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Make sure you get to fully relax and enjoy your vacation without the feeling of having to be constantly online on your Facebook or Twitter.

Connect your social media accounts to Relaxed, a service that automatically sends a reply when someone contacts you. So that you can kick back and have a relaxed vacation time.

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Hi! I’m taking a break from social media. I’ll be back 28/5.
Hi! I’m relaxing from social media for a while. I’ll be back on the 28/5.
Hi! I’ve disconnected from social media to spend some time together with my family. See you 28/5.
Hi! I’m disconnecting from social media to fully enjoy my vacation! I’ll return 28/5.
/ 125
Active from / until /

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Relaxed — An auto reply for social media

When living in a constantly connected society it’s nice to log out and relax for a while. With the service Relaxed, you can now easily take a break from social media without worrying about friends getting angry when not answering on Facebook or Twitter during your vacation.

Relaxed is an auto reply service for your Facebook and Twitter account. Like a traditional out of office e-mail reply, Relaxed automatically sends a personally written message to anyone who contacts you. Giving you the opportunity to kick back, relax and enjoy your vacation without worrying about your social media activity.

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Do you have any questions or concerns about Relaxed? Here you’ll find the most frequently asked questions with answers.

Which social media accounts can I connect to Relaxed?

You can connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts to the service Relaxed.

I have activated my auto reply, but no auto reply shows up when someone contacts me.

When you have activated your auto reply on Facebook and Twitter it may take 15-20 minutes before your auto reply is sent when someone contacts you. After 20 minutes it should have been sent properly.

Does the auto reply work for private messages?

Yes, the auto reply message works for your private messages – but only on Facebook. It does not work for private messages on Twitter. However, it works for your public messages on both Facebook and Twitter. For example, when someone post or write something on your Facebook wall or mentions you with @username in a tweet.

How do I disconnect my auto replay message?

To turn off or disconnect your auto reply message from Relaxed simply click the “Disconnect auto reply” button which can be found under “My account” in the menu of this website.

Will I be charged anything for using Relaxed?

No, you can relax. The service Relaxed is free of any charge and available for anyone who wants to relax from his or her social media without missing a thing.

Can I write my own personal auto reply message?

Yes, you can! When you connect your social media accounts to Relaxed you can choose to use our pre-written messages, or create your own personal message. The message can however not be any longer than 140 characters.

How many times will my auto reply message be sent to the same person?

Your auto reply message will be sent once per post on your Facebook wall or mention of you on Twitter. If the same person makes another post or mention, the auto reply will not be sent again.

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Are your Relaxed enough?

Turning off your auto reply for Facebook and Twitter is easy. When you are feeling relaxed enough or just wants to return to your social media sphere you can disconnect and turn off your auto reply by clicking the button below.

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