the Apeman dash cam need to be connected to a power source? 

A: No, this dash cam has an internal battery that allows the user to disconnect it from a power source whenever needed. But the battery life doesn’t last more than 20 minutes, so you’ll have to connect it again to either a USB port or cigarette jack. 

Q: How many recording hours does this dash cam offer? 

A: With a 32GB SD card, this camera can reach up to 3 hours of continuous recording. You can pick loop function to overwrite old unusable files and keep the device recording new video if needed. 

Q: What’s the maximum capacity of SD card you can use? 

A: While the manufacturer recommends sticking to 32GB cards or smaller, you can actually use 64GB or 128GB ones as long as they offer enough writing/reading speed. 

Q: Can you access the camera via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to watch files? 

A: No, you can’t access the device either via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. But you can watch the recordings using the touch LCD screen. 

Q: Will the camera keep recording if the vehicle is off? 

A: It can keep recording using its battery, yet it can run out in 20 minutes or less. But you can use the Parking Monitoring mode to make the device record unusual events (shakes, impacts, etc.) that happen when the car is off. 

Bottom Line 

When it comes to choosing a dash cam, you want something reliable but capable of recording at high qualities. And that’s exactly what this camera offers plus much more.

Coming at such a fantastic price, you will achieve excellent results and top convenience without breaking your wallet, and that’s enough for most people. 

After reading our Apeman Dash Cam Review, you are probably wondering if it is an excellent idea to get this device. And yes, it totally is. Especially if you have high demands but a low budget, this device won’t disappoint you.

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